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Sharp LC32RD2E Sound System

by Colin Tang
3 June 2007
Sharp LC32RD2E Sound System

The Sharp LC32RD2E speaker grille is discretely tucked underneath the lower frame. The TV uses BBE Sound technology to boost the audio quality on its otherwise inadequate 20 W total output. And to my surprise, it works. Through some technical wizardry in phase correction and signal equalizer, the sound from this unit is not bad at all, especially where speech is concerned. As long you are in a small room and not dishing out loud volume action scenes, the audio system in this TV easily ranks with the best of 32 inch TVs out there.

Sound Menu
Sound Menu

  Sound Meter LC32RD2E  
  Resolution Above average
  Transient response Average
  Dynamic range Average
  Stereo Imaging Above Average
  Dispersion Average
  Volume Above Average
  Notes Clear Voice and Surround On
  BBE Sound

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