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Pioneer PDP4270XD Sound Quality

by Colin Tang
16 March 2007


This set features the SRS WOW technology when FOCUS, TruBass and SRS Surround is enabled. It also has some basic tonal controls. While I suspect the SRS technology will work wonders on better drivers, I'm afraid the low wattage speakers that come with the 4270XD just won't make the mark for critical listening.

Nevertheless, I preferred using the SRS tech most of the time. The TruBass does lower the bass subjectively, adding a little more definition to low frequency audio signals. FOCUS seems to enhance speech and bring it to the front. I can't vouch for the 3D effect of SRS Surround but the sound stage is still effectively widened.

Audio Menu
Audio Menu


  Sound Meter  
  Resolution Average
  Transient response Average
  Dynamic range Average
  Stereo Imaging Average
  Dispersion Average
  Volume Average
  Notes SRS WOW enabled



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