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Pioneer PDP-5080XD Image Quality

by Andrew Fee
10 October 2007
TLC Broadcast

Freeview Digital TV

Freeview was handled superbly on the Pioneer PDP-5080XD. The scaling does a very good job, and left a surprisingly "ring-free" image compared to most other HDTVs, while still having a sharp image. As always, the colour reproduction was vivid, yet natural, and motion was handled well.

Dirty Pretty Things

Deinterlacing is generally good, however cadence detection was not. If you leave film mode enabled on the set, you will frequently see combing artefacts. If you disable it, these all disappear, however films, and content shot progressively (such as US shows like CSI) will only be displayed at half their resolution and will show flickering on fine details.

The only solution to this is to either toggle it depending on what you are watching, or to decide whether it suits you better to always leave it on or off, depending on the kind of programming you watch. Personally I ended up leaving it on.


Unfortunately, Pioneer's "freeze frame" feature is useless, as it puts the still image in a separate window rather than just pausing the image as most other displays do, so I had to use the PVR's pause function which leaves icons available in the top-right and only shows the image at half resolution. Despite this, "Dirty Pretty Things" still manages to look great in the photographs.

Senay Gelik


As is to be expected, Blu-ray looked superb on this screen. I used Silent Hill as it has quite a lot of dark scenes, and the Pioneer PDP-5080XD handled it very well. Motion was smooth due to proper 1080p24 handling, and as expected colour reproduction was very pleasing.

Silent Hill

The only down-side is that it was noticeable that this is not 1080p native. The effect it has on the image is subtle, but if you are the kind of person that sits close enough and has to see every last detail, then you might want to think about the 1080p native Pioneers.



Gaming tends to show up motion handling problems on most displays, and this was no exception. If you are able to see the "Plasma Rainbows" you will also see them here. "Rainbows" aside, motion was handled well, and colour reproduction was nice and vivid.


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