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32" LCD TV Sound Quality Shootout

by Colin Tang
21 May 2007


Rank LCD TV Points
1 Panasonic TX32LXD70 3
2 Samsung LE32R87BDX 1.5
= Toshiba 32C3030D 1.5

The Panasonic TX32LXD70 notches a convincing win over the other two rivals despite the lack of any extra audio processing. It won't come near any dedicated home system you've invested in, but for anyone waiting for the next big paycheck, it should hold the fort.

Background Noise

Rank LCD TV Points
1 Samsung LE32R87BDX 2.5
= Toshiba 32C3030D 2.5
3 Panasonic TX32LXD70 1

Samsung and Toshiba were equally quiet, while the Panasonic TX32LXD70 exhibited some high-pitched buzzing.

Best Price > 32" LCD TV
Toshiba 32C3030D
Samsung LE32R87BDX
Panasonic TX32LXD70

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