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LE40F71BX Operation & Control

by Colin Tang
21 February 2007

The menu of Samsung LE40F71BX is fairly intuitive but the response was sluggish. There was moderate input lag with button controls which made roaming a little cumbersome.

Otherwise, the LE40F71BX's user menu does the job nicely. We’ll run through some of the more important submenus below.


You can rename the different inputs and access the Wiselink multimedia manager from here. The multimedia interface is located at the side panel.

Picture Main Menu

Mode opens up the main picture submenu. DNIe demo is pointless because you can't switch the feature off. It's more like a justification for it being on. Aspect ratio options include 4:3, wide 4:3, 16:9, zoom and auto wide.

Picture Submenu

There are four modes to choose from: dynamic, standard, movie and custom. While you can't set up the video adjustments separately for each input, you can use a different adjustable mode for each input, which effectively provides the same capability. There are 5 presets for color tone (temperature). Warm 2 is the closest to D65. You can use the sharpness control to nullify any edge enhancement.

Colour manager

You have a full greyscale menu here but as we found out later, more fine tuning is available in the service menu. Normally, it is virtually impossible to get the greyscale right without a colorimeter. If you are not sure what you are doing, please leave this alone.


A cocktail of miscellanous features reside here. Of note, game mode is designed to improve your gaming experience. The blue eye controls the power on/off blue LED in front. Curiously, the backlight control is labelled as energy saving and comes in 4 steps. This is important if you want to achieve the deepest blacks.

Remote Control

Remote Control Remote Control
Remote Control remote

The remote control is certainly the most interesting one we have come across in a while. It handles well and is comparably light. It has Braille over the power, channel and volume controls for the visually impaired, which is a thoughtful feature. It lacks a backlight for roaming in the dark and the buttons can be a little cluttered and overwhelming. However it won't be long before you whiz in or out of menus.

Picture in Picture

Picture in Picture - Comes in 3 modes

We are delighted to report that Samsung had the quietest operation amongst our recent test models. There was no annoying buzz or fan noise that frequently plagued other flat panels. This is of significant benefit when you watch movies with a lot of silent scenes or when you surf over the internet for long hours (yes we do).

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