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Panasonic TH42PX70 Setup & Design

by Colin Tang
21 March 2007
Panasonic TH42PX70   Features
Shiny but reflective plasma panel
10,000:1... a hint of good things to come

If you didn't catch our news update, the Panasonic TH42PX70 arrived in two separate boxes, one for the TH42PX70B panel and the other, the TY-ST42D1-WK pedestal (which we didn't use as we had a spare silver one from a previous purchase, hence the silver pedestal stand in the pictures in case you're wondering). You can purchase the plasma panel without the stand for about £100 to £150 cheaper, or you can opt for the more expensive (£150 to £200) but nicer looking cabinet to complement your new screen in your living room.

The Panasonic TH42PX70 sports the usual (you guessed it) glossy black theme with its features emblazoned over the upper right frame (see above). The fine speaker grille stretched across the entire frame underneath the lower bezel. The smooth, shiny contour joins a plastic black frame (where the front flip panel is) that won't necessarily appeal to everyone, although I suspect that it would go very nicely with the separate cabinet offered by Panasonic. The construction of this set is solid and efficient, so no worries there.

Fitting the pedestal should be a three man (or woman) job if you don't want to ruin the external decor or lie the plasma screen on it's back. The unit has two small recessed handgrips to aid in small distance transportation; a third person would be required to align the pedestal poles into the under-slots, shown below.

Manual & Accesories
Recessed handgrip at the bottom left of back panel
Manual & Accessories

I am always waiting for manufacturers to surprise me with new accessories, but you won't find anything special here. You get the standard:

  • Remote control & batteries
  • Manual and registration cards
  • AC cable
  • Cable holder

The A4-sized manual reads comfortably with good sized font and well-laid illustrations, although it is a little larger than most guides. You will find the usual stuff here easily, but I think you're going to get more information from our review and online forums.

Back Panel Flip Front Panel
Back panel

Front flip-panel controls

Main Connection Panel
Main connection panel
The pedestal support pole slot into here underneath the TV

Feeling the pulse of the market, the new TH42PX70 comes with 2x HDMI connections, along with 2 x SCART, 1 x PC/VGA, and 1x Component, CI interface and antenna in. Audio connections are limited to R/L analogue in and out. There are no S-Video, Composite, USB or multimedia connections. The lack of all-in-one connections is not as damaging as it appears – focusing on the general trend will allow cost cutting and greater market penetration for its product.

HDMI accepts 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p inputs while the component video is limited up to 1080i only. Some users complain that the DVD output cannot be upscaled to 1080i on a component video connection but this is really a restriction built into the DVD player.

We got the PC/VGA connection working on 1366x768 input with the correct aspect ratio. You cannot perform 1:1 mapping on a plasma as long as its native resolution is in 4:3 ratio, like in this case. All 1024x768 resolution plasma screens achieve a 16:9 aspect ratio by having rectangular pixels. Advanced PC settings allow you to change gamma (affect mid tones in an image) and horizontal / vertical position.

There is an onboard digital Freeview tuner and it's something a new HDTV in serious contention shouldn't be without.

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