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Sony KDL32D3000 Review

by Vincent Teoh
10 June 2007

Sony KDL32D3000

It can be argued that Sony probably did more than any other LCD manufacturers in turning the tide against plasma TVs in the fiercely contested 40-to-42-inch segment of the flat panel market. Besides devising and executing an ingenious propaganda campaign to market the glory of "1080p-full-HD-ness" to the public, they actually came out with decent products (W & X-Series) which significantly closed the picture quality gap between LCDs and plasmas.

8 months on, and it's time to update the award-winning Bravia range. The D3000 series will be hitting the shops in the UK from June onwards, featuring some of the most appetising technologies currently available to flat screen HDTVs such as 24 fps compatibility, 100Hz motion rendering, and 10-bit colour depth. Perhaps the only disappointment is the obvious omission of 1920x1080 panel resolution, as Sony seeks to rely on the established W2000 and X2000 series in flying the "1080p full HD" flag.

Nevertheless, such high resolutions will be wasted on smaller screens, as you'll be hard pressed to tell the difference unless you sit 1 feet away (figuratively speaking) from the screen. Without doubt, the pick of the D3000 bunch that would stand to benefit most from this size-resolution ratio would be the 32-inch Sony KDL32D3000. If it manages to fulfill the promises touted in the brochure and press release, surely the Sony KDL32D3000 would have no difficulty ruling the 32-inch roost. Let's find out...


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