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Pioneer PDP4280XD Setup & Design

by Vincent Teoh
15 July 2007
TLC Broadcast

Normally I wouldn't even contemplate taking on the task of setting up a 30kg plasma all by myself, but the thoughtful inclusion of two recessed handles at the rear of the panel made this possible. Coupled with the fact that Pioneer PDP4280XDBuy this for £1139.99 at Dixons
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comes with its rectangular base stand readily attached, it was just a straightforward matter of lifting it out of the box and placing it on a TV stand.

Recessed Handle Underside Power Button
Recessed handle
Underside master power button

If you are a new Pioneer owner who chooses to skip reading the manual, you may find to your horror that your PDP4280XD simply wouldn't power on even after you've plugged in the power cable and press the [Standby/On] button either on the right side of the panel or the remote control. Before you start cursing your luck and proceed to contact your retailer for a refund/ exchange, please be aware that Pioneer has stealthily added a master power button located on the underside of the panel, the activation of which is necessary for operation.

Pioneer PDP4280XD Front PDP4280XD Back

The reflective plasma screen is bordered by an even glossier black bezel which is slightly wider at the sides. Given the prevalence of such finish on recent HDTVs, one can't help but think that manufacturers view this as the easiest ticket to an attractive design.

But Pioneer got the proportions just right on the PDP4280XD, instantly imparting a seldom- seen sense of polished (pardon the pun) sophistication to the display. A finely perforated speaker bar occupies the width span below the bottom border of the bezel. And the bottom left of the panel is subtly graced by a blue LED indicator, the brightness of which can be modified somewhat in the user menu according to your taste.

Build quality is first-rate. Although my Panasonic TH42PH9 commercial plasma just edges it in terms of industrial robustness, the Pioneer PDP4280XDBuy this for £1139.99 at Dixons
Use code '5TV' for £60.00 discount
is a flat screen television that looks and feels all of the £1800 it costs.


Pioneer has lavished the PDP4280XD with an extravagant level of connectivity. If three HDMI 1.3 and three Scart sockets – among others – are not enough for your needs, then no other HDTV available on the market can make you happy.

Rear Connections
Rear: 3 x Scarts, 1 x component input; analogue and digital (optical) audio output

Downwards Connections
Facing downwards: 3 x HDMI, 1 x VGA, serial port, aerial coaxial and CI card slot

Left Side Connections Right Side Control Buttons
Left side: S-video, composite, headphone
Right side: control buttons

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