Monthly Archives: April 2011

Toshiba 46WL768 3D LED LCD TV Review

Here in Europe, they may not be the most prominent of TV manufacturers, but Toshiba have proven in the past that they can put together a respectable LCD TV. In for review now is the Toshiba 46WL768, which is the first 3D-capable television we’ve seen from the company. Not surprisingly, this HDTV is LED side-lit, which allows it to sport ... Read More »

LG Reserves Active-Shutter 3D For Plasma TVs Like 50PZ570T & 50PZ950T

LG Electronics has confirmed that active-shutter-glasses (ASG) technology will only be deployed on the company’s 3D plasma TV sets for the year ahead. Believing that passive 3D represents the way forward for the 3D-at-home revolution (at least until glasses-free 3D becomes technically and commercially viable on a large-screen display), the Korean HDTV manufacturer will be using polarized “Cinema 3D” technology ... Read More »

All HDTVs Sold In UK Legally Required To Carry EU Energy Label By Dec

All new HDTV sets sold in the United Kingdom from December this year onwards will be legally required to sport an EU energy label intended to help buyers identify the TVs that consume the least power. It is part of a wider European Union directive to introduce energy efficiency labels on a range of electrical appliances such as washing machines, ... Read More »

Japanese Quake Had Minimal Impact On Declining LCD TV Panel Prices

When the earthquake and ensuing tsunami devastated the north-east part of Japan last month, certain analysts raised concerns about some potential disruptions to the LCD TV supply chain due to material shortages, which may in turn lead to temporary LCD panel price increases. However, a new report from a leading market research company has allayed those fears (at least for ... Read More »

Almost A Quarter Of All TVs Sold In USA Are LED-Backlit LCD TV Models

The percentage of LCD televisions equipped with LED backlight technology continues to grow in the American market. According to the latest data from California-based market research firm IHS iSuppli, LED-backlit LCD TV displays made up almost one quarter of all television sets (including plasma TVs) sold in the USA during the fourth quarter of 2010. iSuppli’s new research revealed that ... Read More »