Samsung LE40C650 Review

Samsung LE40C650 at Direct TVs

Korean mega-giant Samsung Electronics is the world’s largest manufacturer of flat-panel displays, shifting millions of units each year. Due to the company’s LCD research, and the more recent additions of higher quality video processing and comprehensive configuration options, much of Samsung’s output is now very tempting indeed.

Today, we’re scrutinising the Samsung LE40C650, part of the “Series 6″ line of displays. This 40” LCD HDTV is priced at under £1000 and includes a selection of mid/high-end features, but falls short of including premium additions such as 3D support and LED sidelighting. Let’s see how this Samsung TV performs after a full setup.

Note: The specific model we tested was the Samsung LE40C650, but the picture quality findings in this review should also be applicable to the Samsung LE40C652, Samsung LE40C654 and Samsung LE40C630, as these are essentially the same LCD TV panel with slightly different cosmetics. The table below outlines the differences.

Model Also Known As Bezel Colour Ultra Clear Panel
Samsung LE40C650 LE40C650L1K, LE40C650L1KXXU Rose Black Yes
Samsung LE40C652 LE40C650L2K, LE40C652L2KXXU Grey Yes
Samsung LE40C654 LE40C654M1K, LE40C654M1KXXU Black Yes
Samsung LE40C630 LE40C630K1K, LE40C630K1KXXU Grey No


The Samsung LE40C650 LCD television doesn’t rock the boat in terms of its design in the same way that the company’s new “pencil thin” displays do, for example, but it does feature the “Crystal Design” which was revolutionary only a few years ago. This design features transparent plastic (which is almost indistinguishable from glass to the naked eye) and a subtle red tinge around the extreme edges of the bezel, and looks great.

Samsung LE40C650 Front

Most interesting is the excellent build quality. Rather than featuring a plastic back cover, the rear of the Samsung LE40C650 is instead made out of light metal, which is something we normally only expect to see on Plasma displays. This is unlikely to have any real world advantage, but it does give this LCD TV a higher-end feel.

The Samsung LE40C650 is packaged with a stand, which is styled in gloss black, a finish that’s generally accepted as the norm now, but is somewhat impractical in the long term due to the ease with which it picks up scratches. On the brighter side, the point on which the TV sits is styled in transparent acrylic, which is a very nice feature.


In total, the Samsung LE40C650 HDTV features 4 HDMI inputs, one of which is located on the side of the unit. There are also USB and Ethernet connectors which can both be used to play back multimedia content. An aerial (and in some territories, also a cable TV feed) can be plugged in to the ANT IN input to feed the TV’s hybrid Digital/Analogue tuner. The LCD TV is also MPEG-4 AVC capable, and can receive the Freeview HD service in the UK.

Naturally, older analogue AV interfaces (SCART, Component, and PC “VGA”) are also supported.

Connections on Samsung LE40C650
Rear: 3 x HDMI, VGA, Component, 2 x SCART, aerial, ethernet, audio & headphone outs
Side: Common Interface slot, 2 x USB, HDMI & composite video


The Samsung LE40C650’s user interface is, in most respects, the same as 2009’s models. It responds quickly to user input and has some neat animation and transparency effects, meaning that it’s both practical and nice to look at. All of the settings — even down to minute details — are stored per-input, which is fantastic (although we do wish there was a “Copy to all inputs” feature, such as that found on LG’s TVs).

The top-level picture control is [Mode], from which “Dynamic”, “Standard”, “Natural” and “Movie” can be selected. Predictably, it is the “Movie” mode which produces the most accurate and high quality pictures. All of the video controls in this first menu are fairly predictable and all act as they should.

[Picture] menu [Advanced Settings] menu
[Picture] menu [Advanced Settings] menu

The key changes for 2010 are in the [Advanced Settings] and [Picture Options] controls, both of which contain more video adjustments. In fact, the additions are features which enthusiasts have requested in the past, which have been present on one other company’s displays for some time: the [Expert Pattern] modes, which display test patterns for the TV tuner input and allow more accurate setup here (since there is no channel broadcasting test patterns), as well as Red, Green and Blue only modes, which allow the Colour and Tint controls to be set by eye alone.

It gets better, though: for 2010, Samsung have also introduced a 10-point White Balance control. Most display devices only include two sets of controls over Greyscale, one for darker intensities and one for the brighter ones. A 10-point control means that fine adjustments can be made at each intensity, allowing, in theory, for perfect results. (Samsung’s 10-point control “tops up” the calibration work done with the traditional 2-point control rather than replacing it, so we used both sets of controls for the best results when we calibrated the Samsung LE40C650 LCD TV).

[Picture Options] menu [10p White Balance] menu
[Picture Options] menu [10p White Balance] menu

There is also a full 3D colour management system (3D CMS) which allows the user to control the Saturation, Hue, and Brightness of the Primary and Secondary colours, which is unchanged from last year’s models. There is also a basic “Gamma” control, some noise filters, a “Film Mode” control, comprehensive adjustments for the “Motion Plus” system, and unusually for an LCD television, an option designed to prevent image retention (which can occur with LCDs, albeit very rarely).


Note: Our Samsung LE40C650 review sample was calibrated using Calman Professional, the industry-leading video calibration software.


After selecting the [Movie] mode, we calibrated the Samsung LE40C650 as far as we could by eye alone. Thanks to Samsung’s inclusion of Red, Green and Blue only modes (and the in-built test patterns), we could correctly set all of the Basic controls, including Colour and Hue.

We then recorded these Greyscale tracking measurements:

Pre-calibration CCT
Pre-calibration CCT in [Movie] mode
Pre-calibration RGB Tracking
Pre-calibration RGB tracking and delta errors (dEs)

Especially nearer 10-40% stimulus, the amounts of Red, Green and Blue being blended together to make up grey were slightly uneven prior to calibration. This produced some small discolouration in darker regions, a common problem for uncalibrated LCD TVs.

Of course, we were eager to see just how much this could be improved with Samsung’s new 10-point white balance adjustments. So, we first adjusted the traditional 2-point White Balance control (which has been present on most Samsung flat-screen TVs for a while now), and then used the 10-point controls for further refinement where necessary.

Post-calibration CCT in [Movie] mode
Post-calibration CCT in [Movie] mode
Post-calibration RGB Tracking in [Movie] mode
Post-calibration RGB tracking and dEs in [Movie] mode

The end result of this degree of control is plainly visible both on-screen and in the above charts. The level of control afforded means that it was possible to obliterate all but the tiniest Greyscale tracking errors, meaning that this £800 consumer television has accuracy on par with (or better than) some professional broadcast monitors!


We also raised Gamma to +1 (from its default 0 position) to bring tracking in line with our desired target of 2.2, which again tracked perfectly. This is first class performance which Samsung deserve serious praise for.

Gamma curve in [Movie] mode Gamma tracking in [Movie] mode
Gamma curve in [Movie] mode Corresponding gamma tracking


Colour Performance on the Samsung LE40C650 LCD television was fairly good out of the box. Samsung provides three [Colour Space] modes: “Auto”, which attempts accuracy with no further adjustment; “Native”, which results in a colour gamut restricted only by the LCD panel itself; and “Custom”, which is an editable version of “Auto”.

Samsung’s Colour Management System (CMS) operates in the RGB domain, rather than using the more familiar HSL (Hue/Saturation/Luminance). This takes a short while to get used to, but it is very effective all the same. The Red, Green and Blue controls drag the colour point in one of these three directions on the CIE chart. For example, if we wanted to adjust the Hue and Saturation of Magenta, we would increase Blue to drag the point to the left, increase Red to move towards the right, and increase Green to drag the point upwards, in other words, to reduce Saturation. Changes to Secondary colours and Luminance need mixes of more than one control.

After calibration, the Samsung LE40C650’s colour reproduction was excellent. The only slight issue is that, while the LCD panel seems capable of saturating Red, Yellow and Green to a greater extent, the CMS design does not allow us to achieve an entirely perfect result. Ultimately, we configured the Colour controls to minimise Delta Errors (dEs), which required balancing out the small inaccuracies in as graceful a way as possible. Regardless, the end result is absolutely excellent and is very close to perfection, with Blue, Cyan and Magenta being essentially error-free, and Green, Yellow and Red being extremely close.

Post-calibration CIE chart in [Movie] mode
Post-calibration CIE chart with reference to HD Rec.709

Of course, there is another aspect of colour which greatly affects picture quality, which is the luminance/ brightness levels of each colour (a.k.a. colour decoding). While the Samsung LE40C650 doesn’t feature a dedicated “Luminance” control, this parameter can be adjusted to some extent with the R/G/B controls. As the chart below shows, the luminance levels are essentially perfect after calibration, with no colour being over-represented on screen:

Post-calibration Luminance levels in [Movie] mode
Post-calibration colour luminance (coloured bars = targets; black bars = measured values)

Benchmark Test Results

Dead pixels One dead pixel in top middle
Screen uniformity Excellent
Overscanning on HDMI 0% with Aspect Ratio set to “Screen Fit”
Blacker than black Passed
Calibrated black level 0.03 cd/m2
Black level retention Stable
Primary chromaticity Excellent after calibration
Scaling Very Good; smooth appearance
Video mode deinterlacing Very effective jaggies reduction
Film mode deinterlacing Passed 2:2 PAL and 2:2, 3:2, 2:2:2:4 NTSC cadences
Viewing angle Good for an LCD TV
Motion resolution [Motion Plus] “On“: 800; “Off“: 300
Digital noise reduction Effective 3D NR; undefeatable (subtle) NR at all times, except in “Game” mode
Sharpness Defeatable edge enhancement
Luma/Chroma bandwidth Full Luma, slightly blurred Chroma except in “Game” mode
1080p/24 capability Accepts 1080p/24 video signal; no telecine judder
Input lag 45ms in “Game” mode, 95ms otherwise
4:4:4 Chroma reproduction No, chroma subsampled

Power Consumption

Default [Standard] mode 139 watts
Calibrated [Movie] mode 79 watts
Standby 1 watt

Picture Performance

Viewing Angle

When viewing the Samsung LE40C650 from the sides, colour and contrast took a small hit, but the effect is minimal. Although the viewing angle (by design) is not as good as an IPS-based LCD TV, the LE40C650 is one of the better VA-based screens in this regard. It holds onto its black level remarkably well when compared to cheaper panels.

An interesting point to note is that with some ambient light in the room, the resulting on-screen reflections actually help mask the LCD viewing angle limitations. It’s not a real fix to this age-old LCD issue, but it’s a convenient distraction, at least.

Black Level

The Samsung LE40C650’s black level is incredibly deep for an LCD TV, and serves as a stark reminder that not all SPVA LCD panels are built equal. The effects of the high quality LCD panel and the glossy coating, which Samsung refers to as “Ultra Clear Panel”, are readily apparent in the image when compared to several competing LCDs. Samsung’s display has, for an LCD, an exceptional amount of contrast and perceived depth.

We measured the calibrated black level on the Samsung LE40C650 HDTV to be a deep 0.03 cd/m2. This is a fantastic result which is in line with the best (non-local-dimming) LCD TVs we’ve reviewed, and it means that even in a darkened room, Samsung’s TV produces satisfying blacks.

The performance is equally good in bright rooms. Although the glossy panel coating naturally produced some visible room reflections, these had a very limited impact on black depth in the picture. In other words, the light did not appear to pass through the screen’s coating and had no effect on the image underneath (compared to some Plasma displays which look somewhat grey-ish when faced with bright light).

In the past, we’ve noted that panels from Samsung and Sony’s S-LCD production plant have featured excessive amounts of un-uniformity, or “clouding”, especially on larger displays. The Samsung LE40C650 that we received was entirely free of this issue, and indeed the only sign of anything other than flatness was some very slight “pinching” around the bottom-right of the panel, which was not visible during normal viewing and only appeared when looking at the LCD TV from the sides. (For the record, our sample was supplied by from their regular sale stock, so this high quality is indicative of the TVs that are actually on sale to the public).

One last thing to mention is that, unlike some previous Samsung LCD TVs, the LE40C650 does not feature any type of Auto-dimming. The backlighting remained constant during dark scenes, meaning that there was no light output fluctuation to distract from viewing.

Motion Resolution

Typically, we recommend that 100hz/200hz interpolation systems be disabled when viewing Film content, but enabled for Video. The reason for this is that the interpolated motion generated by these systems imposes itself on the look of film materal, and can often produce visible distortion during complicated motion. Samsung’s system is different, since it allows separate configuration of the Motion Plus system’s De-blur and De-judder variables.

[Motion Plus] menu
[Motion Plus] menu

This means that [Blur Reduction] can be turned up to full and [Judder Reduction] can be left at 0. This resulted in around 800 lines of motion resolution, although in our test pattern (from the FPD Benchmark Software test disc), the clarity was better in areas of the chart using dark lines; the light grey areas appeared blurrier. There was also some subtle “wavering” in some areas of the pattern (which disappeared and turned into standard LCD TV blur with the Motion Plus system disabled), but we only rarely noticed this limitation with real-world content.

One other small issue we noticed with the Motion Plus system is that it would sometimes introduce some small frame-skipping into the image, causing motion stutter where none existed in the source. The most obvious manifestation of this was on news channels featuring high-motion headline tickers at the bottom of the screen: during rapid scene cuts, the entire screen would occasionally drop to a lower frame rate for a few seconds. (Note that sometimes, unreliable Film Mode detection can cause a similar effect; at first, we thought that this was the issue we were witnessing. Rest assured though, the culprit is the Motion Plus system and the issue resolved itself with the system turned off).

Although Plasma TVs still take the crown for the clearest flat panel motion clarity, Samsung’s Motion Plus system, although slightly flawed, is the most viable solution to LCD panel blur that we’ve seen to date, due to the fact that it does not impose smooth motion on film content.

Standard Definition

Like most of the Samsung range, the LE40C650 uses the company’s edge-adaptive scaling engine to produce very natural-looking upscaled video. It would appear that the system has been configured to reduce aliasing (a form of jaggedness) as much as possible, meaning that SD images do not look quite as immediately crisp as some other scaling solutions. However, the up-side of this is that MPEG compression artefacts in over-compressed Digital TV signals are not as visible as on TVs featuring crisper scaling.

Video deinterlacing performance is essentially perfect, with almost no jaggedness present. Film cadence detection is also wonderful: the 2-2 PAL cadence test passed, as did the 3-2 and several other NTSC cadence tests. This is better performance than the video processing found in some upscaling DVD players!

We also tested the Samsung LE40C650’s MPEG Noise Reduction option. We weren’t surprised to see that it made almost no difference to the quality of overcompressed Digital TV signals, because repairing the damage done by poor compression (and too much poor compression, for that matter) is incredibly difficult. Some attempts at doing so simply make the picture look even more smudged and undetailed, so Samsung’s incredibly light processing was neither disappointing nor objectionable.

High Definition

High-def material from Blu-ray Disc looked mostly sublime on the Samsung LE40C650 HD TV. Contrast performance is the most important aspect of picture quality, and surprisingly for an LCD TV, Samsung’s panel rarely left us wanting more.

Unfortunately, Samsung’s engineers apparently think of themselves as quite the cinematographers, and have seen fit to impose their own look on the picture, albeit in a mercifully subtle way. Even with all of its digital noise filters turned off, the Samsung LE40C650 still applies some light temporal smoothing to the image, which means that the texture of film grain is lessened when the image is in motion (the unadulterated image can be seen when the source player is paused). You can also disable this “feature” by enabling the TV’s Game mode (as this mode cuts out as much processing as possible), but this introduces 60hz motion judder with film material, disables the advantages of the Motion Plus system, and (less severely) means that you also lose the 10-point Greyscale correction. Naturally, we hunted at great length in the TV’s service menu to try and disable the temporal smoothing, but could find no way of doing so. Only the most observant viewers will notice the processing, but this does not change the fact that “Off” should mean “OFF”.

