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Sharp LC32RD2E : Final Conclusion

by Colin Tang
3 June 2007

Sharp's LC32RD2E keeps up the momentum in the HDTV market with their latest offering of 100Hz technology on their well regarded ASV panels.

> Brilliant pictures served up by wide contrast and nice blacks
> 100 Hz TruD processing
> Cool gloss frame design

> High end price
> Greyscale not D65 standard
> Mild red push


  • High contrast images, good blacks with plenty of brightness
  • 100hz Double Frame Drive
  • Above average shadow detail
  • Excellent primary chromaticities
  • 4 ms response time
  • TruD Picture Processing
  • Backlight control
  • Faster menu
  • Functional EPG
  • Integrated Freeview Digital Tuner
  • Audio exceeded expectations
  • Cool design


  • High end on the price scale
  • Mild red push
  • Non-D65 greyscale
  • No greyscale controls
  • No direct component video input
  • No Picture-in-picture
  • Acceptable viewing angle at about 100 degrees
  • Menu not aesthetically pleasing
  • Some work needed to setup stand

Like a crouching tiger, Sharp emerges from the shadows and strikes at the competition with their 100Hz Double Frame Drive enabled HDTV. It's been almost six months since its last outing with the XD1E series so, its never been a better time to update their TV range in this technologically driven sector.

Although the lack of RGB gain controls, non-D65 greyscale and red push ultimately prevents us from awarding it 'highly recommended' for the first time, it came very close with strong performances across the board on other critical aspects of picutre quality. Sharp will go head to head with Sony this summer on 100Hz TVs and so I am sure our readers will be interested in finding out who's the top dog after the dust settles.

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