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Toshiba 47Z3030D Picture Quality

by Vincent Teoh
30 December 2007

High Definition (Blu-Ray)

After popping the Click Blu-ray disc into a Sony PS3 feeding 1080p/24 signal to the Toshiba 47Z3030D, I straightaway noticed a subtle judder in the opening scene as the camera panned slowly around the living room where Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) was sleeping (00:59). This judder looked telecine in character, so while the Toshiba 47Z3030D accepted 1080p/24 signal from the PS3, the television appeared to convert it to 60Hz rather than a multiple of 24Hz if I did not activate any MCFI processing.


Engaging [Active Vision M100] and then [Film Stabilization] would progressively reduce the judder, and in the case of [Film Stabilization] "Smooth", eliminate it. However, by then the movie would start to look like video due to loss of 24fps cinematic quality, though I have to admit that the effect was less obvious compared to some other examples of motion compensation from competing brands.

With [Active Vision M100] on, I also witnessed some interpolation artifacts on a couple of occasions in the movie especially during slow-medium pans over images containing lines running in parallel. For example, the windows of the buildings (31:38) and the necklines of the Buddha statue (46:20) flickered wildly as the camera panned across the respective scenes. Once I disabled [Active Vision M100], these anomalies simply disappeared, but – not surprisingly – the subtle telecine judder returned.

Kate Beckinsale

Colours were well-saturated and accurate, resulting in realistic flesh tones without any push whatsover. As long as your viewing environment is reasonably bright, you probably will not complain about the blacks which I would classify as above average for an LCD TV. But once you dim the lights down, you may well agree with me that this is the one area where the Toshiba 47Z3030D lags behind the latest SPVA panels such as the Samsung M86/ F86 series and the Sony W3000/ X3500 series. On the plus side though shadow detail is up there with the very best among LCD TVs.

John Ammer

Standard Definition (Freeview Digital TV)

Armed with the most effective video mode deinterlacing I've seen on any LCD television to date and some decent scaling, the Toshiba 47Z3030D gave a good account of itself on the SD front from a viewing distance of 10 to 12 feet away. Provided the channel material was up to scratch, the ensuing picture would look clean and free of jaggies.


I wasted no time in watching BBC1's Match Of The Day to assess the effects of [Active Vision M100] on fast-action sports programme. Sure enough, with [Active Vision M100] engaged there was less drop in resolution as the camera followed the football action, but the ball would break up intermittently whenever it went past the crowd. This tearing artifact on the Toshiba 47Z3030D was much less noticeable than that I observed on the Samsung LE40F86BD with [100Hz Motion Plus] enabled, although this will be of little consolation to the more sharp-eyed football fanatics out there.

HD Console Gaming (PS3)

Call Of Duty 4

I have played my fair share of Call Of Duty 4 multiplayer, and did not notice any undue artifacts that distracted me from the frantic gameplay when [Active Vision M100] was engaged on the Toshiba 47Z3030D. As is the case with most HDTVs, [RGB Full Range (HDMI)] on your PS3 should be set to "Limited" to prevent crushing in-game shadow detail on the Toshiba 47Z3030D.

4 Star Rating: Recommended

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