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Samsung LE32R87BDX Review

by Colin Tang
7 May 2007
Samsung LE32R87BDX

Samsung's shotgun approach to product marketing is brave but a bit puzzling. Despite a healthy market share and leader status in LCDs, the company is very eager for some plasma action too. According to data released by market research outfit NPD, the Korean giant moved ahead of Panasonic, capturing a 32% market share of the American plasma market in the first two weeks of March. This follows last year's fourth quarter loss for the plasma division and problems with supply.

And then there is this bewildering range of products from Samsung. Hot on the heels of the recent 7 series, the Korean manufacturer has unleased a flurry of new TV models in a every combination of letter and numbers you can imagine. Just check out the latest M86, M87, N87, R86, R87, R88, Q97, S86 range. It's more confusing when you consider that some models are only differentiated by cosmetic appearance.

But we have to give Samsung some credit here. They successfully chopped and served TV features and technology into a wide range of size, shape and function, while maintaining customer-friendly prices. They listened to buyers when we complained about DNIe. They took a real gamble by introducing the Super Clear (all-reflective) Panel on their flagship TV, which seems to have paid off. The road to Rome is never easy for industry leaders.

We put Samsung's mid range offer, the LE32R87BDX, in the spotlight today to see where it fits in the company's grand and ambitious LCD franchise...


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