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Sony KDL32D3000 Test Conclusion

by Vincent Teoh
10 June 2007

Sony KDL32D3000 impressed us so much that it earned HDTVTest's first ever "Highly Recommended" award.

> Balanced beautiful picture with excellent shadow detail
> [Motion Enhancer] reduces LCD motion blur
> Very good video processing

> Slightly oversaturated colours from WCG
> Service menu needed to calibrate greyscale
> High price tag


  • Balanced beautiful picture due to consistent greyscale profile
  • Excellent shadow detail due to flat gamma tracking
  • [Motion Enhancer] reduces LCD motion blurring
  • Very good deinterlacing (both film & video) and mixed edit handling
  • Very good baseline noise reduction circuitry
  • Impressive standard definition performance
  • Abundant connections: 3 HDMI ports, optical audio out, etc.
  • Multiple controls available in user menu (except white balance; see Cons)
  • Independent memory settings per input source
  • Auto-adjustment over VGA (1360 x 768) to achieve 1:1 mapping without overscan
  • Above average viewing angle (≈ 120°)
  • Responsive on-screen menu and channel navigation
  • Near-silent operation (effectively no audible buzzing)
  • Table top stand already attached for quick setup
  • Remote control improved ergonomically and aesthetically


  • Slightly oversaturated colours painted by WCG (Wide Colour Gamut)
  • Service menu access needed for greyscale calibration
  • Premium price tag compared to similarly sized rivals
  • Pre-fixed table top stand does not swivel
  • Bland EPG and poor DTV info bar placement


To be brutally honest, I never thought this day would come so soon, due to our stringent test criteria and uncompromising reporting style. But the Sony KDL32D3000Buy this for £588.99 at Dixons
Use code '5TV' for £31.00 discount
deservedly earned HDTVTest's first ever "Highly Recommended" award, if only because it exhibited the least flaws among all the HDTVs we've reviewed so far... and these flaws might not even trouble viewers who are less picky than us.

Sure, the price ranks among the most expensive for a 32" LCD TV, but what you're getting is class-leading picture quality. Armed with consistent greyscale tracking, respectable video processing and convincing motion interpolation, the Sony KDL32D3000Buy this for £588.99 at Dixons
Use code '5TV' for £31.00 discount
delivers a splendid performance not only in high definition, but perhaps more importantly in standard definition where so many other HDTVs have found difficult to negotiate.

Highly Recommended

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  • I couldn't test 1080/24p compatibility as we did not have a PS3 at that time.

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