Despite this completely unwelcome processing, film content did not look overly processed or unpleasant on the Samsung LE40C650, and there was still plenty to like about the image (see the Calibration section for a reminder of the brilliant Greyscale, Gamma and Colour that this LCD television produces when calibrated).

When we tested the Samsung LE40C650 with the Luma and Chroma bandwidth test patterns from the Spears & Munsil Blu-ray Benchmark disc, we noticed that the finest details from the Chroma pattern were slightly smudged. Again, enabling Game mode cures this small issue, but in the end we chose not to, as this fault is essentially impossible to spot with real world content on a television-sized display.

Of course, being an LCD TV, there are still some motion flaws, which are typically absent, but may be apparent depending on what you’re watching. The most obvious issue results from when pixels have to change from black to white very quickly: motion trails are visible in this case. The best example is the entirely black-and-white, high-contrast animated film “Persepolis”, where the pixels literally must change from jet-black to pure white, and as such is the acid test for LCD response time. To put this into perspective, this film also tends to reveal phosphor trails (yellow and green flashes) on a Plasma display.

High-definition material on Freeview HD also looked as good as the content allowed for on this Freeview HD TV. The high quality scaling and deinterlacing meant that BBC HD‘s 1440x1080i content looked as good as it possibly could. ITV1 HD‘s channel, which uses a half vertical resolution signal (960x1080i) would also likely give acceptable quality images (although ITV1 HD is not currently broadcasting in this reviewer’s area).

Console Gaming

The biggest thorn in the Samsung LE40C650’s side is the high amount of input lag that it suffers from. With Game Mode enabled, the video signal being input to the LCD HDTV lagged by about 45ms, which is enough to make games requiring fast reflexes feel quite sluggish on the TV. For example, aiming in first person shooters was considerably more difficult than on a display lagging by half this amount. It’s possible that enough time spent playing games on a laggy display will allow the user to compensate to some extent, but they will still be at a disadvantage in online games.

Game Mode on the Samsung LE40C650 naturally disables some extra processing in an attempt to speed up video display, so 10-point White Balance correction and of course, Motion Plus, are disabled in this mode (although the colour management system is still active). Without Game Mode enabled, the amount of input lag was around 95ms, which is very high indeed. These figures are actually a step backwards from previous Samsung LCD TVs.

Multimedia Features

The remote control’s [INTERNET] button brings up Samsung’s “[email protected]” menu, from where users can access services such as YouTube and Picasa through well designed TV-friendly interfaces.

[Media Play] menu
[Media Play] menu

There’s also an interface called “Media Play” which will display movie, music and photo files from either a USB or networked location.


Although we were ready to give the Samsung LE40C650 a “Highly Recommended” verdict, a few smaller issues prevented us from doing so. 45ms of input lag makes the LCD TV unsuitable for hardcore gamers, and some mild undefeatable video processing alters the aesthetic of grainier film material rather than faithfully reproducing it — something which will likely infuriate film purists in principle alone, even though it is a characteristic of the TV which many people will not notice. In the future, we’d also like to see Samsung’s very promising Motion Plus system refined to avoid the slight added judder which we encountered with it enabled.

In terms of contrast performance and overall picture depth, the Samsung LE40C650 is one of the best LCD HDTVs we’ve ever reviewed, and indeed is even better than some Plasma displays. The addition of 10-point Greyscale configuration is a fantastic addition to Samsung’s already comprehensive set of picture setup controls, and is one of the reasons why the LE40C650 calibrated so wonderfully, with ruler-flat Greyscale and Gamma tracking (and let’s not forget the highly accurate colour reproduction). All of these traits resulted in very realistic, satisfying video. LCD buyers who have been left disappointed with the contrast performance of other displays will find a lot to like with the Samsung LE40C650’s deep blacks and satisfying image… it only narrowly misses a “Highly Recommended” rating for the reasons cited above.



  1. I really dont now at the hell is Samsung and Sony doing!The margin of input lag is increasing a lot on this new HDTV’S!I already read some reviews for the Sony NX 703 and HX703 and it seems that the input on this two Sony sets is also above 40ms (on Game mode).But since HDTVTEST is the most reliable site on the web im still on the fence waiting for the review from you guys before making the final move and buy a new LCD! I really cant understand especially Sony that is about to release the PLAYSTATION MOVE that already haves input lag on it ,and them release the new LCD models for 2010 that have the double of the input of last year models!?

  2. Hi, nice review as expected :-) Good job!
    But, your reasons for not giving Highly Recomended are wrong, if you ask me: most of the buyers will never connect PC or console to TV, me included, so I dont care about the input lag. Best black level for non local dimming LED TV ever, great colours, contrast, scaling and gamma – thats important. This TV has better blacks then most plasmas – including 2010. models – on market! I would give Samsung highest praises for that.

  3. @sasa

    most of the buyers will never connect PC or console to TV?

    I think is absolute the contrary this days lol!Gaming is becoming social and people are moving to there living room and socialise playing games so big sets and low input lag is needed!

  4. I`d be grateful when someone gives a good settings for that screen, I bought it for may mom, and I found out that the picture through digital set top box is way better than on my LX5090H…so its a very good TV. Also TV panel is SQ01, which means blacks are black, viewing angle is good.
    Right now I`m using B650 settings from this site….

  5. David Mackenzie

    Sasa: It sounds like you would be very happy with the LE40C650. The reason for it just missing out on “Highly Recommended” was the temporal smoothing as discussed in the “High Definition” section of the review. I strongly believe that it is not Samsung’s job to dictate the look of films; this should be the filmmakers’ choice first and perhaps also the viewer’s choice. I am more forgiving of input lag, because it can be an unavoidable side-effect; but the smoothing, although very subtle, is unnecessary. With all that said, I think it is still a very good TV for the reasons you mentioned (Greyscale, Gamma, Colour etc.)

    Gert, here are the settings we used on ours. As usual, the disclaimer: these settings will not give you a calibrated TV (since a calibration is specific to each AV system), and are not necessarily the best settings for your own individual unit.

    Picture Mode: MOVIE
    Backlight: 4 (to achieve ~115 cd/m2 peak luminance – set this according to your viewing environment)
    Contrast: 94
    Brightness: 44
    Sharpness: 0 for HD content, 20-30 for SD
    Colour: 48
    Tint: Neutral (50/50)

    Black Tone: Off
    Dynamic Contrast: Off
    Shadow Detail: 0
    Gamma: +1
    Colour Space: Custom (see settings below)
    Flesh Tone: 0
    Edge Enhancer: Off

    CMS Settings (R / G / B):
    Red: 50 0 0
    Green: 25 55 0
    Blue: 0 14 71
    Yellow: 52 52 0
    Cyan: 24 52 54
    Magenta: 43 9 55

    White Balance:
    Offset (R,G,B): 28, 25, 24
    Gain (R,G,B): 19, 26, 24

    10p White Balance: ON
    Interval 1 (R,G,B): 2 0 0
    2: 0 0 -1
    3: 0 0 -1
    4: -1 0 -1
    5: 0 0 0
    6: 1 0 0
    7: 0 0 -1
    8: 0 1 -2
    9: 0 2 -2
    10: 0 2 -3

    Picture Options screen:
    Colour Tone: Warm2
    Aspect Ratio: Screen Fit for 1080i/1080p, according to source otherwise
    Digital Noise Filter: Off
    MPEG Noise Filter: Off
    HDMI Black Level: depends on source, “Low” for video devices
    Film Mode: Auto 1 or Auto 2 depending on content
    Motion Plus: Custom, Blur Reduction: 10, Judder Reduction: 0

  6. Thank you Mr.Mackenzie for the settings…yes I know that these settings may not be the best for me, but tomorrow night I definitely try these…and we`ll see:)

  7. George Petasis

    A question about the black level: how it is measured?
    The measured 0.03 nits correspond to a totally black screen (where backlight auto-dimming may have been enabled), or during a pattern that has also white, i.e. the chessboard pattern?
    Also, has the ANSI contrast of the panel been measured?

  8. Excellent review lots of great info. ANSI contrast would make it perfect!

  9. Awesome review David!

    The detailed, technical and objective observations are pure first class!

    Nice to see that you present the intensity of the colors as well, before hdtvtest has only showed us 2 parts of a 3 chapter story. Excellent.

    One last thing, using dE 94 for grayscale doesn’t make any sense. Before calibration you have a clearly visible whitebalace error around 20 % input for example. Yet it will be shown as an <2 dE. Such a dE-graph doesn't tell the reader anything usefull. Switch to dE u'v' instead for a much better presentaion of grayscale-errors.

    Other than that, thumbs up!

  10. Excuse me Mr. David,
    is the panel an SQ01 or AA03 ?

    Many thanks!

  11. My performance on COD MW2 has gone down dramatically, and I blame the TV!

    How do you calculate the response time of 45ms, is it directly comparable to sets advertising 5ms and below, is the difference really that much?

  12. Thanks a lot for this review, I expect the same one for the C630 model: the same as this one without Internet stuff AND without the glossy display (avoiding reflection problem in a living roon with windows during day watching )

  13. why nothing about LAN and WLAN ?

  14. David Mackenzie

    @George Petasis (and NCX):
    The black level measurement is taken with a 0 IRE test pattern. The Samsung LE40C650 does not feature auto-dimming (whew!) so don’t worry about that.
    We didn’t measure ANSI contrast since this is typically excellent with flat panel displays. I’ll see if we can include it.

    @T: thank you – noted. We can show Colour Luminance now thanks to Calman from Spectracal.

    @Stefano: I can’t tell you exactly, sorry – the TV isn’t with me any more. If it helps, the model from the back of the TV reads LE40C650L1K and the model code was LE40C650L1KXXU.

    @KevinF: sets talking about “5ms” are talking about the LCD panel response time. Nobody quotes the video processor response time, or input lag as it’s better known – they’re two different things. 45ms certainly made me go down a rank in Halo 3.

    @Kenman4: I beleive the C630 is very, very similar to this TV, yes.

    @Pahhorsux: if you have any specific questions about the WLAN/LAN features, hopefully I can answer those.

  15. @Miguel: This amount of inputlag is compared to a CRT-TV. the previous reviews applied to the reference LCD Smsung F96(or whatsoever) wich has an 30ms of inputlag compared to an CRT-TV.

    Example: Old review w5500 with an inputlag of 17-30ms. compared to a CRT, this is is an total amount of round about 50-60ms(30ms + 17-30ms)in gamemode.

    if u take the reference LCD as scale like he did before, the new 2010-TVs are still better then the previous generation of TVs. 30ms-40ms=10ms slower the the F96 in all.

    40ms compared to an CRT are still a little bit high, but the most people wont notice this amount at all! so rest assured :)

  16. hello, and about the comparison between the LE40B650 which was rated highly recommended? Thanks

  17. Of course i have question:

    does it support mkv/h.264/blurays etc through LAN/WLAN?

    is WLAN integrated or do you need USB WLAN adapter?

  18. @ tenjio

    So you are telling me that the Sony W5500 haves 50 to 60ms of input lag because it was compared against the Sam.. F96 that haves 30ms VS CRT TV?I dont think so!Mr David is it true that the W5500 haves an average of 50 to 60ms if tested against a CRT TV ?All in All i guess im going to pick another Z4500!My first Z4500 had mura all over it and after a battle that lasted 5 months Sony have final give me the option of replace the my 40Z4500 for a NX 700 or a HX 700, i was waiting to se more reviews of the HX and NX,mainly regarding input lag and picture quality,but i think im going to tell Sony to sent me the HX 700 and sell it and buy another Z4500! Mainly because Sony state they have discontinued the Z4500 and dont have another to sent me has a replacement!

  19. I also would like to known if the Freeview HD that UK models have could have some influence on input lag wend compared to the same model that dont have that specification and are released on the other european country’s!??

  20. @Miguel: this is the original quote from the KDL37W5500 review:

    “With [Game Mode] engaged via the [Scene Select] submenu, input lag on the Sony KDL37W5500 was measured to be 21ms slower than our resident Samsung F96 reference. While the resultant gaming response did feel a touch heavier than the near-lagless experience we so enjoyed on the retired Bravia W4000/ W4500 series, whether or not this amount of input lag will affect your gaming performance depends on your individual sensitivity, and the reflexes demanded by the particular game.”

    If i’am not mistaken i do think its the way i discribed it.
    I would be happy if david could clarify this matter :D


  21. I reviewed both the 37-inch and 40-inch Sony W5500, and compared their input lag vs the Samsung F96, so this is probably my cue to clarify matters.

    Because all CRTs, LCD and plasma TVs refresh their scan lines from top of the screen to the bottom, capturing the numbers using a single timer on screen can yield inconsistent results depending on where the scan line is at the time of capture.

    That is why sometimes I gave a numerical range for input lag (e.g. between 17ms and 33ms), and lately I have been reporting the input lag measurements for 10 consecutive runs. Even on the Samsung F96 which I have used as reference, the input lag vs a CRT monitor can range from 20ms to 30ms.

    I am in the process of finding a satisfactory solution which delivers consistent input lag measurements, but for the purpose of this discussion, the 2009 and 2010 Sony LCD TVs probably have about 40ms of input lag with [Game Mode] engaged vs a CRT monitor if you read between the lines.

    Warmest regards

  22. Great review David.

    Very impressive colour reproduction, would be tempted to go for this TV if it wasn’t for the lag.

  23. David Mackenzie

    @Pahorsux: I haven’t tried those features through LAN, sorry. I can tell you that you that WLAN is not integrated though, you need the adapter.

    People concerned about input lag (I’m one of them!) are advised to check out the Panasonic Plasmas for gaming. To the best of my knowledge, they are the fastest displays on the market right now.

    Thanks everyone for the comments!

  24. Thanks for a timely read David.
    It just so happens I have been comparing the Sammy 46C650 with the Sony 46EX500 for the TV room and looking for a detailed test. I can get either one for a similar price.

    The input lag is very disappointing for me as well because I game online on a 36″ CRT TV so I’m guessing I would notice the difference.
    I’m another one who thought that panels would get better with this measurement by now.

    Btw, is there a program that we could use to test input lag from different models in a store?
    I’m referring to taking in a laptop and plugging it in to one of the store’s TVs and finding out which ones are fast?

  25. Measuring input lag basically needs a lag-free screen (I use a laptop which I benchmarked as having 0ms of lag compared to a lagless CRT) and a digital camera with a high-ish shutter speed. We clone a timer on both screens and take a bunch of pictures then calculate the average lag. You could do it in store if they’d let you!

  26. Thanks David. I didn’t realise I’d need a fast digital camera as well.

    I was hoping I could just run an app on both screens and hit the spacebar a few times to get an average.

    Soon I’ll be buying a flat panel and it’ll be my first one, but I’ll be crying if I find I’m getting slaughtered online because of the input lag.

    I should consider a plasma like you said in another thread. The new Samsung ones are turning up here in a couple of weeks.

  27. thanks for the answer on input lag clarification Mr David!Lets hope your next review is the top end Sony HX 703 or NX 703!

  28. @Kenman4

    The C630 does not have the Ultra Clear Panel and does not support [email protected] It does support Allshare DLNA for streaming audio & video

  29. @David Mackenzie

    How can the panasonic be the fastest if in your on review if

    “Out of 10 consecutive runs, the Panasonic TX-P42G20’s input lag was measured to be on par with our resident Samsung F96 LED-based LCD television 4 times, and 16ms slower 6 times. [Game Mode] and [Intelligent Frame Creation] did not make any difference to the input lag figures.”

    That’s between 30 and 46ms.

