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Panasonic TH42PH9 Operation

by Vincent Teoh
24 February 2007

On-Screen Menu

The on-screen menu for Panasonic TH42PH9 is responsive and easy to use. 4 separate buttons on the remote control will bring up the "Position/Size", "Picture", "Sound" and "Setup" submenu respectively.

menu-pos menu-picture
menu-sound menu-setup

Remote Control

Black remote controls for home theatre devices are the rage these days, so it's refreshing to see the matte silver coating on the front of the TH42PH9 clicker. While the remote lacks the ability to control other devices, it comes through with its ease-of-use: for starters the flat-topped buttons are clearly labelled against the light background, well-sized and adequately spaced so users will make less errors. Raised tactile dots are suitably positioned on the '5', 'Channel Up' and and 'Power On' buttons without obscuring the visual markings. The size and weight of the remote ensure a comfortable fit in one hand, while the protruding battery compartment (shaped like an hour glass) at the back of the remote prevents slipping.

remote sensor
Remote control
Infrared sensor

Unfortunately this remote is not backlit. The receiving infrared sensor is located at the bottom left of the panel, just beside the model inscription.

Moving on to the individual remote functions, we particularly liked the 4 dedicated input buttons granting instant access to incoming video signals without needing to bring up the on-screen menu or cycle through them sequentially (although such an option exists with the 'Input' button). What we didn't care for were the separate 'Power On' and 'Power Off' buttons... a single on/off toggle button would have sufficed.


3 preset PIP modes are available, with further options to customise the size and position of the main window and subwindow.

pip-1 pip-2 pip-3

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