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Sound System On Pioneer PDP4280XD

by Vincent Teoh
15 July 2007
TLC Broadcast

Pioneer PDP4280XD Speaker

Once you enable all the SRS-related technologies, the audio system on the Pioneer PDP4280XDBuy this for £1139.99 at Dixons
Use code '5TV' for £60.00 discount
actually sounds rather good. The speakers (rated at 17W each) can go quite loud before distortion (mainly low-end) kicks in. Here's my take on the SRS functions:

  • SRS Focus: expands the dynamic range. Listening to Sarah Brightman's rendition of "Nessun dorma" at Live Earth Shanghai, this was essential for the enthralling highs to hit home.
  • SRS: widens the soundstage substantially.
  • SRS Bass: enriches low-end frequency, but bass may distort earlier at louder volumes.

The speakers' chief weakness is resolution – clarity and revelation just doesn't match up to better sound systems found on LG 42LF65 and Sony KDL40W2000. Don't go eBaying your dedicated home theatre speakers just yet... you'll need them for critical viewing.

  Pioneer PDP4280XD Sound Assessment
  Resolution Slightly Below Average
  Transient Response Average
  Dynamic Range Slightly Above Average
  Stereo Imaging Above Average
  Dispersion Average
  Volume Above Average

Background Noise

Just to put the record straight, I have not seen a plasma television that does not buzz at 100% APL (Average Picture Level). In this respect the PDP4280XD was quieter than its predecessor (PDP4270XD), though I'd be lying if I declared it to be totally silent. Generally speaking, the plasma buzz on the Pioneer PDP4280XDBuy this for £1139.99 at Dixons
Use code '5TV' for £60.00 discount
shouldn't pose any problem from 8 feet away at normal listening volume. If you have sensitive hearing and find this annoying, you can reduce it by setting [Energy Save] to "Mode2", but be prepared for a surge in PWM noise.

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