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Sony KDL40X3500 Review

by Vincent Teoh
6 November 2007

The Sony KDL40X3500 sits proudly atop of their hierarchy of LCD televisions, boasting all of the latest technologies (read: buzzwords that get the consumers salivating) in their arsenal such as 100Hz motion, true HD 1080p panel and 1080p/24 support. Because KDL40X3500 shares quite a few similarities (especially in terms of connectivity and user interface) with the cheaper W3000 series that I've just reviewed 3 weeks ago, this article will go light on some areas which have been covered in depth in my Sony KDL40W3000 review.


The Sony KDL40X3500 perpetuates the distinctive "floating glass" design that we have seen on the X2000. The screen is framed by a brushed gunmetal grey bezel which incorporates a pair of finely perforated speaker grilles at the sides. Mimicking the appearance of glass, an inch of clear perspex extends from the edges of the bezel on all sides. This "glass" frame is in turn bordered by aluminium trimming with a brushed finish just like the bezel.

Sony KDL40X3500 Front

The screen itself is slightly glossier than your usual matte LCDs (though nowhere near as reflective as plasmas or Samsung's Super Clear Panels) which gives the illusion of a wider viewing angle than it really is. An inscription of "Bravia" at the top left, an illuminated Sony logo (that can be turned off) at the bottom centre, and some LED indicators at the bottom right inject more sophistication into the "glass" frame:

Bravia Inscription LED Indicators
Top Left: Bravia inscription
Bottom Right: LED indicators

The black tabletop stand does not swivel, but in no way does this detract from the excellent overall build quality of Sony KDL40X3500. Unless you are unable to accommodate the extra bulge of the clear "glass" frame due to space constraints, this television simply oozes an air of commanding finesse that propels it above the uninspired glossy black models of today.

Sony KDL40X3500 Back


The Sony KDL40X3500 offers an extra USB port at the side (for viewing JPEG photos) over the already abundant connectivity found on the W3000.

Rear Connections
Rear: 2 x HDMI, 2 x Scarts, 2 x component, VGA, analogue & digital audio out

Side Connections Control Buttons
Left side: HDMI, USB, headphone, etc.
Control buttons on the right side of TV


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