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Samsung LE32R87BDX: Final Verdict

by Colin Tang
7 May 2007

For an entry level HDTV, the Samsung LE32R87BDX packs a punch with a feature rich panel and superb picture controls.

> Excellent price performance ratio
> Good default greyscale behaviour
>Spoilt for picture controls

> Won't accept 1080p source
> Poor viewing angle
> Mild red push


  • Excellent price performance ratio
  • Impressive dynamic CR
  • Well-groomed greyscale with calibration
  • Close to HD 709 primary colours
  • Superb array of picture controls
  • Gamma and backlight control
  • Justscan 1080i and 720p source on HDMI
  • Independent memory input per source
  • Mother-of-all connections – HDMI 3, Scart 2, Composite, S-Video, Component, PC, Analogue and Digital Optical out, Common interface
  • Auto adjustment with PC connection for 1:1 mapping with 1366x768 source
  • Nice EPG and PIP feature
  • On board digital freeview tuner
  • Edgy, glossy design
  • Light panel, swiveling stand


  • Won’t accept 1080p
  • Marginal shadow detail
  • Mild red push
  • Poor viewing angle
  • Lack-lustre colours of 100 degree viewing angle
  • Standard motion handling
  • Movie Plus frame interpolation causes unnatural motion with film
  • Average sound system
  • Glossy Design – scratch prone, dust and fingerprint magnet, plastic


After Samsung's sub-standard 7 series, you get the feeling that they quickly went straight back to the drawing board and worked feverishly on its shortcomings. The result is the latest line of LCDs, suitably labelled the 8th series. The Samsung LE32R87BDXBuy this for £398.99 at Dixons
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is a wonderful example of balance between economics, function and fulfilling consumer expectations, which is not easy these days. Samsung has made significant progress in a number of areas, most notably in the inclusion of Justscan and allowing user control over the components that form their DNIe engine. Despite the below average viewing angle, borderline shadow detail and mild red push, it is difficult to fault the TV in the context of all the positives. You'll want to consider this model seriously if you're in the market for a budget HDTV that won't compromise on your SD experience. With some calibration, it will perform nicely until you move on to bigger and better things.


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