  30. @Illusion4u: I was the one who measured the G20 input lag on HDTVTest… please refer to my comment above about the inconsistent capture results due to on-screen scan line position on LCD/LED/plasma/CRT displays. I believe that when David reviewed the G20 for AVForums, he recorded an input lag of 21ms vs CRT using his method.

    Warmest regards

  31. I am not getting this AT ALL.
    The white point calibration was included in 2009 models as well (b750 I have tried), it is very similar.

    The CMS is very similar as well.

    what’s the big deal ?
    Did I miss something ?

  32. David Mackenzie

    Zipi, are you asking why the input lag is higher than older models? Good question…

  33. Yes I am, but not only that,
    the white point new features described are renamed old features.

    I just dont get whats the enthusiasm all about.
    Or I am missing something.

  34. If you mentioned the LAG,
    how much more lag does it have in comparison to the older B650 & B750 according to your tests ??

    Thanks for everything.

  35. David,

    The black levels on this LCD is pretty good. Almost 0.009 ft/L post calibration! What were the white levels you got corresponding to the calibration that you performed? An additional suggestion perhaps, to include the DE1994 numbers for the colours and the DE1976 for the greyscale.

    Thanks for the excellent review. Good to see you back here.

  36. David,

    On another note, what meter are you guys using for calibration of the displays?

  37. I have connected the TV via HDMI to the HDMI1/PC port. Selected mode PC for the port by using “Edit Name” This washes out the colour, but the lag is significantly reduced, my COD MW2 performance is back to normal!

    The quality of the picture is a lot better using Game Mode with standard HDMI however for FPS online I intend to use the PC setting.

    If I had the VGA cable I could try that, which should eliminate the lag, I think?

  38. David,

    Sounds like the best LCD TV ever – but only if you’re not a gamer! So frustrating!

    I’d love to see a review of the new Samsung LE40C750. This new LCD TV is 3D ready and can already be found for under £1k, so it’ll be of interest to many, I’m sure. Any chance of you reviewing it in the near future?

    Thanks for the ongoing, highly useful, in-depth reviews.

  39. Hi guys, i want to buy a tv lcd and I’m interested to samsung le32c630 and philips 32pfl5405h…. What do you think about them? Is the input lag on philips lower than samsung? Is there anyone who has philips 5000 series with xbox360?
    Pls HELP!

  40. @Vincent Teoh

    Thank you for the explanation, but i think it’s time to harmonize the method.

    And in this review was your method used or David’s instead? Because if it was yours, again, the result was not so bad after all.

  41. Thanks a lot, David, for an extremely detailed review.

    I’m a little confused on a couple of things.
    – The figure that you’ve mentioned for the black level is 0.03 cd/m2. To get a sense of how this compares to other TVs, I just checked your calibrated black level measurements for all TVs which have been recently reviewed here. All these figures are from this site for ensuring consistency:

    V10 – 0.04 cd/m2
    G10 – 0.03 cd/m2
    G20 – 0.02 cd/m2

    D25 – 0.17 cd/m2
    S20 – 0.17 cd/m2
    EX403 – 0.06 cd/m2
    8404H – 0.09 cd/m2
    Z5500 – 0.06 cd/m2

    SL9500 – 0.15 cd/m2
    SV685D – <0.01 cd/m2
    B8000 – 0.01 cd/m2
    LE700E – 0.07 cd/m2

    As I read these numbers, C650's calibrated black level is miles ahead of all LCDs, at par with or better than almost all plasmas (except Pioneer Kuros and G20/V20 before their black levels rise) and even better than some of the dimming LEDs. Yet, your review states that "The Samsung LE40C650’s black level is incredibly deep for an LCD TV". Don't you think this qualification "for an LCD TV" is incredibly misleading unless someone actually makes the effort of comparing the numbers across different reviews?

    – Input lag for C650 is measured at 45ms while the same figure for G20 is 30-46ms (both using the same technique). While C650 has been strongly criticized for its high input lag, G20 is recommended as excellent.

    Am i missing something here?

  42. I guess I made a mistake in the input lag question. I understand David and Vincent used different techniques for making that measurement.

    Apologies. Will appreciate a response on the black level point.

    As a side-note, on avsforum, D-Nice’s calibrated black level for G20 started at 0.007 fl (~0.022 cd/m2) and after 375 hrs was 0.00095 fl (~0.03 cd/m2). For the V25, the starting level measured by him is 0.00048 ftl (~0.015 cd/m2). Even with a two-fold increase, these could become more than the C650.

    This might be stretching things a bit and we’ll have to wait for more reviews by David/Vincent, but with the black levels of other plasmas not being as good as the Panasonic’s starting levels, it’s possible that the C650 might have better steady state blacks than even all plasmas in production. Wouldn’t this alone merit a highly recommended award?

  43. I’d also like to know the answers to Aman’s questions regarding black levels – it’s certainly confusing!

  44. David Mackenzie

    @Aman: regarding black level and the phrase “for an LCD”: what I was implying by this was that the deep black level was even more impressive since this is an LCD display with a backlight behind it. I can see how that could be read another way though! You’re right, it’s up there with the best of them (at least when you’re sitting face-on, things obviously shift a little from the sides). I also alluded to the fact that the C650’s contrast holds up better than a Plasma’s when faced with bright light – in that regard, it’s a more versatile display.

    The C650 just misses out on “Highly Recommended” because of the input lag and because of the temporal smoothing, despite the contrast performance being excellent, as you say. I really, really wanted to slap “Highly” on this one, but the smoothing stopped me from doing so. I think that all the info is in the review for people to draw their own conclusion, should they disagree, however.

    As for the dreaded Panasonic black level increase: if anything, an LCD will get DIMMER, not brighter with age. Although that means peak luminance and overall contrast ratio will suffer, but the black levels shouldn’t rise…

  45. Thanks a lot, David, for the clarifications.

    As LCDs such as C650 get dimmer with age (albeit i hope not as quickly as the Panny plasmas are rumoured to lose blacks), I suppose the overall blindingly high luminance that the LCDs offer to begin with would still enable users to get consistently excellent pictures by pushing the brightness and maybe contrast settings up by a few notches.

    Do you think that the LCDs getting dimmer is hence not an issue, unlike loss of black levels for some plasmas? Also, how many hours of use will result in dimming to half the original brightness?

  46. David, I guess I misunderstood your point on LCDs getting dimmer as an issue. :-)


  47. David Mackenzie

    It would be more adjusting the Backlight setting to compensate that would offset the differences to some extent. Although I imagine the TVs will have built-in Aging Compensation to make it invisible to the user.

    All display technologies get dimmer as they age. I don’t think it would be an issue except when the TV is installed in a sunny environment where maximum Backlight setting might have to be used. I’m not sure how long it will take before half brightness is reached, but it will take many years.

  48. I’ve just bought this TV (LE40C650). Last night tried to play on my Playstation. I found COD MWF2 very slow.

    Is there anything that I can do to make the preformance any better??


  49. Thanks again, David. Look forward to reading more reviews from you and Vincent.

  50. David Mackenzie

    @Adam Sedar: go into “General” and enable “Game Mode”. This will cut the lag in half, but not get rid of it.

  51. Hi David

    Thank you for your reply.
    With this TV the “Game Mode” is activated automatically. I tried it without and it was worse, as you would expect.

    I’ve contacted Samsung tech support who couldnt help but said there maybe a firmware update “at some point”..

    Do you know (or anyone else) if the LE40B650 is any better than the LE40C650 (that I have) when using with a games console??

    Looks like I may have to take the TV back :( It a great looking unit and the display is great but I do use the PS3 very offen..

    Any other ideas??

    Cheers all…

  52. Hi David!

    I have a lot of respect for you and your work.

    I just have to say, that I feel, just like many of the other readers, that you have been unfair to this tv when it comes to giving the final mark. Look at some of the other tvs, that have gotten the “Recommended” mark, e.g. Philips 8404, which is clearly not in the same league as this tv. It doesn’t even come close.

    I am aware that different people have different opinions, as do reviewers, but it seems biased somehow, that this Samsung doesn’t get the “Highly Recommended” award, just because it has this artificial smoothing flaw. You praise the tv in almost every other respect, but this one glitch (I’m not even sure how bad it is), seems to overshadow all the positives that this set has to offer.

  53. erm WHAT ?
    Dean, Listen, 8404 is a [email protected], no argument.

    But do not take this issue lightly.
    Black levels are so overrated, samsung is investing too much in it.

    “this artificial smoothing flaw” exists on later B750s as well, I have painfully come to find out.

    It takes ALL the joy out of Everything.
    SD looks like oure crap.
    1080p looks like 720p.

    The higher lag plain sucks.
    It was bad in 2009, & plain horrid now, fact.

    not only that David is not biased, he was over enthusiastic, as you do not buy a 1080p screen to get a hidden auto picture destroyer
    (although this might be done by other companies as well, This was worth a mention, so Samsung can take note of it.)

    Also you failed to notice he Also He raved about the CMS & whitepoint calibration when in fact they are not new at all, & have been on 2009 models as well , but managed to get a great calibration done on it … fine.

    Calibration is not everything if you have processor issues (which David still failed to discover) & undefeatable smoothing on an otherwise good screen.

  54. @Zipi: I have not personally reviewed the Samsung C650 nor the Samsung B750, but having spoken to both David (who tested the former) and Nielo (who tested the latter) at length, I believe the C650 boasts the 10-point White Balance control which is not found on the 2009 models including the B750, which may partly account for David’s enthusiasm about the C650’s calibration potential.

    To each his own, but in our opinion black level is arguably the most important element of picture quality on a high-definition television. The lower the black level, the higher the contrast ratio (assuming you peg peak brightness of the TV to SMPTE’s recommendation of 30 foot-Lamberts), the greater the dynamic range, which lends more depth and insight to the on-screen image. Colour rendition benefits as well, as only the deepest blacks can allow the colours to flourish with unadulterated richness.

    Why do you think Pioneer Kuro plasmas remain widely acknowledged as the best flat-screen HDTVs for picture quality to date even though they have been discontinued for more than one year?

    Warmest regards

  55. Georgi Georgiev

    Hi, David
    Thanks for your great recent reviews. I have a straight question :
    – I’m watching 90% of the time satellite TV SD channels (heavily compressed, as you’ve might imagine), 5% movies from my PC and 5% Blu-Ray.
    – Comfortable watching of sports (mostly football) is very important for me.
    – I don’t care about the TV design, input lag, sound etc.

    Having this, which of the Samsung LE40C650 and Panasonic TX-L42D25 you’d recommend as more suitable. I’m somewhat sensitive to screen uniformity issues and weak black levels, which probably puts the samsung ahead, but on other hand I certainly prefer crisper images, which looks to be delivered by the Panasonic for SD. So – which one would you choose ?

  56. thanks for the review its brilliant thorough as always.
    This sounds like an interesting tv. however in the past with samsung it has been noticed that there 37″ panels are made by different people and aren’t as good as the 40″. Would your recommendations still stand for the le37c650. Is the panel the same type or is it significantly different.

    how does this tv compare to the tx-l37s20 that you recently reviewed?



  57. David Mackenzie

    @Dean A: as usual, thanks for the comments (critical or otherwise). Categories like “Recommended” can only say so much, of course. The LE40C650 is (as I said) at the top end of that category.

    FWIW, the review was originally going to be “Highly Recommended” for movie watchers, with a warning for gamers regarding input lag. That is until I discovered the temporal smoothing, something which isn’t a motion resolution deficiency of the TV, but a designed-in, intentonal “enhancement” which can’t be turned off to any satisfactory extent. I thought long and hard about it, but ultimately couldn’t *Highly* recommend a TV which alters film texture in this way to movie lovers.

    @Zipi: I certainly wouldn’t say 1080p looks like 720p myself. The temporal smoothing is just that, temporal only, static test charts reveal full luminance bandwidth. I would say 1080p looks like processed 1080p, certainly not 720 (I would never be so kind to a TV that made 1080p look like 720p!)

    The CMS and 2-point Greyscale are not new, but look at the results they deliver. Don’t you think those, plus the addition of 10-point greyscale calibration, are worth raving about? I know the tech world moves quickly, but it’d be hard to be positive about anything if we only got excited about new features!

    BTW, what processor issues did I miss? I will stay on the lookout for those if you can identify them.

    @Georgi: the Samsung is definitely better for your case. The Panasonic’s crisper scaling is of little benefit to SD TV broadcasts, which are low-pass filtered at the broadcaster’s end and so have little fine detail anyway.

    @Paul: Probably not. I don’t think the 37″ models are SPVA. That doesn’t make them bad by default but I imagine the black level and contrast will be weaker.

    Overall I would rank the LE40C650 above the TX-L37S20 because of the Panasonic’s weaker black level.

  58. Hi David and Vincent!

    Thank you for the clarification.

    Also, thank you both for taking the time to answer ALL of our questions. It is much appreciated!

    Kudos for the great work, as regards to the test you do, but also post-test Q&A!

  59. Thank you for this excellent test, which is more complete and precise than any other test that I’ve ever read !

    I’m interested in the Samsung LE40C530. Do you happen to know if the input lag is the same on C530 and C650 ?

    Best regards,


  60. @Vincent Teoh:
    I am not a newbie in this.
    In fact I do integration of HTPC based media systems.

    This is from the B750 :
    (not sure if the tags will work, lets see:


    As you can see, there is a very good chance this is a renamed or redesigned feature, I doubt it was improved, but even if it is a better version of the Feature, it is NOTHING NEW as the article states,
    please consider revising.

    I am writing this on this B750 right now.

    so right now we have only a few proven facts that are new for the new samsung line:

    1- 3D, (for those who care.)
    2- Better media playback support.
    3 – Higher Lag – practically in the intolerable range,
    (which does not affect only gamers for those interested).
    4- Undefeatable Smoothing Filter (causes detail loss).

    The questions that remain open are:
    Are the NEW panels any better,(if at all) from previous Ultra Clear panels, making the purchas a recommended one despite the Smoothing Filter issues/

    5- Are the viewing angles any better ??
    ( This B750 I am writing this on plain sucks, I have seen way better B750s, but I got a recent on & it is bad.

  61. David Mackenzie

    That is a 2-point white balance control, the 10-point control is new. If you prefer to see it as an enhanced feature, fair enough, but I think we are really just arguing semantics.

    Certainly the panel I reviewed was almost entirely uniform. That could just be down to the invidiual unit, so it’s hard to say if the new panels are any better.

  62. Oh One more thing I found very weird/interesting in your review.

    You specifically say & I quote:
    “the LE40C650 does not feature any type of Auto-dimming. ”

    Well unless something else is in the mix here,
    your measurements point that maybe it does, but in a smarter way then before.
    Samsung are SMART.
    Samsung’s LCDS have been long abusing everything from auto dimming to the Screen’s coating to get Better Blacks, & better measurement results in reviews, & these measurements represent 0 valid data about DETAIL RESOLUTION.

    Add to that PVA panel’s dead center problems, & you get a situation where you lose all dimmer details when sitting STRAIGHT on.

    In fact you have to sit a little off to the side to see any fine dimmer details AT ALL.

    So I am a little disappointed with this review.

    In 2010, I would love HDTVTEST to truly address these issues

  63. David Mackenzie

    By mentioning “auto dimming”, the review refers to the fact that the TV doesn’t vary the intensity of the backlight when it detects low APL.

  64. Thanks a lot for the review, & replying & relating to these issues.
    will be looking forward to future in depth reviews.

  65. very nice review

  66. To be honest.. the Input lag is really not big issue. I play each day bad company 2.
    And have no problems at all. Also the most TV have that much input lag anyway
    to even improve the gaming.. you can just turn off the motion plus and enable game mode..

    Even with fighting games such as BlazBlue. No problems at all.

  67. Still dont know what kind of movies it supports?

    mkv dts, bluray ?

