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Samsung PS50Q97HDX Sound Quality

by Vincent Teoh
24 May 2007


The two speakers (rated at 15 watts each) on Samsung PS50Q97HDXBuy this for £617.47 at Dixons
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are located at the midpoints between the central blue LED light and the edges of the panel, with the sound being projected forward through a tiny slit between the bottom border of the piano black bezel and the chrome strip.

Naturally such physical constraints prevent the sonic quality of these internal speakers from soaring to the heights that larger external systems are capable of. But even though stereo imaging and resolution are found lacking, they deliver enough dialogue clarity for run-of-the-mill use. Thanks to the larger cabinet enclosure, higher volume level can be achieved before distortion (especially in the bass department) starts kicking in.

As with the LE40M86BD I reviewed, I preferred the default "Standard" mode as it gave the best balance between bass extension and midrange prominence. I also liked the "SRS TruSurround XT" which enhanced soundstage and low-frequency response.

  Samsung PS50Q97HDX Sound Assessment
  Resolution Below Average
  Transient Response Average
  Dynamic Range Average
  Stereo Imaging Below Average
  Dispersion Average
  Volume Slightly Above Average
  Notes SRS TruSurround XT on

Background Noise

As we've come to expect from plasma TVs, the Samsung PS50Q97HDX exhibits an electronic buzz that becomes louder as the APL increases (i.e. the screen gets brighter). Just so we're clear, the buzz was barely audible from 8 feet away so I'm pretty sure it would be sufficiently drowned/ masked by normal sound from the TV or external speakers. Otherwise, the PS50Q97HDX was exemplary in terms of background noise suppression (including standby), similar to all other Samsung HDTVs that we've tested.

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