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Conclusion Of TX32LXD70 Review

by Colin Tang
12 April 2007

The Panasonic TX32LXD70 comes very nearly recommended for its all-around performance and standard-setting motion processing.

> Smooth, almost blur-free motion
> Nice colours and excellent greyscale tracking
> Good SD performance

> Average blacks
> Warm setting at 5500 K
Menus are limited with no independent source memory. No backlight control


  • Motion Picture Pro
  • Excellent default greyscale tracking
  • Well balanced and natural colours
  • Pristine images free from digital noise
  • Good viewing angle
  • Sharp pictures (but with a little haloing)
  • Internal scaling adequate for TV
  • Good connections ie. 2 X HDMI
  • Digital Freeview and analogue tuner
  • PC resolution 1366x768 WXGA for 1:1 mapping
  • Fast setup
  • Lightweight
  • Swivelling stand


  • Average black level
  • Warm setting at 5500K temperature
  • Primary blue a little drained
  • Deinterlacing could be better
  • Menu not calibration friendly, crudish controls
  • No backlight control
  • Motion Picture Pro can’t be switched off
  • No independent memory inputs per source
  • Modes have different offsets (baselines) and processing for settings
  • Overscanning in HDMI and component
  • Minor high pitched buzzing
  • No PIP
  • Average design

You have to hand it to the LCD manufacturers; their innovation and problem solving approach seems to know no bounds. There is always something in the horizon seeking to replace the current display technologies, even before they have had a chance to settle down in the market. Moore's Law can't even describe the pace of technological improvements we're going to see in the next few years, sparked by the HD revolution.

For those a little intimidated by the tech limbo and who won't settle for half-baked solutions, the Panasonic TX32LXD70Buy this for £569.99 at Dixons
Use code '5TV' for £30.00 discount
may prove an attractive replacement (or stop-gap) for your old and worn out CRT, at least until the HD excitement settles. It can produce sharp, noise free pictures with radiant colours on all HD material but doesn't compromise on its SD performance. For about 700 pounds, I believe it's got enough value to tide you over this period until your dream HDTV appears.

Qualified Recommendation

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