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Toshiba 32C3030D Speaker System

by Colin Tang
10 April 2007
32C3030D speaker
Speaker grille sandwiched between the plastic bezel and piano black gloss bottom frame

Despite the promise of SRS WOW enhancements, the sound from the Toshiba 32C3030D Buy this for £0.00 at Dixons
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is unimpressive. In general, there is lack of resolution, reduced dynamic range and muddy bass. The FOCUS, SRS 3D and TruBass, in my opinion, fails to improve the sound quality from mediocrity, which it usually does with other models. Speech seems to suffer the most with reduced mid range clarity and explosions (or any other sonic embelishments) fail to surprise or engage. At this price point, something has got to give.

I sort of liked the stable sound feature that limits high volume levels on theTV speakers, preventing the extreme changes in volume that can occur when channels are changed or a programme switches to a commercial (You must have noticed this rude `wake up call' if you watch SD broadcasts).

You get the option for digital sound and subwoofer output, which I am sure some users will find useful.

Sound Menu
Sound Menu

  Sound Meter 32C3030D  
  Resolution Below average
  Transient response Average
  Dynamic range Average
  Stereo Imaging Below average
  Dispersion Average
  Volume Average
  Notes SRS WOW enabled



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