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PS50Q97HDX Setup & Design

by Vincent Teoh
24 May 2007


Weighing in at 44kg and spanning 4 feet in width, the Samsung PS50Q97HDXBuy this for £617.47 at Dixons
Use code '5TV' for £32.50 discount
is not something to be taken lightly. For the safety of your lower back and the panel, it's best to enlist the help of another person to set it up. Fortunately it comes with the swivelling stand-base already attached, so it's merely a (biceps-busting) job of lifting it out from the box to place it on your TV stand.

Inside the box I found the usual accessories such as infrared remote, power cable and operation manual. I thumbed through the manual at record speed – I've tested so many Samsung HDTVs in recent months that I'm sure I could operate this plasma blindfolded. Still, because screen burn prevention was mentioned a few times on the very first page of the manual, all credit to Samsung for highlighting this issue so early in the game.

Ferrite Cores Power Cable Ferrite

Interestingly a couple of ferrite cores are included with the Samsung PS50Q97HDXBuy this for £617.47 at Dixons
Use code '5TV' for £32.50 discount
, which are meant to be clamped around cables to shield them from interference. If you experience audio/ video dropouts you can give these a try, but so far I haven't needed them.


The PS50Q97HDX is fitted with Samsung's patented Ultra Filterbright™ anti-reflective film which works by absorbing external light and allowing internal light coming from the TV to pass through. If you're expecting LCD-like matte quality, you're going to be severely disappointed because all the Ultra Filterbright™ did was to "dampen" the reflections – I could still see objects reflected especially during low-light scenes, just slightly more diffused compared to regular plasmas.

The screen is framed by a now-ubiquitous piano black bezel that widens at the bottom to accommodate Samsung's logo and round power button at the centre. A chrome strip which extends forward a quarter of an inch along the whole bottom of the panel differentiates it cosmetically from the Q96 series. Sandwiched between this chrome strip and the power button is a blue LED that can be lit either when powered, during standby, or all the time.

logo Thumbnail imageEnlarged view of image
Logo, power button, light & chrome strip Back of the panel

The oval swivel base is finished in gleaming black, nicely complementing the bezel. Unlike the LE40M86BD LCD, the glossiness does not extend to the back of the panel, but I would have appreciated a couple of handgrips tacked on there to make lifting this beast easier. Still, the whole unit seems solidly screwed together... for those among you who value the aesthetics of a TV even when switched off, the Samsung PS50Q97HDXBuy this for £617.47 at Dixons
Use code '5TV' for £32.50 discount
will bring an air of quiet authority to your living room.



The Samsung PS50Q97HDXBuy this for £617.47 at Dixons
Use code '5TV' for £32.50 discount
has enough connection interfaces to satisfy most viewers. At the rear in a recessed compartment lie two HDMI (albeit version 1.2 only, but there's so little material out now that fully utilises 1.3 anyway), one VGA, two Scarts, one component and one RF connection. Here you can also choose to output analogue or digital (optical) audio from the plasma TV.

side button

An S-video, a composite, one additional HDMI port and a headphone out jack complete the bundle of connections found on Samsung PS50Q97HDXBuy this for £617.47 at Dixons
Use code '5TV' for £32.50 discount
. On the right side you will find a few control buttons whose functions are duplicated on the infrared remote.

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