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Samsung PS50P96FDX Style & Design

by Vincent Teoh
26 July 2007

Although it sports an all-too-common polished black bezel, a couple of distinct styling cues differentiate the Samsung PS50P96FDXBuy this for £1394.60 at Dixons
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from the rest of the pack. First of all, the side-firing speakers are stashed to the left and right of the screen, giving the entire panel a slightly unconventional elongated appearance.

Each side of the plasma is adorned by an incurvated silver chrome plate running down the height of the panel. Because the concavity of the plates is directed 45° towards the rear, straight on from the front you will only see 2 thin vertical silver strips at the sides, providing a subtle two-tone accentuation against the black glossiness of the bezel.

Concave Side Plates Side Speaker
Concave chrome plate at the side
Side-firing speaker

Characteristically Samsung planted an LED light just beneath its brand logo at the centre of the bottom bezel. If you ever lose the remote control, you can find a touch-sensitive control panel discreetly blended onto the bottom right of the bezel, allowing you to switch on the Samsung PS50P96FDXBuy this for £1394.60 at Dixons
Use code '5TV' for £73.40 discount
, and change channels, volume and input source.


Rear Connections
Rear connections: 2 HDMI, 1 VGA, 1 component, 2 Scarts, audio outs (inc optical)

Side Connections Control Buttons
Side: HDMI, S-video, comp, headphone
Bottom right: touch-sensitive controls

On-Screen Menu, EPG & Remote Control

These are essentially the same as those found on the Samsung PS50Q97HDX I tested two months ago, so please refer to the relevant sections in that review.

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