  68. SAMSUNG AllShare WLAN Adapter (WIS09ABGNX/XEC)

    this adapter?

  69. I bought the LA40C650, and l also experienced a dead pixel at the top middle of the display, its driving me nuts. I’d be wary to how the panel lottery may affect you. Other than that its a great tv, but alas I’m returning it today.

  70. Why is my previous post removed?
    Anyway, I’m gonna’ ask the question again.
    Does the media player in this tv suport playback of mkv files with DTS-audiotrack (B650 only supported Dolby Digital 5.1) and also is it able to do DTS-passthrough via optical out to a surround amplifier, so one can enjoy DTS-surround sound from home cinema equipement?

  71. Hello,

    i see you gave to Samsung LE40B650 LCD TV “Highly Recommended”. I’m planning to buy this tv and play some Xbox with it. Does the model of the last year be better of this?


  72. MheAd

    yes this new model plays and decotes dts :)

  73. Dirk Stroobant


    What about the sound quality?


  74. @Claudio, thanks a lot for confirming it plays DTS, but as you may see in my original question I was wondering about some specific things.

    Is it able to output true DTS surround sound through the optical out to the amp or does it downsample it to stereo ?

    Also a nice addition would be if it actually did downsample DTS to 2ch (as option), and play the sound through its own built in speakers,. But this option is not necessary – the most important is ability to output / pass through the true DTS _surround_ sound to amp via digital out.

    Can you confirm which of these abilities apply to the C-series?

    And speaking of built in speakers, I too am wondering how’s the quality of them. The ones on B-series were quite bad.

  75. @MheAd

    DTS is passed by optical OR as PCM stereo – an option through Tools/SoundSettings menu, for each file, not permanent setting. DTS is good i guess, each setup is diff.

  76. Hi, Thanks for the review nice 1.

    I bought the 37 inch version without Ultra clear panel.

    Does anyone know if theres a significant difference in quality between the 37 and 40 inch lcd??

    and any experiences with the 37 inch?

    thanks in advance !!!!

  77. I don’t have a fancy surround sound system and just use a basic amplifier fed from the line out sockets on my Sky box. Am I right in thinking that this 40ms video processing lag that’s been mentioned could therefore cause the audio to be out of sync with the video? Or is that video lag only on the VGA socket input and not the HDMI?

  78. Matt: Video lag is present on every input. Last year models (B550, B650) have problem with audio not in sync with video on audio line output, built in speakers are OK. It can be solved in service menu. I don’t know if new models have this error solved.

  79. I have read that these TV’s suffer with horrendous sound problems once the set has been on for an hour or so. Apparently this is a known fault with the regza range. Does this set suffer the same?

  80. David Mackenzie

    @Claudio: although I wasn’t the one who reviewed it, I believe last year’s model is slightly better for input lag.

    @Matt: the TV’s own speakers, I think, compensate for the delay. So the audio lags too so it stays in sync with the lagging video.

  81. eco sensor doesn’t seem to work, who knows where it’s located physically?

    if i set backlight to 4 and enable eco sensor to respond to light in the bright sunny room, it changes nothing, still dark, can’t see a thing, need to change manually backlight.

    again, if i set backlight to 20 and then enable eco sensor at night, still no changes, very bright picture.

    very strange technology, samsung 40c630, eco doesn’t seem to work, movie mode calibrated by review.

    any ideas?

  82. David please tell me what tv is the choice from this 2 from your opinion:
    Samsung LE40B650 or LE40C650. Please give me an answer because you tested both and i want too buy one and im not decided yet. Sorry for my english

  83. Sorry i dont know that the LE40B650 its not tested by you but i want your opinion anyway and the opinion may be for the quality of the image or for general purpose but quality of the image interested me mostly

  84. Hi,
    just bought this TV and I am little bit curious about picture settings for USB Movies.
    It is not possible to setup the 10p white balance and also Custom color space for USB 2.0 Movies. Am I missing something or these setting are not available for the input from USB?


  85. Seductive device or at least very seductive review.Thank you.
    What do you think about ongoing rumours about reduced panel colour depth in the 2010 C series resulting in visible spatial dithering ?
    Do you have any ideas how the 30% reduction in energy consumption has been achieved in the 2010 C series (improved EEFL/FFL backlight, 1D backlight dimming/boosting, advanced content and ambient adaptive backlight control) ?

  86. Hi, excellent review site. Best in the industry.

    I’ve owned a Sammy LE40A656 for the past couple of years, and have generally been very pleased with it’s picture performance, especially high-def material, HD DVD’s, Blu Ray and Sky HD etc etc

    Standard def picture is okay.

    Lookling for advice to see if it was worth while upgrading to the LE40C650 or any of the new breed HD TV’s?

    Are the performance of the current 2010 set of mid-range tv’s much better than what I currenly own in both HD & SD picture quality?

    Would appreciate some feedback,



  87. Hi,
    I really like your review, haven’t found anything similarly good in german yet.

    I also have one question though (to someone who tested it). How does the input lag affect playing with the Wii. Since my girlfriend recently bought one, and wants to play with it on the new TV. I read that the input lag is relatively high – right now we have a 26″ CRT, so this will be a whole new experience.

    I am used to playing PC games with Internet lag (up to 100ms) and in my opinion everything with <60 ms is playable, but how will it be with Wii, since reaction time is important in several games.

    And for the sound feature I have one question too. I want to buy a PS3 as Blu-ray player later (and of course some! gaming – mainly PES). Due to the input lag I guess its better to not connect the sound of PS3 to home AV, but to pass it through the TV, isn't it? (I am also aware that I lose 5.1 or so, since PS3 only passes 2-channel?). Or does buying a new receiver with HDMI passthrough /1.3/lipSync resolve this issue?

    Feedback appreciated and thanks for reading.


  88. Good, someone tell me if it is possible to update the model of samsung LE40C630 to use internet @ tv as it is not factory installed.
    A greeting and thank you very much.

  89. @Felix
    I happen to own both this Le40C650 tv and a Wii (I even have a girlfriend! ;) )
    Anyway, the input lag was not noticeable to me after playing several games including new super mario bros, Madworld and Zelda. So I don’t think this should stop you from buying this tv. The picture quality is simply outstanding and I don’t think you will regret buying this tv. :)

  90. I have the 37″ version of this TV, and the picture really is stunning – far better than my 4 year old Panasonic plasma. I am confused by the frequency of the system though. Is it really 100hz, or 50Hz with additional motion smoothing? I ask because when I check on the information key with the TV, it always says 50Hz. Also, any thoughts on best configuration for watching football in HD?

  91. @SDM
    Thanks for your answer, so I am relieved. Just thinking about if I should get it now or if I should get the UE40C6000 now (999€) or wait for a better price after WorldCup. I guess the price for the C650 wont be getting any lower soon, but 320 € is still much. Just have to convince my gf. that the C650 looks as good as the C6000 :D

  92. Hi David,

    Thanks for the review. I was just wondering if you can comment on the sound quality compared to other TVs in the same price range?

    Many thanks!

  93. Hello from Greece! :)
    The Samsung LE40C650 TV is great!
    I bought it yesterday and made my fist unboxing video!
    Thought you might want to see it!

  94. Hello!

    In response to Aaron’s question:

    Eco sensor positioned on bottom right of bezel takes a few seconds to dim.

  95. @Mike Younes
    thanks! now i got it, the fuctionality of eco sensor i mean.

    one has to set maximum backlight in picture menu, e.g. 15, and then the minimum in eco sensor menu, e.g. 4 – this way tv will dim the screen from the maximum AND it will never be brighter than 15, ever :)

    i had it set at 4 and 4 in both menus and it wasn’t working… i was waiting for lighting up… now it’s ok.

    thanks again, cheers, aaron.

  96. Hello there

    Just got a 46C650 for 975E, pas mal…

    trying to find 1:1 mapping grrrr

  97. David Mackenzie

    It’s on the Aspect Ratio button. In English the mode is called “Full Pixel”.

  98. Hi, I’d like to let you know that the undefeatable NR at all times issue that David correctly reported in his review, has been fixed in the latest f/w upgrade available at

  99. Would the picture settings you so kindly provided apply to the LE40C530 or it is a totally different case?

  100. Great to see that the new firmware has fixed the NR-option.

    I’m still thinking about this input lag, not that much regarding console gaming but rather audio-sync. At input lag as high as 95ms, does the sound output from an external player / BlueRay via optical cable to an older home cinema amp with no lipsync/other fancy thingies – actually gets out of sync with the picture?

  101. David Mackenzie

    @MheAd: Yes it does. The AV system would need a lip sync delay option to compensate. I’ve read complaints about this already.

  102. David Mackenzie

    @John Brown: that is fantastic news! We reported this issue to Samsung only about 2 weeks ago – if that. Hopefully we can get a LE40C650 back and re-do the review with the new firmware.

    If the NR is gone as you say (and I have no reason to doubt you), you can consider the rating upped to “Highly Recommended” (except for gamers!)

    @Vgang: yes, the settings should look good on that.

  103. @David Mackenzie: Thanks for the great review, best on the net! I have been obsessing over this tv for weeks and have finally decided its for me. The gaming weakness does bother me though. Is there no way another firmware upgrade could resolve this issue or is it purely a hardware problem?

  104. Dear David,
    Thanks for great review. Im planing to buy Samsung TV as my Main Monitor.
    I used “Selector” to find something that will be just OK for my needs. Input lag and Picture Quality is the most important. PQ in samsung is superb, but input lag aint. Could you give me a tip, which tv should i buy (max price is price of 40c650).
    Gaming (console, pc) is very important.
    I would be honored, Thanks Mike

  105. Hi David

    40B650 uses Wide Color Enhancer 3. And the 40C650? B650 has 1080 24p Real Movie but i can’t see it in C650. Which tv has better picture?

  106. Hey guys and David
    I wanna buy a new tv but i dont know which would be the better. I wanna watch full hd movies from my hdd and i wanna play xbox. What about which tv is better for me? b650 or c650?

  107. David many thanks, actualy i forgot to disable tha ati scaler. Once set to 0 1:1 pixel maping looks at ts best!

    Got some issues with total black, trying to set brightess at 44 wth the settings mentioned above, but i m losing whay to much information in the testpattern2 so my best acceptable setting seems to be 50.

    Guys wheredid you find the latest frimware? I m tryig to update the tv trought the menu from internet and shows me “now updates available”

  108. I just iformed from a forum that 46C650 models witch have code AA01 have A-MVA panel.
    40C650 witch have SQ01 have S-PVA panel.

    Please tell me… we facing a big quality difference here? Samsung has sabodaged his 46C650 series? They are worst that 2009 46B650?

  109. To bad the tv sucks on gaming i mean wtf it shoud be beter then a normal lcd monitor at this price…

  110. David Mackenzie

    If Samsung could have reduced the lag, I’m sure they would have. It seems to be an inherent limitation, but I can’t say for sure.

    @Mike Gore:
    The Panasonic TX-P42S20 is just what you need. We reviewed the 50″ version and it has almost no input lag at all – and a great quality picture.

    @Big Daddy:
    Unfortunately it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a B650! “108p 24 Real Movie” is an interpolation system I think, so it’s no loss that it’s not present on the C650.

    @AK47 – see above – sorry I can’t be more helpful with a comparison.

    @Innersense – not surprising, settings will vary across inputs. The new firmware is on Samsung’s site.

  111. Dear David,
    I can chose between Samsung 40C650 and Panasonic TX-L42S20 (L is LCD) is Panasonic L42S20 still got great quality picture ? or its not the best?
    Thanks alot !

  112. Dear David,
    Great review.
    Do you have plans to review in a very near future the older brother of this TV, the Samsung 40C750?
    Can’t make up my mind between them but a specialized opinion like this would help much to decide.
    Thanks a lot.

  113. David Mackenzie

    We’ll try to get that one reviewed!

  114. Hi David.
    As 40” tv’s go at the moment, would this be the class leader in this 700 – 800euro price range?
    I’m trying to decide between this C650 or the LG LH7000? which is also a pretty good tv for which i can buy in Argos for 600euro.

    Nice review! and thanks for your time.

  115. Hey, I used HDTV Selector, and set Gaming on VERY IMPORTANT, and this tv came as first (i set LCD). Strange but cool ;) hope the 43ms/90ms wont be problem :)

  116. I justed wanted to post a quick comment for those worried about the input lag on the model. I did a lot of research on this as this was a primary concern from me moving from my old and trusty CRT to a new and spiffy LCD tv. So after some testing at a friends (he has the LE37B650) I found that the input lag was acceptable with gaming mode on. The thing is, he was actually using the composite cables.

    I read somewhere on another site (can’t remember the adress, sorry) that the fastest solution is to use VGA cables (0-8ms lag, but less PQ), the second option is to HDMI (0-10ms lag, best PQ) and the slowest alternative is to use composite cables (60-80ms lag). It was also mentioned that it is important that you fix the display output of your console (360 in my case) to 1080p so the tv doesn’t have to do any upscaling.

    So for me now, I must say I couldn’t be happier with this TV! I have my xbox360 set to output 1080p, am using HDMI cables and must honestly say that I can’t notice the input lag (whereas I could notive it very well at my friends when he didn’t have game mode on and could just slightly notice it with game mode on). Of course I can’t make any assumptions about how sensitive any of you is but I just wanted to post my findings.

    Hope this helps some people!


  117. I noticed I made a small typo in the above. Input lag for the HDMI connection was mentioned to be around 15-25ms, not 0-8 (this was only VGA).

    I managed to find the thread by the way:

  118. @Eurion:
    Thanks a lot for your comment. I’ve been struggling with this lag issue and I already thought that C650 can’t be my next TV due lag issues. But seems that lag can be decreased by tweaking as described. Excellent!

    btw, I noticed that tweaking tips in AVS forum was for LNxxA650.. But is it so that same kind of tweaking can be done also for LExxC650..?


  119. @Sami Jylkka, probably.

    @Eurion Kemish, the thing is that that A/B/C650 are a bit diffrent each to another.
    I will have my tv in 16h from now. Then i will see if the lag is ok ;) if not, i will take Panasonic tx-L42S20E (LCD) tv.

  120. David, if you would have to choose between Panasonic G20 and Samsung c650 which one would you choose and why? I know those two are different but the overall picture quality is to close for me to call – I am wondering if it’s worth paying extra money for Panasonic.

    I would be very grateful for any help on this subject


  121. my 46C650 has firmware 2010/04/21_001011 installed

    trought online software upgrate displays message “no software to upgrate currently”

    in various samsung sites i have found T-VALAUSC 1019.1 & T-VALDEUC 1013.2
    searching in C650 & C630 updates.

    I understand that new firmwaes have been released, so why the tv doesent find them online?

    Abyone notice the problem?

  122. I got my c650. To anyone that thinking about buying this tv for pc/gaming – I need to say only this: GO AND BUY IT ! the 43ms in pc mode is no problem – you wont fill it, 93ms is noticiable but you will be on PC mode using PC ! :) and Game Mode using PS3/X360/WII so i tell you – BEST Image and no problematic input lag. And saying this tv is bad for gamers – mayby for HARDCORE gamers that kill in 1 hit via Railgun ;P other should be good :) – The picture Quality is most important :)

  123. @Mike Gore,
    I’m seriously thinkin of purchasing the 40inch version of this TV in the next few days.
    But i wont really be using it for games, just TV and Movies, and of course the rest of the World Cup!
    So now that you have bought one?
    Is the C650 that good, and is it worth spending 799euro on ??

    I’ll take info or recommendations from anyone?


  124. @Rich, It IMO the best picture quality you can get in that price!

  125. @Mike, thanks man. I think i’m defo gonna order mine this week.

    Their doesn’t seem to be any video reviews of this TV anywhere? apart from some Greek guy on youtube doing an unboxing.
    But its a good lookin TV, thats for sure!

