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High Definition TV (HDTV) Articles

Why You Should Buy Your Next HDTV Online
Some people are still wary of the internet especially when it comes to buying a large item like a HDTV from a web merchant, but unbeknownst to many, you actually gain extra consumer rights when doing so.

12 Ways To Improve Your High Definition Experience
Use the 12 tips presented in this article to improve your HDTV picture quality and viewing experience. Some of them cost nothing and take less than 5 minutes...

What Are The Elements Of Picture Quality?
Most people want a good picture from their HDTV, but what exactly contributes to this mysterious component we term "Picture Quality"?

How Far Should You Sit From Your HDTV?
An important determinant of your final viewing experience is the distance from which you sit from your HDTV. Discover the correct screen size for your sitting distance.

Why You Shouldn't Judge A HDTV In The Showroom
It's natural: before you make a HDTV purchase, you go to a high street retailer showroom, see it and then make a decision. But should you really trust your eyes there?

Cheapest Ways To Jump Onto The High Definition Bandwagon
Now that you have your shiny new HDTV sitting in your living room, it's time to feed it with some HD material to fulfill its potential. Here we explore the most cost-effective routes.

1080p HDTVs: Are They Worth The Upgrade?
With so many HDTVs hitting the market in recent months, you're probably swamped with choices. Find out whether those capable of accepting and displaying 1080p signals are really worth buying.

Why Calibration DVD Should You Use To Calibrate Your Plasma?
Unfortunately most calibration DVD being sold are chiefly catered for CRT TV owners... this article will tell you the one we use for plasma TVs... and why.

HD DVD Vs Blu-Ray
It's like VHS vs Betamax all over again... we chart the punches traded between these two high definition formats.

Do You Really Need HDMI 1.3?
HDMI 1.3 is the latest buzz phrase in the high definition arena. We discuss its benefits and see if they are relevant in your buying decision.

HDTV Digital Noise... Or Is It Film Grain?
Lists a few causes of digital noise on modern flat panel displays, including the possibility of film grain introduction by the director.

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