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Samsung LE40F86BD Settings (D65)

by Vincent Teoh
25 December 2007

These are the final settings for the Samsung LE40F86BD I calibrated to a HD source over HDMI in a dimly-lit viewing environment. Please bear in mind while these values provided D65 images for my review sample, they may be less than optimal for your set because of variations in input source, ambient lighting and even individual units. I suggest using these values as a guide, and then finetune the black level/ colour/ tint on your set with a basic calibration disc like Digital Video Essentials HD DVD.

Because of longstanding exposure to images with high colour temperature (e.g. computer monitors and uncalibrated televisions), you may find the picture too yellow/ warm/ dark after applying these D65 settings. If you wish to enjoy your movies in accordance with the D65 imaging standard that is widely adopted by broadcast and film studios, I implore you to give these settings a chance for 3 days to 1 week. After you get used to D65 images, try going back to the out-of-the-box settings and hopefully you will realise how artificial the pictures were before calibration.

* Backlight and gamma can be increased in a brighter viewing environment to boost shadow detail and top-end luminance.

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