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Sony KDL40W4000 Settings

by Vincent Teoh
21 May 2008

Here are the post-calibration settings we obtained on our Sony KDL40W4000 LCD HDTV review unit from a 1080 HDMI source viewed in a dimly lit environment, which gives a CCT of around 6000K. Because we did not have the service manual nor the proper instructions, we were unable to utilise the white balance controls in the service menu to perfect the greyscale, but those of you with the necessary knowledge, equipment and courage should be able to bring greyscale closer to D65 via the service menu.

While these values provide the best picture to our eyes, they may not be optimal for your own Sony KDL40W4000 due to possible variations in video source, ambient lighting or between units. As such, we strongly advise that you use a basic calibration disc like the Digital Video Essentials Blu-Ray to at least set the black level [Brightness] correctly on your LCD television.

* Backlight should be increased in brighter viewing environment (e.g. daytime) to boost perception of overall luminance and shadow detail which can be easily obscured by strong ambient lighting. Also, you should manually adjust your backlight to the correct value if you've switched the Sony KDL40W4000 on from "temporary" standby, as explained in our Benchmark Test section.

Change [Colour Temp] to "Warm 1" if you find "Warm 2" too yellow/ warm for your taste. For standard definition content, you can sprinkle in some [Sharpness] (up to 3) and [Noise Reduction] (no more than "Low") if you find the image on screen too soft or noisy.

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