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Toshiba 37XV505D Review

by David Mackenzie
1 May 2008

Not too long ago, an HDTV capable of resolving 1080p resolution was not only a rarity, but also an item which was considered unnecessary by many. The internet was full of debate as to whether or not the number of pixels given by this resolution was even necessary on smaller screen sizes, and if the gain would be noticeable from a few feet away.

Fast forward to 2008, though, and things are very different. Blu-ray Disc is taking off and provides an increasingly affordable source of 1080p content, and Sky HD’s 1080i broadcasts also require a 1920x1080 screen to be enjoyed to their full. Now that 1080p resolution is affordable and indeed, the norm on larger screens, the debate as to whether or not they are required has, unsurprisingly, evaporated.

This sets the stage nicely for the introduction of Toshiba’s REGZA XV series of LCD television. These 1080p LCD HDTVs come in the larger 42 and 37 inch sizes, as well as a more modestly-sized 32” version. Most surprisingly of all, the 32” version also features a 1920x1080 panel (manufacturers typically give 32” TVs a 1366x768 panel). Surprising also, are the prices: the 37” version (Toshiba 37XV505D – reviewed here) can be had online for as little as £665. So, does this series represent a solid choice for budget-minded buyers who demand 1080p?


Although the Toshiba 37XV505D LCD HDTV is styled in glossy piano black – something I don’t like, due to the fingerprints and scratches that it will inevitably collect – it’s not bad looking at all. The design uses rounded edges and is complemented by the currently fashionable silver trim. A small speaker grille is present at the bottom, which blends in nicely with the rest of the design.

The Toshiba 37XV505D 1080p LCD television is supplied with a stand and mounting frame, which is easy to assemble using the supplied materials (some screws and an L-shaped “key”). Once assembled, the Toshiba 37XV505D can be swivelled left and right on the stand. The stand shares the same gloss black finish as the television bezel, and comes wrapped up in plastic to avoid getting scratched in transit (surely an admission of its impracticality).


The back panel of the Toshiba 37XV505D 1080p HDTV reveals the standard selection of inputs: 2 HDMIs, 1 Component video input, as well as two of the horribly impractical SCART connectors which I would hope are on their way out by now, but will still be of use to those connecting a standard definition cable or satellite decoder.

The recessed side panel features a third HDMI socket – useful for connecting an HD camcorder, for example – as well as an input comprised of S-Video, Composite Video, and stereo audio inputs.

3.5 Star Rating: Qualified Recommendation


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