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Technology On Panasonic TH42PX70

by Colin Tang
21 March 2007

Vreal 2

Vreal is organized into three parts– the processor, the driver and the panel.

The G10 panel provides two main benefits: higher panel brightness and 1920x1080 HD resolution for 42 inch and upwards. Watch out for the 50 inch version which should be out this year.

The Vreal 2 processor now includes the following:

1080p Digital Processing Chip Set – This deals with 1080p sources and processes the information without undergoing any resampling. Coupled with the 1920x1080 panel, this should give a sharp and highly detailed picture.

1080p Digital Remastering Processor – This is Panasonic’s internal upscaler for SD sources. If future versions look anything like what we have seen on the Panasonic TH42PX70 (softness and lacking in detail), I won’t hold my breath.

The Vreal Driver for this unit has 3072 colour gradations, which works out to 11.5 bit processing. This will help in preventing excessive dithering and additional posterization in images. It looks like the 1920x1080 Vreal2 Panel will employ a 16 bit processing, realizing 4096 steps instead. (I know the maths don’t add up)

Advanced 3D Colour Management appears to alter colour hue and saturation `intelligently’ to give rich and vibrant colours. Colours are altered in such a way that image contrast is increased with application. I generally oppose any processing that doesn’t `correct’ a previous known image degradation, so the thought of this feature is not very appealing to me.

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