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Sound System On TX32LXD70

by Colin Tang
12 April 2007

Fine grille not visible on this photo...

Sound Menu
Sound Menu

Panasonic TX32LXD70Buy this for £569.99 at Dixons
Use code '5TV' for £30.00 discount
has two speakers placed underneath the display panel behind a strip of finely meshed concave grill spanning the entire width of the panel. Each speaker is rated at 10 watts, giving a total audio power output of 20 watts.

I generally don't expect much from the internal sound system on any flat screen TVs (especially in the 32 inches and below category) due to physical limitations, but the sound coming out from the Panasonic TX32LXD70Buy this for £569.99 at Dixons
Use code '5TV' for £30.00 discount
left me pleasantly surprised. Sure, it's not going to beat a dedicated home theatre sound system, but for your run-of-the-mill TV programmes it's more than adequate. Dialogue was clear with reasonable bass undertone, and although the wide cabinet enclosure inevitably coloured the sound with a slightly boxy character, the stereo imaging was better than most of the HDTVs I've tested.

  Sound Meter TX32LXD70  
  Resolution Above Average
  Transient response Average
  Dynamic range Average
  Stereo Imaging Above average
  Dispersion Above Average
  Volume Average
  Notes Sounds a little 'boxy'



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