  126. I was hoping that your excellent findings for the C650 also apply to C750, but I am not sure anymore.

    German magazine “audivision” posted a review of the 40C750 in its May issue. I was expecting same performence as C650, but they report a black level of 0.06cd/m² and issues with 3:2 pull-down.

    In their test, they switched off also filters and motion plus etc. Bruightness 44, Contrast 88, color: warm2, color space: auto, gamma: 0, skintone: 0, tint: neutral
    Maybe the color space makes a difference, don’t know why they did not calibrate but rather complained about the color temperature being too low.

    Audiovision reported the same issues with loss of fine detail even when all filters are off. The 24p issue could be solved with motion plus but at the expense of noise artefacts at edges, especially for dark objects.

    Could you confirm this for the C650?

    Overall their review was somewhat average. They tested the 55C7700 in their April issue and measured 0.022cd/m² and otherwise stellar performance (in-image contrast of 3082:1, perfect 24p).

    Even the 46C6700 came out with 0,036cd/m²

    I am looking for an LCD. The only reason for the C750 is the much nicer look of the TV, the C650 does not fit our living room so well.

  127. i think you mean “audiOvision”, right? on their website i can find a sheet of the c7700 where it says cd²= 0,06

    i think they reached the low black levels you mention because of autodimming on these sets. but to obvious reasons this is not what you want. tested the c6000 an measured black level @ 0,05 cd. I think the CCFL still get a bit darker than the Edge-lit models and have no/minor clouding and flashlights.
    The B750 as says also gets darker than the B7000 because the LEDs don’t add much to PQ. But you get clouding :D At least on most edge-lit models.

    Further. I don’t even know if the c650 and the c750 share the same panel since the c750 features 3d. Seems audiovision didnt even touch the 10p white balance control.

    David, did you notice banding on the screen testing this set? People from avsforums complain about this ‘defect’ as they call it. They see it when watching soccer or when they watch a solid grey picture.

  128. What is banding?

    I was all set for buying this TV until I read the stuff about the lag with computer games. Not sure what to get now.

  129. Also I was considering the 37inch version as 40 might just be a bit too big, but I’m sure I read somewhere up above that despite being the same model number (only a 37 of course) its inferior to the 40. Can anyone confirm?

  130. David please help. I want to purchase my first LCD tv. I want the TV for the world cup. Main viewing of tv…sports and movies 90%.

    Looking at Samsung LE40654 and Sony KDL-40EX503.

    In your opinion based on my viewing what one should I purchase.


  131. hello, i purcahced just three days ago this television. i live in turkey and i want watching youtube but 40c650 not containded youtube widget or any video widget. i did try change country, language, factory reset, firmware upgrade but i didnt fixed.

    Some people of my country says own 40c650 have got Youtube widget.They said when first startup internet tv procces make 19 widgets also included yahoo and Youtube widgets. its possible but how can i or our do this?( many people cant make Youtube yahoo vs widgets)

    what should i do for fix this problem. thanks.

  132. I have the SAMSUNG LE40C654. Still have blur/judder when watching movies and sports. When I press the remote it states the TV is set to 50hz?

    Do you have to press a button to increse motionflow from 50-100hz or should the tv do this automatically?

  133. Hi David,
    Thanks for a very good and detailed review!
    I bought the LE40C650 this week, and I was wondering some things.

    First of all: Did you report the motion plus frameskipping issue to Samsung?
    If so, will they fix it (or have already fixed) in a new firmware release?
    I have it on my TV too, and since I’m a collector of music DVDs, I like to turn
    up both blur and judder reduction to 10 to make the concerts look more realistic.
    When viewing movies I only use blur reduction of course, but since there’s this frameskipping every now and then, I’ve found myself leaving motion plus totally off most of the time.

    And a maybe stupid question, but is it safe to upgrade firmware?
    And do I void the warranty if I upgrade the firmware?

    For everyone else reading this post:
    I got the infamous CN02 panel, and in my eyes it’s not bad at all.
    No banding issue with wide movement like some users have reported on other panels. No “misty blue” blacks either, blacks are VERY BLACK. A bit of angle falloff is there, but that’s normal I guess, and you won’t see it until you really move to the side. And from what I’ve seen so far, there’s no major flashlighting either.

  134. @ You-Too, I have this 40c650 model in mind, and im about to buy it in a week or two? it’ll be my first LCD.
    Can you recommend it ? I hear so many negatives about all modern tv’s now,
    its hard to know what to do.

    But when i go into my tv shop, its sitting their lookin all picture glorious :)
    Anyway, all these things people are moanin about on modern LCD/LED tv’s,
    Is it just small stuff, is it just Technicians lookin for the slightest of flaws ??


  135. @Rich: In the end, it’s always about what your own eyes like.
    But of course I can recommend it, from my own point of view at least.
    It’s got the best SD upscaling I’ve ever seen on a TV. And to my eyes, even analogue broadcasts looks good and watchable on it. (Just keep sharpness at max 20)

    And of course every TV has it’s pros and cons, but when I got this TV I seriously felt like “damn, those people on the webforums gotta have been looking at it with a magnifying glass”, so sometimes I think it’s technicians looking for the slightest of flaws like you say. So far I’m very impressed with this TV. If something should ever go wrong, you have warranty, and the right to get the TV fixed or replaced. (I think Samsung themselves offer 2 years of warranty)

  136. Few questions regarding the Mediaplayer in this tv-set.

    1. Are the picture settings (brightness/contrast/etc) in the mediaplayer (accessed by pressing Tools-menu) permanent after desired adjustements or are they reset to default values after changing to a new video-file (meaning that they need to be re-adjusted for every single mkv file, or whatever is played)?

    2. VRO/VOB-files (DVD-format) are supported according the manual. Is it possible to actually load a whole VIDEO_TS folder containing a DVD-movie files and get access to dvd-startup menus and navigate through them via tv-remote? Or is the DVD support only limited to loading of “raw” VOB files, meaning that there are no menus and chapter support?

    Thanks in advance for the info.

  137. @MheAd:

    1. They seem to be permanent. I tried playing 2 movies in mkv format and it remembered the settings I made for the first one. A sad side-note though: In media player mode you can’t set gamma, normal white balance, 10p white balance or color space. The movies still look awesome but for perfectionists this is an important note. They did include black tone and dynamic contrast settings though (which I don’t see any point in using).

    2. It can only load single VOB files one by one it seems.

  138. @You-Too, Sound man, thanks for the vote of confidence ;)
    I’ll place my order in Komplett tomorrow.

    The only thing im slightly worried about, is the calibration of this tv.
    All this talk of gettin pro’s to calibrate your tv, so itlll use less power, and get better picture quality ? stress, I tell thee.
    Anyway, i’ll try Dave McKenzies settings, and like ya said …keep the sharpness in check !

  139. @Rich: The power usage ONLY depends on the backlight setting as far as I know. By default, this TV’s backlight is set to 14 (of 20). When David calibrated his TV he set it down to 4. What backlight setting you should use depends on how dark or bright your room is, and what your eyes like. Set it so it looks good for you! :)

  140. @You-Too, cool man, i’ll let ya know how i get on.
    I think i’m gonna try Davids settings for calibration when my tv is set up, or try and blag a pro setup disk somwhere? i think there’s a link on this page!
    It’s for my bedroom, roughly 12ft by 10ft. Also, i have a black out rollerblind, to keep the sun out and room cool in summertime, which, we’re gettin alot of in Ireland this year! :) …not so good for tv’s though!

  141. Can someone please tell me if the 37inch version (LE37C650) is exactly the same (only smaller) or if its inferior to the 40inch model as I’m sure I read above somewhere.

  142. @Darren:
    Some people say you cant get the full HD experience on a smaller tv ?
    Well thats what i’ve been told.
    I was gonna buy the 32inch version of this tv, as its for my bedroom.
    Anyway, ive been told you only get true 1080p HD from screens larger than 32inch tv’s, if thats true or not, i dont know ? but in the end i opted for the 40inchC650.
    Its 200Euro+ more expensive than the 32inch, but i think its worth getting it :)

    For the last 2 months i’ve been doin research on these new breed tv’s, you’d wanna fuckin degree in tv tech to understand it all… and i’m still unsure? but i’ve heard lots of good things about the Samsung 40”C650, and apart from all the negative Techy stuff. In the end this is the first LCD tv i’ve went for, havent got it yet… but i’m lookin forward to it :)

    Hope that helps man, in some small way.

  143. Thanks Rich, its the 37 inch I am considering not 32, so only 3 inches smaller than this model. I think a lot of the concerns raised on here will only bother pure perfectionists, but the gaming lag does bother me.

    And earlier post commented that :

    “This sounds like an interesting tv. however in the past with samsung it has been noticed that there 37? panels are made by different people and aren’t as good as the 40?. Would your recommendations still stand for the le37c650. Is the panel the same type or is it significantly different.”

    To which David replied:

    “Probably not. I don’t think the 37? models are SPVA. That doesn’t make them bad by default but I imagine the black level and contrast will be weaker. ”

    To me this sounds like he is saying it is inferior, but I have no idea what the SPVA bit is all about. Its bothering me as I really feel I need the 37 (for space in a flat) but don’t want to buy something inferior.

  144. I was considering the le32c530 for
    a) the capability to play .mkvs and
    b) for gaming

    Is the input lag comparable?


  145. @You-Too: you said (I think Samsung themselves offer 2 years of warranty)

    So does that mean you get a 4 year warranty all together ?
    2 years from the shop, and 2 years from Samsung ?

  146. I have just bought the LE55C650 and what I’d like to know with the usual disclaimer of course, would we be looking at the same settings as you guys used on the LE40C650?

  147. @Darren: The 55inch musta cost a small fortune?? Nice TV though!

  148. @Rich: No but that’s different warranties.
    The shops and Samsung each have their own warranty.
    If there would be something wrong with the TV that the shop’s warranty doesn’t cover, maybe Samsung’s own warranty does.
    If you’re worried something would ever happen with the TV, I guess the best thing is to pay the shop for an insurance of the TV instead.

  149. @Darren: What I did myself was to get a calibration DVD and setup the TV using that. There’s also something called “Expert patterns” in advanced picture settings, which is almost the same. You can find info on many forums online what exactly to do with them, but basically, they let you set brightness, contrast and saturation/color to the right settings. The backlight setting is up to you to set like you think it suits your eyes best.

    Also, I wouldn’t worry too much about white balance and CMS since that’s different for each panel and can’t be setup 100% without a colorimeter. Setting them like David did COULD result in a technically worse picture than originally on your TV. Myself I set CMS to Auto and didn’t touch white balance. I tried David’s CMS settings once, but when changing between them and Auto, I could barely notice a difference.

    By the way, what panel version is it? (The sticker on the right side of the TV tells this. On my TV: Version CN02)

  150. @You-Too, yeah i know what ya mean man, its not a 4 year thing.
    But i dont think i’ll be dishin out any more cash than i’m already payin for the TV, which is costin me 750euro!

    I just hope I get at least a few years of faultless colourful viewing. :)

  151. Dear sirs great review. Can you advise between the above Tv (Samsung c652) and the Sony 40z5800. Have always bought Sony but heard of sound issues and I do like the Samsung images I’ve seen. Need help with the decision as first foray into flat screen.

  152. Sorry I suppose I should simplify the above.
    The Sony is 200hz with a 5yr guarantee but showroom images (Sony centre) weren’t great wheras this Samsung is 100hz and similar cost.
    Will use for standard def and HD tv mainly.

  153. Seriously considering getting one of these (40 or 37 inch) over the Sony ex503 – sounds like the 40 has a better panel. Just wondered if anyone who owns either the 32, 37 or 40 has encountered the buzzing sound fault as described on 3 seperate reviews. One review on Comet and 2 on amazon (see link ). Just curious if this is a generic problem or a few iscolated incidents

    Many Thanks


  154. 1) Is lag influenced by panel size? Is there a chance that the 32 will be quicker than the one tested?

    2) Does anybody know if there are people doing calibrations in Berlin?

  155. Five months ago, having decided to change my perfect CRT television for a new-technology flat screen I VERY excitedly set about choosing my new TV!

    After considering countless sets and reading dozens of reviews I chose a Sony KDL-40EX503. It had every every facility that I could think of that I would need. After much excitement I got it home and was immediately impressed by the size of the screen and the general clarity of the picture, especially HD content of course. However after a few days I noticed faults – which after more research I found was a common problem with LCD panels – that of screen UN-uniformity.

    My Sony TV had noticeable shadows in the corners and also vertical bands of shadowing. It was a very distracting effect and extremely disappointing. My enthusiasm was completely sunk. The shop offered an exchange, but another Sony 40EX503 on display showed similar shadowing – i.e. back-light UN-evenness. We decided to swap for a Panasonic – but when unpacked and switched on there was a noticeable green circle of discolouration in the centre of the screen about 60cms in diameter.

    Perhaps understandably, I became completely despondent with flat screen TV’s.

    Looking around many TV showrooms and studying many dozens of TV’s I found that a majority of LCD TV’s had varying degrees of ‘shadowing’ that is referred to as a problem with backlight uniformity.

    I would have given up the search for a flat screen TV entirely, but my good wife really wanted a new TV, so I (reluctantly) resumed the search.

    In the end we chose this Samsung LE40C650 because my wife liked the picture and I considered that this TV (as displayed in the shop, anyway) had the best back-light uniformity.

    I still had to think long and hard about buying this TV and parting with many hundreds of pounds; because of the LCD panel lottery, there was no telling that the TV that I took home would look as good as the one in the shop.

    However I took the plunge and bought an LE40C650.

    I am pleased to report to other readers that our new TV was as good as the one in the shop!

    That’s not to say it’s perfect – I have had to resign myself to the fact that manufacturers still cannot make a totally uniform LCD panel and that the complicated processing required to get a simple video signal to be displayed on a flat panel has not yet been perfected and that there will be some very obvious processing flaws which should otherwise be absent.

    For the money, the Samsung LE40C650 is probably about as good as it gets.

    Does that seem like a back handed compliment? Well I suppose it is, for what I am saying is that it’s the least worst LCD television available at the price.


    Well for the better part of £1000.00 I expected a near perfect picture. The truth is that, unfortunately, I found that this aspiration is not attainable on any TV that I considered up to £1000.00. They all have picture faults of one type of another and to varying degrees, some minor and some quite severe.

    I remain rather underwhelmed with LCD TV technology : Despite being (as they say) “blown away” by the initial experience of HD content – it’s quite obvious that there are still many niggles and flaws that need to be ironed out – particularly with screen uniformity, viewing angles, back-light bleed and motion handling.

    So can I recommend the Samsung LE40C650 wholeheartedly to other prospective buyers?

    Yes I can.

    It’s well built, the menus are good, the functionality is good, the connectivity is good (though there only appears to be an optical digital output and no stereo analogue audio output – a very minor quibble since I only use the optical digital output). The remote a perfectly reasonable, though I think the Panasonic is better. The picture has the potential to be extremely good, especially given the thoughtfully wide range of adjustments available in the menus. The screen is probably as good as one could reasonably hope for for an LCD, given the limitations of the technology; In terms of uniformity, contrast, colour, viewing angles etc, it seems ahead of the game.

    Input lag does not affect me as I am not a gamer.

    The greatest failing that I can see is motion handling:

    The Motion Plus system does, on the face of it, initially seem adequate in its implementation. It does seem to smooth pictures in a natural and potentially quite pleasing way.

    HOWEVER whenever the Motion Plus system is enabled – in any stting that I have tried thus far – it does introduce very distracting Frame Skipping or Stuttering.

    It’s like the processor can only do motion processing for so long before it gives up the ghost and has to re-buffer causing regular periodic glitches in the picture where a few frames appear to be completely lost!

