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Samsung LE52M87BDX Image Quality

by Andrew Fee
9 August 2007


As the internal tuner is unwatchable, I used my Topfield TF5800 as my Freeview source of reference. Fight Club was on, and I hadn't watched it for a while, but I am familiar with how the film is supposed to look. As it is a mostly dark film, the results on the LE52M87BDX were disappointing. Due to the gamma tracking issues, the film was overly dark, with shadow details being very obviously crushed. Red push was very evident in skintones, and compression was exaggerated due to posterisation and ringing caused by the scaling. In short, the television does not handle standard broadcast television very well at all.

Fight Club


Blu-ray was another matter entirely though. Sony released the 1.90 update while I was reviewing this set, so I was able to watch Memento in 1080p24. This helped remove, but not entirely eliminate the judder, as expected. With a 1080p native resolution and with Just Scan enabled, the picture was very impressive.


Every fine detail was visible, and colour in general was very good with outdoor scenes looking very natural, though a red push was still evident on skin tones. The set also seems to have a better gamma curve when using HDMI rather than the analogue inputs, so while black crush was still evident, it was not nearly as noticeable with this film.

Jaguar In Memento

Video Games

I spent quite a while using videogames on this set, and I was left quite impressed with it. While colour may not have been 100% accurate, it was nice and vivid without looking oversaturated, which is exactly what most gamers are looking for in a display. The game mode seemed to have a noticeable effect in reducing input lag, and while there was some minor smearing evident, motion was handled reasonably well, though not as good as the latest 100/120Hz sets. Due to the bright colours used with many games, a fairly significant amount of posterisation was noticeable, though it is far from the worst I have seen.

Video Game

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