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Speaker Sound From KDL32D3000

by Vincent Teoh
10 June 2007

32D3000 Speaker Grille

Just like on the KDL40W2000, Sony is not shy to parade the speaker grille at the bottom of the KDL32D3000 panel, diverging from the concealed placement methods favoured by other manufacturers in recent times. Behind this grille lie two speakers rated at ten watts each, which are augmented by Sony's exclusive S-Force Front Surround technology.

To my ears, turning on [S-Force Front Surround] did widen the soundstage somewhat, but in doing so it created a gaping hole in the midrange, causing dialogue (incidentally the greatest strength of the audio system on KDL32D3000) to sound hollow and distant. Even though volume could go pretty loud before distorting, for critical viewing I'd advise going with a dedicated home theatre system.

  Sony KDL32D3000 Sound Assessment
  Resolution Above Average
  Transient Response Average
  Dynamic Range Average
  Stereo Imaging Average
  Dispersion Average
  Volume Slightly Above Average

Background Noise

The Sony KDL32D3000Buy this for £588.99 at Dixons
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(that was totally silent during standby) powered up with a subdued yet reassuring click, letting you know that the TV is switched on. Faint electronic buzzing emanated from the back of the panel, but as this was not audible at all from 1 foot away at the front, it shouldn't present a problem even during quieter scenes.

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