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LE40F71BX Internal Speaker System

by Colin Tang
21 February 2007
The speaker grille underneath the panel, reflecting off the aluminium frame

The audio on this HDTV was frankly, disappointing. It improved slightly when I turned on the SRS TruSurround XT but it was still way below the competition. In the original mode, I thought it had a `mono’ sound because the stereo separation was so poor. As you can see, it is physically impossible to produce a full-bodied sound from those tiny, 10 watt speakers located underneath the lower black bezel. Samsung has cut a significant corner in order to keep costs down, and I hope they regret this.

Sound Meter

Resolution               Poor
Transient                 Poor   
Dynamic range       Small
Stereo Imaging       Poor
Dispersion               Below average
Volume                     Below average

Bass distortion at high volumes causing crackling

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