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Pioneer PDP4280XD Review

by Vincent Teoh
15 July 2007
TLC Broadcast

Pioneer PDP4280XD

Any company launching a new product should take a lesson in marketing from Pioneer. From unveiling the prototype at CES Las Vegas in January 2007, wining and dining the press at the 8 May official launch in Rome, to sending "sneak preview" demo samples to leading AV magazines and retailers, Pioneer has masterfully cooked up a snowballing frenzy, making their 8th generation (8G) plasma the most eagerly anticipated flat screen television of the year.

But are the latest Pioneer plasmas all that they're hyped up to be? Pioneer has nicknamed the whole lineup "Project Kuro" to celebrate the groundbreaking blacks on these televisions (Kuro is Japanese for black). In fact, the performance is so revolutionary: rumour has it that Pioneer was actually considering ditching the tag "plasmas", and naming these flat panels something else.

As a skeptic by training who values systemic evaluation above all else (that's why I started this website), there's only one way for me to find out. I got my hands on the most affordable of the range – the Pioneer PDP4280XD – and put it through its paces...


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