    This frame skipping / stuttering is apparent on every source: DVD Player via HDMI, BluRay Player via HDMI; PVR via best quality Scart lead and the TV’s own internal Freeview tuner.

    It’s a very distracting effect and if it wasn’t for this Frame Skipping / Stuttering – I would say that the Motion Plus system did a moderately reasonable job.

    Peculiar motion defects do not disappear when Motion Plus is disabled – but the frame skipping / stuttering problem is improved.

    QUESTION: Will Samsung be tempted to cure the Frame Skipping / Stuttering problem with a firmware update??

  156. Minor correction – The actual model number of the TV that I have is LE40C654. I was told that the 654 is essentially the same as the 650, the only slight difference being the colour of the cabinet.

    Incidentally: Thank you for a great website and a useful review.

    THE QUESTION REMAINS: Will Samsung be tempted to cure (or at least improve) the Frame Skipping / Stuttering problem with a firmware update??

  157. First off,excuse me if this rambles a bit,I’m writing it as I think of things! I have lived with this set for two weeks now and I thought I should add my observations on the overall performance of this panel. Just like Mike,I decided (along with my 8yr old son) to ditch our perfectly adequate CRT for a large screen for the World Cup in HD, especially as we live a mile from Crystal Palace and Freeview HD is available. So off we went to the shops to show the wife what it was all I went with the intention of a Panasonic plasma,BUT,The wife,2 kids all preferred the look of an LCD.As it’s the wife’s hard earned cash that’s paying for it,I gave in and we bought the Samsung. Out of the box the 3 of them loved it,me,well it needs setting up I thought,but I’ll say nothing about the £300 to calibrate it yet!!!! The footie looked great in HD, SD pics good,studio based and OB good…………BUT film………oh dear,awful. Now my background is photography and VT editing.I trained as a professional photographer back in the late 70’s and eventually moved into VT ops in the late 80’s and then into editing in London’s West End facilities houses,so I looked at film and digital VT all my life. On first viewing of film based content off air,I thought,God, this looks like VT not film.The first impression was,especially with backlit scenes,was that the actors had been keyed onto the background and the balance between background and foreground lighting was wrong.It just did not look like film at all. Now I know this is an uncalibrated panel,but I tweaked it by eye,and although the balance was better,it still did not look right. Then I found this site and read the review.The issue with the temporal smoothing which David mentions could be what I’m seeing,but as I don’t know what this means I not sure.The actors faces especially look very one dimensional and flat but is this an LCD trait? I don’t have anything to judge it by except a 4yr old 20″ Sony LCD in the bedroom,not a fair test. When I read the comment about the firmware upgrade fixing the problem,I thought,great,download it,problem fixed.WRONG,no change at all.Incidentally,there appears to be no info on what the upgrade files upgrade,or am I not looking in the right place? Today,the 29th,another firmware upgrade, 1014.3 has appeared and I have installed it.On first viewing,there seems to be an improvement,but as the upgrade resets all the settings I haven’t tweaked them yet.First impressions are that film is softer,not such a hard edge,but the lighting issue still seem to be there,but I won’t pre judge it yet. One other problem i’m having, is the way it handles 4:3 material.On our KDL 2030,Sony uses “Smart” setting to auto fit 4:3 which works fine,Which ever setting I seem to use on the Samsung,Auto wide+wide zoom etc etc,4:3 looks wrong.I’m sure I’m doing something wrong,but what?Why couldn’t they just use “Smart”?!! Overall this is a good TV,but the film issue really spoils it for me,the wife doesn’t see it,but I squirm every time film appears. Now to save up her money to get it calibrated. Thanks for a good review David,it explains a lot.

  158. @Paul and Mike,
    I was just about to collect my 40c650 tv this week from Komplett.
    Now i’m not sure i wanna buy an LCD after reading your reviews ?
    There is so much negativity surounding LCD’s it’s ridiculous… piture quality, sound quality, strange noises, strange artifacts, viewing angles etc…

    I think i’m gonna buy an LED!

    I’m no expert in any of these tv’s, it’ll be my first flat screen, and ive been doing a bit of research for the last month or so before i buy, but you’d wanna bloody degree in TV TECH or somethin ??

    When ya buy a TV costin the best part of a grand, ya want it to bloody work properly, and dazzel you with its performance, and not have to worry about it being a fuckin lottery whether you get a good screen or not ? and then have to keep updating Firmware stuff that most people dont undertstand or know too much about ??

    So i feel a bit disheartend about buying this TV now, in case i get a bad screen or somethin? that i’m gonna hang on to my trusty CRT for a while longer.
    I’ts just ridiculous, all the negativity.

    And i was so looking forward to picking it up at the end of the week…

  159. To Paul Faulkner:

    I found that this TV looks best with pretty much all the processing gadgetry turned off, of set low. I suppose that if the processor has less to do the fewer induced faults will be incurred on the picture.

    I switched of all noise reduction and edge enhancements and the Motion Plus. I set sharpness to a setting of 20. For me this improved broadcast TV immensely.

    I take your point about the finer details of detail smoothing that the review suggests should be Fully defeatable – which they were not with the original firmware.

    With broadcast television I find the pictures quite acceptable with the Motion Plus system switched off – although they would be better with the system switch on, but at a low level

    Unfortunately the regular Frame Drop / Stuttering fault that the Motion Plus system induces to the picture means that Motion Plus must remain switched off anyway even though I would rather like to use it.

    Last night I watched a PVR’d recording of the Star Trek movie “The Wrath Of Khan” that was shown on Channel 4 a few days previously.

    I have to say that, now that I have tweaked some of the settings, and despite it being in standard definition and from a highly compressed Freeview channel, the film looked beautiful. I was very pleased indeed! With Motion Plus switched off the telecine job that Channel 4 had done seemed perfect – lovely and smooth.

    What was particularly stunning was the blackness of this panel. I had been somewhat resigned to the fact that I might have to expect blacks that were worse than CRT or plasma televisions – BUT the blacks on this LE40C654 were quite superb. The review hints at this, and it’s true. Very Good!

    A really very pleasing performance. (..and possibly my favourite Star Trek adventure too, but that’s another story.)

    However, this leads to another issue:

    Personally I find the 24P – 24 frames per second – output that BluRay feature films provide to be completely unwatchable.

    BluRay judder is just not watchable – at all – for me.

    Admittedly I have become used to viewing feature films via broadcast TV and DVD on our old CRT television, and even at the cinema and always found it to be a pleasurable experience – but NOT on Judder-Crazed BluRay!!

    I don’t know technically how this Samsung TV handles 24P input from a BluRay source, the screen tells me its 1080/24P in the top left hand corner.

    I have read somewhere that some TV’s will increase the input 24Hz signal to 48Hz or even 72Hz or 96Hz. It does not seem that this Samsung increases the rate. I can only imagine, therefore, that a rate increase to 48, 72 or 96 Hz would provide a less juddery picture. (????)

    All I can say is that basic 24P is dreadfully juddery and thus far extremely disappointing, since I hoped for such great pictures from 1080 resolution HD films.

    Some people say that 24 fps is what we see at the cinema – well I don’t remember the cinema being that juddery – so maybe the projectors do something clever to improve the situation?

    Maybe you can answer that one Paul?

    My complaints about the dreadful output of 24P from BluRay is not a fault of the LE40C654, of course – in fact the TV offers somewhat of a ‘cure’…..

    I switch on the Motion Plus system: It does not produce a perfect solution to 24P motion judder, but it does at least mean that juddery 24P BluRay films do become quite watchable – on the LE40C654 with the Motion Plus is switched on.

    One has be very careful about using these ‘motion plus’ type systems because they can totally wreck the ‘look’ of real films / motion pictures – the movement becomes too video-like, in fact very unreal and even beyond surreal! So such a system needs to be implemented at a low setting to avoid unwanted artefacts and surreal motion problem:

    I use the Custom Settings; with Blur Reduction set to zero and Judder Reduction set to somewhere less than 5.

    But then, of course, as soon as Samsung’s Motion Plus system is enabled the TV starts its regular Frame Drop / Stutter fault !!

    This is why I would like Samsung to fix the Motion Plus frame drop / stutter fault – It would make viewing BluRay films possible.

    So, I still wonder if and when Samsung will issue a firmware upgrade to fix the Frame Skipping / Stuttering fault on Motion Plus?


  160. @Anyone who knows ?

    Are these issues Mike and Paul were talking about, only tend to happen on LCD’s?
    If i was to purchase an LED or even a Plasma TV do the same problems apply?


  161. Im at a fucking loss as to what to do now ??
    Cancel my order, or just bite the bullet and buy this tv ??

    I never knew buying a new tv could be this stressful…(:(

  162. Rich,

    I know how you feel. I spent five months researching and getting excited about buying a new flat-screen, HD television – only to have my hopes dashed with my first two duffers.

    I initially thought, maybe I am too critical? But no – I am not! I really expect an £800.00 purchase to have a good screen – no blotches, patches, shadows or dead pixels!!! But it seems the manufacturers will not promise this!

    So, I am constructively critical, but I don;t think that I am being unfair.

    LED, by the way, is no better than LCD. In fact it is essentially the same technology. Both use LCD screens, but a ‘standard’ LCD screen is illuminated by a CFL lamp (compact fluorescent lamp) while the screen of an ‘LED’ television is is illuminated by LED’s (light emitting diodes).

    In fact because the LED’s of an ‘LED’ television screen are often placed around the edges of the panel, rather than directly at the rear, the screen uniformity could be a little worse than a standard CFL illuminated LCD television! That’s not always the case though, and there might be just as many differences due to manufacturing differences / QC between examples of each type.

    Yes – I have now gazed a 100’s of televisions.

    Yes – I demand a good product for my £800.00.

    I don’t think the situation will greatly improve for some years. Maybe OLED will be the solution, but that technology seems to be slipping further into the future as far as large screen TV’s are concerned.

    So, for me and my preferences, the upshot of all this is that the Samsung LE40C650 / 654 presents the best compromise – for me.

    As I mentioned previously, the blacks are really good. Possibly the best I’ve seen on an LCD / LED television in this price range.

    I am becoming more enthusiastic as each day goes by.

    With the caveats identified, it really is a good telly.

    There appear to be plenty of much much worse televisions available.

    It’s just that it could, as your teacher might have said, do better!

    Rich: Go and have a look at this TV in several TV shops and see what you think. Bear in mind the source and the quality of the source that each shop is using. Some sources are dire and will not show any TV in the best light.

    { Please fix Motion Plus, Samsung! }

  163. Rich:

    Have good look at these TV’s before you buy. Try to establish if the store will swap your TV if you have a screen fault, e.g a dead pixel.

    Plasmas have excellent screen uniformity, and very wide viewing angles, but tend to be bigger, heavier and use a lot more electricity. The picture quality is quite different to LCD / LED – some say more natural. You might like it.

    But have a really good look around a wide selection of shops before you buy!

  164. @Rich,don’t get me wrong,the pics on this panel are very good indeed,just that having looked at film on professional CRT displays for 20yrs and even our old domestic CRT,the look is just not the same.There is no comparison on any other source material,compared to a domestic CRT,the difference is stunning and I wouldn’t swop it back. Sound quality is always a compromise I think,where can they fit decent speakers in a 30mm case! I tweaked the settings to get a reasonable output,but external speakers are the real answer in my opinion.(more bloody cash!)Maybe all LCD’s display film oddly,I don’t know,never seen any on other makes,but don’t let this detract from this panels other advantages.\i haven’t experienced any other odd noises or uneven backlighting.The viewing angles are very good on this compared to our Sony which is poor.If you can find an independent retailer who would put different sources through theirstock in the shop,this is a better option,so you can see the differences between displays.Overall I like the Samsung,but the film issue will grate until I get used to it I guess or Samsung sort it.(perhaps they have,I haven’t analized the latest update yet)By the way,LED tv’s are still LCD technology but with led’s providing the backlight instead of tubes,so no advantage there apart from slimness and eco and a few other teccy bits.(yes and other bits but leds on this panel wouldn’t change the way it renders film I think)

  165. To Paul and Rich,

    Wise words Paul.

    The screen on my 654 is very good. Great colours, superb blacks and good contrast with good viewing angles too.

    No complaints there.

    Broadcast TV really is excellent – even with SD, which still looks great.

    Again, good advice about visiting an independent retailer.

    Have a good look! You should be impressed.

  166. @ Paul and Mike, Thanks!

    I kinda understand what you are saying about the tv’s being good, but could be better! as my teacher did say many a time ??
    i’m sure most places will swap a tv if it has a fault ? isn’t my right as a cosumer? especially on someting costing nearly a grand!

    I’m purchasing this tv from an online company, because it is a good bit cheaper than the usual tv stores ?
    But i had a look at this tv in a shop, searching for the best deals!
    and i have to say, from what i saw on the display model it looked gorgeous! lovely design and great picture ! but its almost 150euro in the difference of online store and street store.

  167. What is an OLED TV ?

  168. @Mike,having refreshed the page after submitting my last,I see you have covered a couple of points already.LED/LCD and the shops! Regarding the 24fps cinema issue,film for broadcast is transferred to tape at 25fps to correlate with the 50hz mains supply and the 50hz scan rate for PAL transmission standard.The cinema screening was at 24fps as shot so no judder.No judder ( or very very small) was visible on CRT’s as the scan rate of the TV and the transfer rate of the master tape were the same.The problem with LCD is that the method the panel uses to render the picture is not the same and the judder is introduced.Just look at old American NTSC source on a CRT that has been converted from 29.9fps 60hz scan rate to Pal and see the judder on pan shots.I have no experience of 24fps Blu Ray discs at all,either the transfer process or what they look like i’m afraid .I haven’t viewed any DVD material yet as my son dominates with the World Cup but hope to get the time soon and see how it compares to off air film.More to follow methinks…………

  169.’s not a fault,just my subjective view of the way that film looks on this panel.I like the way film looks on a CRT,subtle grain,lighting etc.In my opinion and bear in mind this is an uncalibrated panel,sometimes the actors look a bit “plastic doll” like in their faces.My wife can’t see what I’m talking about and wishes I’d shut up,but she can see the difference between studio and film material but not to any great extent.As to OLED, you cannot make a domestic tv from LED’s alone as they are too large they are used to make huge advertising panels though.OLED as I understand it ,is a new type of led to overcome the size problem,but they are hugely expensive at the moment and for the immediate future big panels for consumers are out of reach.That will change as demand increases as per any new tech.

  170. Thanks Paul,

    OLED is organic light emitting diode. An emerging technology currently used on very small displays. I believe that there is currently an 11 inch OLED TV on sale, but even at this tiny size it costs about £2,500.00. I don’t know how good the picture is though.

    All noted about frame rate conversion, and I have noted the effects that you mention in years gone by when viewing standards converted NTSC on a PAL television. However I think the 24P issue is somewhat different.

    I feel sure that the TV is correctly accepting the 1080/24P signal sent by the BluRay player, since the TV announces the 1080/24Hz signal in the top left hand corner of the screen.

    It seems, to me anyway, that on a TV screen 24Hz is just too slow and motion judder is a real issue. Maybe the way 24 fps appears via a projector on a cinema screen is quite different, but plain 24Hz on a TV is just awful!

    As a mentioned, I read somewhere that some TV’s are able to up the rate to 72Hz or even 96 Hz. I am guessing that this would reduce or even eliminate motion judder.

    In fact with a little light processing from Samsung’s Motion Plus system, the irritating judder from BluRay films is adequately reduced – BUT, and I’ll have to mention it again, the bug in the Motion Plus system rears its ugly head and causes frequent moments of dropped frames / momentary stutter.

    It’s a real shame because the Motion Plus system would make BluRay discs watchable.

