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Samsung LE32R87BDX Sound System

by Colin Tang
7 May 2007

Sound Menu 1
Sound Menu

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Anyone considering the Samsung LE32R87BDXBuy this for £398.99 at Dixons
Use code '5TV' for £21.00 discount
shouldn't be judging it from its sonic capabilities. Because frankly, it's limited and one-dimensional. It can't defy the laws of physics to deliver a full bodied sound from such small enclosures. Like the F71 series, the audio is downfiring and reflected forward by the chrome finish.

You can use the equalizer and SRS TruSurrround XT to improve things a little. The SRS tech is a multichannel virtualization technology based on proprietary psychoacoustic systems. It delivers three main benefits: dialog clarity, surround effect from multichannel source and bass enhancement for 2 speakers. The sound stage is widened but I wouldn't say it `surrounds'. The dialog is not significantly improved but it does sound a little less mono. Bass volume and detail surfaced a little with the SRS enabled.

The Samsung LE32R87BDXBuy this for £398.99 at Dixons
Use code '5TV' for £21.00 discount
allows some basic equalizer adjustments on balance, treble, mid and bass frequencies. If you are not inclined to experiment, you could try the presets that comes in 5 tastes...Standard, Music, Movie, Speech & Custom.

  Sound Meter LE32R87BDX  
  Resolution Below Average
  Transient response Below Average
  Dynamic range Small
  Stereo Imaging Below Average
  Dispersion Average
  Volume Average
  Notes SRS TruSurround XT on



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