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32" LCD TV (HD Ready) Shootout

by Colin Tang
21 May 2007
32-inch LCD contenders

It's time for another shootout. This time we are going to look at our small but feisty 32-inch contenders for the top crown. While some of you may wonder why we've even bothered with this end of the market, l'll just say that not everyone will have the luxury of owning a 50 inch behemoth to grace their living rooms, for whatever reasons. (cash, space, girlfriend etc.) Interestingly, some manufacturers are introducing new technology on the smaller TVs before implementing it in their flagship products. The frame interpolation motion technology and Toshiba's 3D colour management system are two examples of this.

It's taken us some time to compile enough material for this shootout, so enough of chit chat and let's get down to business.


The 32" LCD TVs compared in this shootout were purchased from online retailers without any influence whatsover from manufacturers, so you can be sure that we are fair in our assessment.

Each 32" LCD TV is calibrated to the D65 imaging standards so that we can judge them based on image accuracy rather than artificial factory settings. The LCD TVs are then put through a series of tests, and later ranked across 16 subcategories that would materially affect your daily viewing experience.

Points are assigned linearly in each subcategory: 3 points for the top 32" LCD TV; 2 points for the second; and 1 point for the last. This allows you to introduce your own quantitative bias – by selecting the subcategories that are important to you and discarding those that are not, you can arrive at your own 32" LCD TV winner.

Best Price > 32" LCD TV
Toshiba 32C3030D
Samsung LE32R87BDX
Panasonic TX32LXD70


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