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Audio Quality On LE52M87BDX

by Andrew Fee
9 August 2007


The Samsung LE52M87BDX has two speakers rated at 10W, and they are quite hidden in the design, with only some small slits at the bottom of the screen to let the sound escape.

As a result of this, the sound isn't great, and seems "boxed in." Personally, I didn't like the "SRS TS XT" option. While it added more depth to the sound with some things, it completely ruined the sound of others. I used the equalizer to adjust the sound to my liking.

As with all televisions, the sound is good enough for regular TV, but you will need a home theatre system for that movie experience.

Background Noise

The Samsung LE52M87BDX seemed very quiet in operation. There was a very slight buzz when the backlight was brought right down, but you likely won't hear it when you have the volume turned up. (I was testing in a fairly small room which makes any noise more noticeable than it would be in a large lounge, for example)

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