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Operation & Control Of PS50Q97HDX

by Vincent Teoh
24 May 2007

On-Screen Menu

The menu interface on PS50Q97HDX is the same as that implemented across Samsung's new HDTV range for 2007. If you wish to find out more about the submenus, please refer to the relevant sections in our Samsung LE40M86BD and LE32R87BDX review, but in the meantime, I'll discuss the key differences found on the Samsung PS50Q97HDXBuy this for £617.47 at Dixons
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No xvYCC Light Effect

The option to toggle xvYCC colour space is no longer available, which is perfectly logical given that there's no HDMI 1.3 on the Samsung PS50Q97HDXBuy this for £617.47 at Dixons
Use code '5TV' for £32.50 discount
. Gimmick-wise, owners can choose when to light up the blue LED below the power button. But by far the most useful options are those that allow you to access Samsung's screen burn prevention technology:

Screen Burn Prevention

"All White" brings up a totally white screen... use this to "wash away" any image retention before permanent screenburn ensues. The same can be achieved by selecting "Signal Pattern" which triggers a greyramp pattern that scrolls horizontally across the screen, but frankly I'm more tempted to use this as a quick method to pick out posterisation and greyscale error when I'm too lazy to fire up my calibration discs.

Pixel Shift

As implied in the name, "Pixel Shift" moves the image on the screen very subtly – either horizontally, vertically or both – to a pre-assigned pixel width and duration of your choice. Personally I don't use this function, because at the back of my mind I know the picture is theoretically tampered by the pixel movements however minute, and I usually "speed burn" plasmas using my own recipe anyway. But if you're worried about screenburn then enable this in the default 2:2:2 setting for the first 200 hours to lessen the risk.

Side Gray Side Mask

"Side Gray" is enabled by default, filling the black bars on the sides of 4:3 programmes with either a dark or light shade of grey. You should tailor the brightness of the grey according to the APL (Average Picture Level), but "Dark" should generally suffice for most conditions.

EPG & Remote Control

These are exactly the same as those found on the Samsung LE40M86BD LCD TV so I won't elaborate more, other than provide some photo shots below:

EPG thumbnailPS50Q97HDX EPG Remote thumbnailPS50Q97HDX Remote

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