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KDL32D3000 Motion Enhancer Video

by Vincent Teoh
14 June 2007

The top, middle and bottom clips were captured on video with the [Motion Enhancer] "Off", "Standard" and "High" respectively. Because the video have been compressed to a smaller file size, you may not see the motion interpolation effects as prominently as when using naked eye... try pausing the video to witness the sample-and-hold effect in the top clip ([Motion Enhancer] "Off") being more obvious than in the middle ("Standard") and bottom ("High") clips.

You may also notice that the swinging coloured bars in the bottom clip ("High") is slightly wider than in the middle clip ("Standard")... the frames were actually breaking up but I could not capture this clearly on video unfortunately.

Otherwise, the pseudo-screenburn ghost image near the centre of the clips was merely sun rays reflecting on my camcorder lense; and any scanning artifacts were due to the rendition software.

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