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Toshiba 47Z3030D Review

by Vincent Teoh
30 December 2007

Toshiba is – I believe – one of the first manufacturers to implement 100Hz MCFI (motion compensation frame interpolation) technology on a consumer-grade LCD television when it launched its critically acclaimed WLT68 series more than one year ago. Since then other brands have followed suit... nowadays you can't go shopping for a HDTV anywhere without reading/ hearing about the wonders of 100Hz.

While reducing motion blur on a true HD 1920x1080 LCD TV presents a mouthwatering prospect, not all 100Hz technology are created equal. Some would make movies look like cheap video; others would introduce excessive shimmering or even tearing artifacts. Because 100Hz processing is essentially what distinguishes the Z series from the less expensive X series (both boast true HD panels), I'm going to pay particular attention to its effects when reviewing the Toshiba 47Z3030D LCD television today.


Toshiba LCD TVs I had seen previously have always sported clean minimalistic lines, and the 47Z3030D continues this fine tradition. The matte LCD screen is framed by an elegant glossy black bezel which is adorned only by inscriptions of "Toshiba" and "Regza". Below the bottom border of the bezel lies a silver strip that is raked back and excavated centrally to subtly reveal a groove containing the speaker grille. In spite of this space confinement, the Onkyo speakers on Toshiba 47Z3030D still manages to deliver quite an impressive soundstage and more than adequate bass extension for when you feel too lazy to turn on your external home theatre sound system.

Toshiba 47Z3030D

The 47Z3030D also features two design elements which are peculiar to Toshiba LCD TVs: a captive power cable at the back and a swivelling crescent-shaped pedestal stand that both come attached to the panel out-of-the-box, making it a breeze to set up the Toshiba 47Z3030D.


Connections facing downwards
Downwards: 2 x HDMI, VGA, digital optical audio out, coax aerial and CI slot
Connections at the back Buttons & connections at the side
Rear: 2 x Scarts, component, audio ports Side: control buttons, HDMI, Svideo, etc.


Since the Toshiba 47Z3030D shares similar user menu interface, EPG and remote control with the 42X3030D and 32C3030D we have reviewed before, I'm not going to write much on them, except highlight the 100Hz motion controls found under the [Picture] submenu:

Picture Submenu

  • [Cinema Mode]: This engages 2:3/ 2:2 pulldown for film deinterlacing.
  • [Film Stabilization]: greyed out unless both [Cinema Mode] and [Active Vision M100] are on. This adds some frame interpolation to film-based material, which reduces/ removes telecine judder but unfortunately makes movies look like video.
  • [Active Vision M100]: This engages Toshiba's very own 100Hz MCFI technology to reduce motion blurring.

4 Star Rating: Recommended


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