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Sharp LC32RD2E Setup & Design

by Colin Tang
3 June 2007

Setup & Design

Are these orchids? ... (zoom)

The HD-Ready Sharp LC32RD2E is a stylish piece of kit, with the same design flair of the highly regarded Samsung 8 series. The gloss black cabinet exudes quality and style that you don't necessarily come to expect in a budget-sized HDTV. The reverse-arch silver chrome frame below the speakers compliments the overall look very well.

The LC32RD2E doesn't come attached with its swivelling stand. You have to join the base and stem with the accompanying screws; it's easy enough even if you are DIY challenged. The pedestal stand is weighted like a ship's anchor, so I'd be careful about being clumsy with that thing. Once assembled, it looks like an alien ship right off from the War of the Worlds.

Tamzin   Back

The large font on a A4 sized manual makes scanning quite easy, so you will be up and running in minutes even if you are a HDTV newbie. It's exciting to see that the manual hints at what is coming: a 42 inch 100Hz TV! Apart from the Toshiba WLT68, 42 inch buyers havent' had much of a choice of 100/120 Hz TVs at this size.

The TV comes with your usual accesories and if you've bought a Sharp Aquos TV recently, you will quickly identify the VGA/Component connector that is supplied. Yes, the TV doesn't come with a component video connection. For Xbox 360 owners, you can still connect your console using the instructions that are available on Sharp UK website. Basically, you hook up your component Y Pb Pr connectors to the supplied connector, which then goes in to the VGA input. You will also need to configure some menu options on the TV and Xbox 360 to get this working properly.

1. Make sure you setup the `component via PC' before using it with the Xbox 360
2. Connect the component connectors
3. Hook the PC end to EXT 4



Main connection panel ( zoom)
Top control buttons and back audio out

You don't have to be a contorsionist or perform some back breaking acrobatic manoeuvre to connect your TV. The main connection panel is conveniently located to one side, with inputs clearly labelled. Connections are a little on the conservative side, with the lack of direct component video inputs, headphone and digital out noted. Standard connections include HDMIx2, Scart x2, VGA, S video, Composite, Aerial and RS232.

HDMI inputs accept data from 480i all the way to 1080i on our Toshiba HDE1. The VGA input can be 1:1 mapped with some adjustment (clock phase and tracking) on 1360x768 PC resolution.

The LC32RD2E is equipped with a digital Freeview tuner just in case you have forgotten about the impending analogue signal wipeout.

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