  171. To Rich:

    If buying on-line (and you are in the UK) make sure it’s from a UK based retailer. If the screen then proves to be unsatisfactory I would hope that the UK’s Distance Selling laws would apply, and that you would be able to return the TV.

    If you are in the UK and buy from a foreign based website, you’d be in a pickle if you had a problem with the foreign based retailer, as no UK laws would protect you – and you may be stuck with good you don’t want.

  172. Rich wrote: “…and i have to say, from what i saw on the display model it looked gorgeous! lovely design and great picture ! ”


    I agree. The TV does have a beautiful design. It’s very well made too. The back panel casing is made of metal, rather than the usual plastics. Very impressive.

    As for the sound quality, it is actually very clear through the internal loudspeakers, though no real bass – as you’d expect from a relatively thin cabinet.

    But let’s face it – you don’t by a wide-screen television like this and use the internal speakers! A TV like this begs to be hooked up to something like a Denon AV amp and a really good quality discrete 5.1 loudspeaker system. Now that really makes the whole audio-visual experience quite phenomenal.

  173. @Mike,I don’t get this 24hz /24fps thing.I don’t know how the motion proc works,I haven’t bothered to look into it.The reason you didn’t see judder on CRT was the frame rate was 25fps exactly half the 50hz PAL rate and fitted the interlace rate of the odd/even lines.Are you saying the refresh rate of the panel is 24hz for 24fps material? ie 24 cycles per sec,1cycle for each frame.

  174. Sorry,that should read 1 cycle per 24 frames.

  175. @Mike,
    I live in Ireland and i’ll be buying the TV from
    Their a fairly decent company to deal with, and i think i have a 7 day money back or exchange on tv’s.

  176. @Mike,

    Are you BluRays arent watchable on this tv because of the Motionplus thing ??


  177. @Mike, sorry.

    Are you saying BluRays arent watchable on this tv because of the Motionplus thing?


  178. @Rich: I’ve been watching a couple of movies in full hd 24p using the media player with an external harddrive, and the quality is as close to perfect as I could possibly imagine. (No flickering or juddering or whatever these guys said)
    And about motion plus, just turn it off. Motion plus doesn’t work perfectly on this TV anyway. Anyway, I don’t think you should worry so much about technical details. It seems people just keep analyzing the TV’s looking for the smallest of flaws. I sure haven’t seen any major flaws yet. Let your own eyes decide.

  179. @You_Too, sound man.

    Yeah i suppose you could compare it to Formula 1 racing, in that some cars may cost millions more, but they’re only a couple of 10th’s or a few miles an hour faster per lap? but they’re all still animal machines to drive!

    Sometimes i think the worst thing i coulda done regarding tv’s, was come on to a site like this?
    I did it just to educate myself on what to look out for, and more importantly, what to avoid!
    but i got alot more than i bargained for, i tells ya…(:)))

  180. Regarding the different model numbers in different shops (C650, C651, C652 etc) most of the sales people were unable to tell me why the number of the model they were selling was different to that of the shop next door. But one sales guy offered the opinion (or sleazy and slightly unbelievable sales pitch) that only the C650 was a genuine Samsung, and the others used inferior cheaper parts and were not as good.

  181. Paul Faulkner wrote on 29 June 2010 6:36 pm
    “@Mike,I don’t get this 24hz /24fps thing.I don’t know how the motion proc works,..”

    Paul, I don’t really understand the 24P / 24 Hz subject either.

    While I was admittedly amazed and astonished at the 1080 pixels of vertical resolution of BluRay – I was utterly disappointed when some movement began – either camera pans or cars driving past etc.

    Maybe it’s just me, and everyone else is happy with 24 frames per second, but to me 24 fps is just to juddery.

    I can only describe the effect as being like a child’s ‘flick-book’.

    Since the TV is telling me 1080 / 24 Hz, I can only assume that the screen is matching its refresh rate to the 24 fps of the BluRay movie – i.e. 24 Hz – so no wonder there is judder.

    More knowledgeable folk will correct me if I am wrong about this technical aspect I’m sure.

  182. @ Darren.

    The salesman was wrong. The models are all on the official Samsung website and are identical apart from the colour: Black, Rose Black or Grey.

  183. To be honest with you I found his story unbelievable. I hate salesmen!

  184. @ Rich

    Although rather off the subject of this television, I find the low frame rate of 24 fps from BluRay very disappointing and (for me) unwatchable on all televisions that I have tried – without some judder reduction implemented by the television.

    I have read other disappointed BluRay buyers who have also stated that the judder on plain 24P BluRay films is a very unpleasant experience. So it can’t only be me – and I agree with other disappointed BluRay users experiences.

    @ You_Too

    It is the excellent *potential* of Samsung’s Motion Plus system that actually makes BluRay movies watchable for me!

    So I actually *want* to use the Motion Plus system – at a low setting – because it can provide a great improvement.

    However –

    The problem with Motion Plus is that it introduces its own Frame Skipping / Stuttering problem – i.e. with Motion Plus enabled the TV with drop frames at random but quite frequent intervals.

    So all in it is a very good television – with great blacks and brilliant broadcast TV performance.

    My only gripe is with the Motion Plus fault – which I hope Samsung can fix.

    (The basic BluRay judder ‘problem’ is a separate issue and not a criticismof this television)

  185. Darren on 29 June 2010 9:18 pm wrote:
    “To be honest with you I found his story unbelievable. I hate salesmen!”

    @ Darren – I know what you mean! LOL There are some good ones out there!


  186. Rich on 29 June 2010 7:56 pm wrote:

    ” @Mike, I live in Ireland and i’ll be buying the TV from
    Their a fairly decent company to deal with, and i think i have a 7 day money back or exchange on tv’s.”

    That’s excellent. It sounds like you should be fine!

    I have to say, the more I watch this TV the more I like it.

    I have been watching some CSI shows on FIVE and they have been wonderful – even a re-run of Sunday’s Top Gear via BBC iPlayer using a Sony BluRay player has been most enjoyable.

    As You_Too quite rightly suggested, one has to be realistic with one’s expectations.

    This really is a good telly!

  187. @Mike,

    So could this tv be updated with better firmware to eliminate those few issues people seem to have with this tv, in the future ?


  188. @You_Too.

    Maybe i won’t cancel that order after all ?
    I just hope i get a decent panel, one thats not riddled with flaws!

  189. @ Rich

    It is possible to update the firmware by downloading the latest release from the Samsung website to a USB drive. The drive is then plugged into the TV and the update process started via menu.

    For me, the only thing that needs to be fixed is the Motion Plus errors – but whether a fix is possible and if it will ever happen is another matter.

    So – go and have a good look at this TV. I am sure that you’ll be impressed.

    Good luck!

  190. @Mike,

    Cheers, thanks for the info, thanks to all in fact!

    There should be some kind stress related health warning for people like myself buying these Televisions!
    I was nearly givin up, and goin back to buy a second hand 32” Sony Trinitron or somethin like that, not bad tv’s by the way!

    But fuck it, i have to buy an LCD sometime yeah? God knows how much longer we have left on this planet, if it’s 2012? and things aren’t lookin to good with all the shit goin on in the world ??
    i’ve got less than 2 years… hah hah hah hah!!

    I’ll let yiz know how i get on!

  191. @Rich: You’re not the only one who’s been nervous. We all want quality for our money when we buy such a thing as a new TV. But sometimes we worry too much, it seems. For example, before I bought this TV I had been reading about it and other TV’s for months, just to make 100% sure I’d do the right choice.

    When I read about this TV and similar models from Samsung, many people on forums kept complaining about Samsung using 3 or more different brands of panels in their TV’s, without most sellers or customers being aware of it.
    Many people kept saying “stay away from the CN panels, they’re horrible”.
    My TV has a CN panel and to me it doesn’t look horrible at all.

    @Mike: Be sure to send an email to Samsung’s support before upgrading firmware, and ask them if it’s ok with their warranty. I’ve read about people who upgraded the firmware, then got some problems, got in touch with Samsung about getting their old firmware back, and Samsung telling them they had voided the warranty by upgrading without asking them first.

  192. @Mike

    i agree with you, Motion Plus is terrible regarding Judder reduction, my 6year old CRT Philips handled motion far better than this one (40C630 firmware 1008.1).

    frequent frame drops are very annoying and this is 2010 technology! -:[

    aside from this and verticals bands (SQ01 panel), picture quality is good.

    anyway, won’t recommend this set to my best friends, a few great faults.

  193. @ Rich: 2012 !!! Yeah, I hadn’t thought about that! You’d better go get !! LOL !!

    @ You_Too: Once again thanks for all your wise words. I will be careful and contact Samsung about firmware updates.

    Thanks everyone.

  194. @ Aaron: I am generally quite happy with this TV and don’t mind using it with the Motion Plus switched off for much of the time – but personally, I feel that Motion Plus is needed for BluRay playback – so I really wish it worked properly!!

  195. Can anyone tell me has the Temporal Smoothing been fixed on the C650 and is this the the same problem as the Motion Plus

  196. @Darren, the model numbering, like somebody here wrote,applies to the color and slight design details on some tv-sets, but even (I must add) to the market region they are attended for. For instance C655> models are intended for Scandinavian market. In Sweden, C650 can be found on Swedish online retail shops too, but is classified as “grey import” from UK. One would still get warranty on the TV, but since it’s non-Scandinavian version, Samsung Scandinavia wouldn’t offer their special “we transport your tv directly from your home to our repair-service”-warranty, which is the case when one buys C655. Also, manuals can be in different languages. I believe C650 doesn’t come with Swedish manual in Sweden, etc… The “basic” C650 is more “International”, market wise, so to speak, at least from Scandinavian point of view.

    Either way, all of these tv’s, appart from slight details in design/color and eventual market / warranty policies are technically all the same. The first two numbers are most important, 65# which means they are same model.

  197. @Mike: I was thinking about one thing: Have you tried to set motion plus to clear instead of custom, and checked if the frame skipping and judder is still there?
    I know the judder you talk about exists, I’m just not sensitive to it, that’s why I don’t see it if I don’t look really closely.

  198. Picked up my TV today, and i have to say! its a lovely TV.
    I plugged in a USB drive, and played a (Mr. Brooks) DivX, and the quality of the blacks is ink like ??
    I’m in the process of setting the picture and channels up…

    Anyone any tips ??


  199. Is it really necessary for me to update my new tv ?
    Thats for anyone who knows about Samsung firmware ?? thanks.

  200. @Rich: No it is not needed if you’re all fine with how the TV works!
    Check above, a post I made where I wrote to Mike about firmware.
    Something to consider before updating, in case you’d want to do that.
    Myself I didn’t update.

    And about setting up the TV, google for “LCD basic calibration” and you’ll probably find some info about it.

  201. @You_Too
    Thats grand man, thanks.
    I did notice when watchin a dvd at night, there are 3 or 4 faint bits of light on a black screen, is that because the colours aren’t calibrated, or what ??
    I did notice when messin around with settings that i could lessin these glows.
    I’m unsure yet ?? but as you said, i have to try and calibrate the tv!

  202. @Rich: That’s probably “clouding”, if it’s in the corners of the screen.
    It’s normal on LCD’s, usually it just varies from set to set how strong it is.
    On mine it can be seen clearly if you go close to the screen, and if at normal distance, it can just barely be seen in the bottom corners.
    The only way to make it less visible is to lower the backlight setting.

    But of course, it’s like with everything else, some people notice it more, some less. If it doesn’t bother you, then don’t worry! If it bothers you very much, you could get a replacement, and it might have less clouding.
    By the way, check the sticker on the right side of the TV, what does it say on Version? (For example: SQ01, AA01, CN01 etc) It’s the panel model and it would be interesting to know which one you got.

  203. @Tou_Too
    I only really notice this clouding in a darkened room.
    And the clouding seems to be on the middle to right side of the screen?
    Yes it is a little annoying, i was watching a DivX of (The Book of Eli) and could notice it right away, but i just taught it’s because the TV aint calibrated?

    The version on the sticker SQ01.

    Thanks for your help!

  204. @Rich: Ok, SQ01 means you have a real Samsung panel. Those are usually very popular because people say the picture quality is great on them.
    But I’m sorry to say that calibration won’t remove the clouding.
    But sometimes, if the TV is placed in a “too warm” spot, or too close to a wall, the heat buildup inside the TV can cause clouding. But if the clouding is there right when you start the TV, it’s probably not a placement issue.

    Anyway, if it’s too annoying for you, get a replacement. They’ll let you have a new TV if you tell them your room is dark and that you have annoying clouding.

  205. would you say this tv is better than Sony KDL-40EX503? I’m going to buy me a new tv set and my choices are now narrowed to this two, ie. SONY KDL-40EX500 series and SAMSUNG LE40C650. which one is a better choice for me? it would be mostly used to view hd sport, footbal gamesl and Eurosport HD, national geographic documentaries, while the rest wpild be mostly sd. so I’m looking for a honest opinion to support my choice: which of those tv’s should I pick, or at lest seriously consider?
    and, as for led tv’s, which would be better, Samsung ue40c6000/6500 or Sony kdl-40ex700?
    I’m puttung Sony in my choice pool because they supposedly were forced by the court to give 5-year warranty on their lcd’s… or is it just an urban legend?

  206. Paul – I have a Sony ex503 in 37 inch and was seriously considering the Samsung c650. The samsung when I tested it has brighter colors where as the Sony is more subtle in look. That said the motion blur handing on the Sony is excellent and watching the football (not England of course) has been super smooth. After reading the whole panel lottery debate, Buzzing sound faults (check out reviews on Amazon and Comet and HDTVTEST) and motion blur on the Samsuing I am glad I got the Sony. I am sure the samsung is a good set but reliability seems an issue. Amazon are offering a free 3 year sony warranty if you buy before 11th July too.

  207. @dave – thank you!
    I’m more and more convinced about Sony, even though the price is a bit higher than samsung’s. but I’ve always been somewhat doubtful about samsung’s quality. maybe they owned the market in ’09, but something in my guts says to be cautious about their products ;d
    as for England football team, no comment. my team didn’t even qualify to WC ;D

  208. @You_Too

    Actually the clouding problem i mentioned has dissapeard strangely ?
    You were right about it being in the 4 corners of the screen, but its barely noticable ?
    And the picture quality on dvd and usb movies is for me, pretty amazing!
    I don’t have a bluray player yet, but i can only imagine ho good it would look :)

  209. @You_Too

    I’d hate to Jinx it, but i am really happy i bought this tv.
    It looks great, and the picture quality is probably the best i’ve seen on an LCD.

    For me the only real problem i have with this tv is calibrating it.
    There’s tons of advice and videos on you tube, but it’s hard to know which is best?

    Is there a dvd or a file out there i can download for accurately calibrating LCD TV’s ?


  210. @Rich: About downloading, I can’t link anything since it’s not legal! ^^
    But get a DVD called digital video essentials.
    It’s got some picture patterns that can be used to set contrast, brightness and color correctly. In this video
    a guy from avforums shows what to do, using that DVD.

    The TV also has 2 built in setup patterns, which you can use the same way as the guy in the video does, they just look a bit different, but works the same.
    Go to picture settings, advanced, expert patterns.
    (These patterns are meant to setup the picture for viewing digital and analogue TV though. Which means, even if the picture is setup correct for normal channel viewing, it’s not sure it will look the same if you view DVDs with the same settings. For example, my DVD player has a much darker picture than normal, which forced me to set it up differently. But don’t worry, the TV saves your settings for each device independently!)

    I can also recommend setting the TV to the preset called Movie, before starting the calibration. But that’s also a matter of taste of course.

  211. @You_Too

    I actually set it to (Movie) after reading Dave’s calibration setup, cause i also taught it was the best allround picture!
    I also found the tv really easy to setup without the manual, which was cool.

