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Audio System On Sony KDL40W2000

by Colin Tang
5 March 2007
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Despite my usual concerns about TV audio, I was pleasantly surprised to find the 20W audio output of the W2000, acceptable for most of the part. While it cannot match (and will never) a dedicated home theater setup, it has enough substance for the most casual viewing (or when you are too lazy to fire up your speakers). In case you were interested, the sound settings are per input source as well.

This is my second acquaintance with the SRS TruSurround XT technology in a HDTV and so I went over to their website to discover what it's all about. It is a multichannel virtualization technology based on proprietary psychoacoustic systems. It delivers three main benefits: dialog clarity, surround effect from multichannel source and bass enhancement for 2 speakers. I haven't tested it's effect on 2 channel vs 5.1 audio but the manual states that it's only for stereo programmes. To be honest, I am somewhat skeptical of the speakers themselves trying to keep up with the tech but we will see. One thing I have noticed though is that on Freeview digital channels, turning it on tends to emphasise the high frequencies unnaturally.

Update: I have tested the SRS TruSurround XT on Serenity HD DVD and found that it worked as advertised. The soundstage is wider and deeper with this option turned on. One drawback is the overemphasised high end that had a tinny quality to it.

Next, I went over to BBE Sound to investigate the phase altering system of this technology. On their website, they quote enhanced live music benefits by using this technology by correcting the phase distortion caused by loudspeakers and boosting the high and low frequencies. I haven't had the opportunity to test this with live concert material but the general effect on normal digital channels was a midrange boosting effect.

  Sound Meter  
  Resolution Average
  Transient response Average
  Dynamic range Average
  Stereo Imaging Above average
  Dispersion Average
  Volume Average
  Notes Many options available



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