    Anyway, I’ll check out that youtube video, and see if its any help!
    I did’nt know about the setup test patterns either ?? nice one!

    I probably should invest a bit of time in reading the dreaded manual…

  212. I don’t know why some people are givin the sound quality on this tv a hard time ?
    My tv is in a failry big room, and i had to lower the bass, because i could hear it all over the house.

    What i’m really impressed with, is the clarity of sound on this tv and all its settings, and the fact that ya cant even see the speakers ??

    I really taught i was gonna have buy an expensive sound system straight away when i bought this television, what, with all the negativity about the sound quality.
    But its the least of my worries??
    In the end, i’m more worried about reliability, and picture quality !

  213. @Rich: People who criticize the sound quality are probably comparing it to hi-fi speakers or something. To me the sound is all ok too.

  214. @You_Too

    Yeah, i was probably ranting a bit about the sound ??

  215. @David or @Vincent

    Is the input lag measured on the 40c650 against the F96, or against a lagless CRT (or the laptop lcd mentioned).

    Thanks, and please reply!

  216. David Mackenzie

    @Carlos: against the CRT.

  217. @David or @Vincent

    Pardon me if I´m wrong…
    But the older model B650 had an input lag of 17-33 ms against the samsung F96 (which has a 20-30ms delay).
    Since this C650 input lag measure was against a lagless CRT, dosen´t this mean that this C650 is on par or better than the B650 in terms of input lag?

  218. The LE-B650 series has 3 vers of panels it is:

    • X-xxxxxxxAx-xxxx = Samsung panel.
    • X-xxxxxxxLx-xxxx = AU Optronics panel.
    • X-xxxxxxxDx-xxxx = CMO (Chi Mei Optoelectronics) panel
    • X-xxxxxxxIx-xxxx: = CPT (Chunghwa Picture Tubes) panel

    So has the C650 series the same futures of panel?
    And witch panel is the best panel of the C650 Series?

  219. @You_Too

    I have a question about the Warranty on this TV.

    Do i have to fill in any forms, or stuff like that, to get my warranty ?
    I notice on the manual they ask you to register your Model and Serial number for a better service.
    Also, there is somethin else, where i have to get a piece stamped.
    Is any of this stuff necessary ??


  220. @Rich: I have no idea. Send an email to Samsung’s customer support and ask them.

  221. On 2nd July You_Too wrote: “@Mike: I was thinking about one thing: Have you tried to set motion plus to clear instead of custom, and checked if the frame skipping and judder is still there? I know the judder you talk about exists, I’m just not sensitive to it, that’s why I don’t see it if I don’t look really closely.”

    Hi You_Too, sorry for delay.

    Generally I find the television is most satisfactory with all processing turned off, that includes Motion Plus.

    However, as you allude to, if Motion Plus is needed then the Clear option provides the best compromise for me. The frame skipping is still there, I believe, but it seems to be less than with the higher settings of Motion Plus.

    Personally I just *have* to use Motion Plus for BluRay – without it BluRay films are just too juddery for my tastes. Apart form the occasional frame skips – which seems to be a fault in the Motion Plus software – the Clear setting works to good effect.

    I hope that helps.

    As for the sound quality, then I always play TV sound through an AV amp and 5.1speakers. However I have tried the internal speakers and I was very surprised how good the sound is. Sure enough it does not have any real bass depth or spaciousness, but it is very crisp, clear and intelligible, and I think that is all one can expect from a thin TV with small internal speakers.

    As I said before, though, you don’t really by large TV like this and then use the internal speakers.

    A good AV amp and 5.1 or 7.1 speakers really is a must.




  222. These panels are in the following versions of the sequence:
    S-panel, A-panel and two variants of the C-panels.
    • X-xxxxxxxAx-xxxx = Samsung panel.
    • X-xxxxxxxLx-xxxx = AU Optronics panel.
    • X-xxxxxxxDx-xxxx = CMO (Chi Mei Optoelectronics) panel
    • X-xxxxxxxIx-xxxx: = CPT (Chunghwa Picture Tubes) panel

    Or you ca look at the panel serialnumber begins qwith:
    LTF=Samsung S-panel
    T=AU Optronics panel
    C=CMO Chi Mei Optoelectronics panel

    Does anyone know if it is the same for the new C-Series of LCD, so that you are sure that you get an S-panel?
    I think it is a bit scandalous of Samsung to offer various panels of different quality at the same prices qwhen its distinguish between quality.


  223. There’s a new firmware revision to 1014.3 as of 28/06/2010, but dated 07/07/2010. Does anyone know what changes? thank you, greetings.

  224. @ Roberto

    I have tried downloading from the Samsung website for the last two weeks.

    I have found that it is impossible to download anything, not even the manuals.

    The message I always get is something like: “This web page is not available.”

    I’m sure it’s the website as I have tried using four different PC’s on two different ADSL connections!

    Good luck with it!

  225. @ Mike,
    I’ve downloaded the new firmware yesterday without problems. It was just a test because I have no TV. I wanted to know if the new firmware solves the problems of temporal smoothing to the image.

  226. I’d like to know has anyone registered their TV with Samsung, or is it necessary ?

    Thats for anyone >?


  227. @pege63: I don’t know about the serial numbers, but it seems some stores have a sticker on their boxes where the panel type is written at the bottom left.
    However, S=Super, A=Average, C=Crap is wrong in my opinion.
    On the C650 TV’s, most panel complaints on forums have been on the S panels, because of vertical banding and clouding.
    I have not seen a single complaint about the A panel on the C650, but people who get the C panel are usually like “Oh my god, I got a C panel, it’s probably crap! I’ll return the TV without unpacking it”.
    I got the CN02 panel and I think it’s really good. Deep blacks, no banding, almost no flashlighting at all.

  228. @You-Too

    Did you not say that S panels are consisdered the best, amongst the rest ?

  229. @ Roberto

    Thanks. I’ll keep trying the download.

  230. @Rich: Generally, people on forums say like pege63 did:

    But when working properly, the S panels are said to be the best.
    But personally, I don’t think there is a major difference, that was my point for pege63 in my last post.

  231. ?You_Too : Them you got the CN=CMO (Chi Mei Optoelectronics) panel its a C-panel.

    I have right now B658 and C659 at home with both S-panel i have this weekend to decide if i want to switch my B658 to a C659 want i react to is the Input lag at C659 is 45ms in “Game” mode, 95ms otherwise and the B658 has 17-33ms in *Game Mode* or over VGA; 80-90ms otherwise.
    And i play XBOX360 a lot so i am little bit split here about this, witch LCD is best for me i wonder?

  232. And how do i get into ADVANCE mode in the Service menu?
    In B658 it was 0000, wath is the ADVANCE mode in C659?

  233. All this talk would drive ya fuckin mental………lol!!

  234. @You-Too thanks man!

    Why is everyone trying downloand Firmware for thier tv’s ??
    Is nobody happy with their purchase ??

  235. @pege63: I would never dare to even touch the service menu, so I don’t know.

    @Rich: Firmware is supposed to improve things that were not perfect from the beginning, or to fix “errors”. I think someone in a forum mentioned some error with some internet feature on this TV, or watching videos through a network.
    I don’t use those features at all, so I wouldn’t care!

  236. @You-Too

    Same as myself man, i’ve got a PC for that stuff.
    My Firmware seems to be fine, so I have no real need to download a new one??

    Unless it’s somethin that would really benefit my viewing experience.
    Or, if my tv was in grave danger, and was gonna self destruct >>>>>

    Perish the thought !!!

  237. samsung ln46c630

    Why is everyone trying download Firmware for their tvs ??
    Is nobody happy with their purchase ??

  238. Sorry for the mistake and for my English, I’m Italian. The new firmware, dated 07/07/2010, the site is Italian, the English site is dated 28/06/2010. I tried to download the site has English firmware, it works. Should I buy that TV, I would like it solved the problem of temporal smoothing to the image. Thanks and regards.

  239. @samsung


  240. Thanks for reviewing both the Sony EX500 and Samsung C650. Any chance that you will also review the LG LD550 (as its called here in the U.S.)? All three seem to be very close competitors to each other. It would be interesting to see how the LG compares to the other two.

  241. @ Rich @samsung As mentioned elsewhere,firmware updates are used to improve or fix things not apparent at the manufacturing stage.think of it in the PC domain,updates all the time. As to reason I have downloaded updates,it’s nothing to do with being generally unhappy with my purchase,but ALL to do with seeing if Samsung can address the problem of how the panel renders film based material.The video look of film is not pleasant to look at.I have turned off all processing,Film mode 1and 2,edge sharpness,motion proc to see if that helps,but it dosn’t. Interestingly,there is a review on the AV Forums site of the Panasonic TX-L37V20B where the reviewer says that using the Smooth Film function introduces the same problem,i.e. film starts to look like video and therefore should be turned off.This led me to disable the Film mode on the Samsung,but I can’t see any change.This,to my mind,is the only downside of this TV,and I hope Samsung can sort out the problem,which I think is mainly down to the edge sharpness,especially visible on backlit material.

  242. @ Paul Faulkner

    I’m no expert, but i think i know what you and other people mean!
    There is this cheapish Camcorder look on some video settings ?

    I noticed the standard def tv looks a little fuzzy, a little blurry even ??
    Do you have any tips for settings on this tv ??

    Also do you think Samsung will fix this Movie setting problem ?

    thanks for your time.

  243. I’m having the C654 for almost a week now and couldn’t be more happier.

    Thanks for this awesome review David Mackenzie and I <3 the settings !

  244. I have one question:

    The review states “black level retention is stable”.

    On my particular 40C650 I do notice dimming when there’s little to no content on screen. It’s noticable during channel changes, where the screen turns completely black for 1-2 seconds until the next channel appears (noticable by looking at the info box in the top left of the screen getting dimmed down along with the screen getting black).

    Is this somehow related to the newest firmware (version 1014) as I installed the newest one as soon as I got the TV, so I can’t tell whether this problem was present with the originally installed firmware 1013.

    I also noticed that the viewing angles are either very limited (even when facing the TV spot on in its center), because the sides (especially the right side of the screen for unknown reasons) appear to be washed out when viewing grey, black or sometimes even colored backgrounds or the installed AA03 panel is just straight forward crap, I don’t know.

    Last but not least I can’t confirm that the screen uniformity is “excellent” as my unit suffers from clouding in top left and top and bottom right corners. Maybe that’s the reason why the screen sometimes appears to be washed out?

    My individual unit also has 2 dead green subpixels. Enough reasons to get it exchanged, hopefully for one with a SQ panel.

  245. @Someone: You were just unlucky and got a bad set.
    If you exchange it you might get one without any of those faults you listed.
    Anyway, about the dimming: The TV does it automatically when you change channels just to save power. There is no dimming AT ALL when you’re watching a channel, or a movie, or whatever. Only if you’re using Standard or Movie settings though. Dynamic and Natural settings use auto-dimming when there’s dark content on screen, which is horrible. But then again, those 2 presets ARE horrible anyway.

  246. @You_Too

    Thanks for your reply.

    I hope the next one is going to be better as I already requested an exchange (ordered it from Amazon) and it should arrive by the end of the week.

    I only noticed the dimming when changing channels because when watching Blu-Rays or DVDs it rarely happens that the screen goes completely black and I therefor assumed that it dims the backlight everytime there is a completely balck screen. But I guess you’re right, because in dark scenes the black level appears to be stable. Maybe I just imagined it dimming down because I was pretty upset about the clouding and dead pixels ;-)

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to the new set as the C650 is much better than my Toshiba 42XV635 which is just not as good as the Samsung.

  247. Actually the fuzzy blurryness i was talking about is just the standard def analogue tv.
    I was worried there, for a bit ??

  248. @You_Too

    How does one check if they have dead pixels ?
    And, are dead pixels not just a part of all flat screen tvs?

    I’m just wondering, because i havent noticed anything of the like.

  249. @Rich: The TV does add a slight fuzzy blurriness to analogue TV, I know that because if I change input to my VHS player and watch an analogue channel through there, it’s sharper, but also grainier. So the reason the TV does that is to simply make analogue channels a bit more watchable.

    The best way to check for dead pixels is to view a completely white picture, and look closely for any black dots. Mine has one, but it’s not visible at normal distance so I don’t really care. Bright pixels are worse, they can be any color and be seen even in dark pictures if I’m not wrong.

  250. @You-Too


    This tv has a freeview tuner correct?
    Does that mean all i have to do is hook a satelite dish with a cabel to get free to air channels ??

  251. Got this 40C650 set a couple of days ago.. and i’m returning it ASAP.

    Great picture.. detailed.. vibrant colours.. fantastic blacks.. almost reasonable smooth movements.. BUT only if one stands in a sweet spot of +/-10 degrees horizontally.. and vertically!!
    Essentially, all it needs is for me to get up from my couch (10 ft, or 3 m, away) and everything fades away, reminding me of old projection TVs..

    OK.. I might be exaggerating a bit here, but I really got quite disappointed with this (particular) set.
    Got a AA03 (panel) version.. could it be it?

    Anyway, I’m not giving it another chance, and I realise I might have to spend some extra money and move up to higher standards in order to make my eyes happier.

    Just sharing.

  252. LE40c650
    Not recommended.
    I bought and it has BLACKLIGHT BLEDDING EFFECT. So bad. Samsung says is normal but I cant enjoy a film with that kind of marks on panel.

  253. my panel was also AA03.

  254. regarding the input lag problem:
    which firmware did you use in your test of the le40c650 ?
    because there seems to be a new firmware which fastens the tv a bit (don’t know in which mode). this was reported in a forum. two friends checken with the le40c650, one with the new software, one with the old.
    i don’t know if this is possible, but maybe you could do a short check with the new firmware ? only to test the input lag again, to compare the two firmwares. maybe the input lag is reduced noticeably

  255. @You_Too

    This tv has a freeview tuner correct doesn’t it ?
    Does that mean all i have to do is hook a satelite dish with a cabel to get free to air channels ??

  256. @Rich: Sounds like it should work, but I don’t know.
    Send an email to Samsung’s support and ask.

  257. Hi,
    Im going to buy this tv and Im new to tuning the display properties.
    It sounds great to get the perfect picture with a little tuning effort.
    I’ll try the settings you came up with, but if I would want to do it myself from scratch what do I need to do?
    Is buying the software ‘Calman Professional’ enough, or do I need some hardware as well?

  258. @Tom: That software is, as far as I know, designed to use with a colorimeter.
    A colorimeter is an optical tool which, when used with that software, can show you how “correct” your TV’s picture is. (There are lots of guides online on how to use it.)
    But there’s also a free software like that called HCFR, but I don’t know the differences between them since I’ve never used them myself.
    In my opinion, the best thing to do first is to get a calibration dvd, or bluray, depending on what you use, and setup the TV.
    But if you want total perfection, of course the colorimeter + software is the right choice. (Or paying a pro calibrator, which is usually very expensive.)
    On my own TV, I feel satisfied enough with the picture when calibrated by eye using a calibration dvd, and the TV’s built in calibration patterns.

  259. Hi – Does anyone own a c650 37 Inch?. I am interested in both the 37 and the 40 but accept that the 37 Samsungs – Just like the Sony ex503 series use different panels in their 37 inch models which are slightly inferior to their 40inch siblings.

    I understand that the black levels arn’t as good but all I am interested in really is a decent sharp HD picture on Freeview HD plus good SD upscaling and I guess to what extent is the quality diminished by going for the 37 inch (is it still a good set) ?

    I could stretch to the 40 inch but the 37 is better for the space I have available

    Many Thanks

  260. @DAVE: From what I’ve read before I bought mine, (40″) most people who got the 37 version is hearing some kind of buzz from the TV.
    Also, from what I’ve read, it seems to only happen on the 37.
    I’d say go to a store which has it in stock and take a look, and listen.
    About the panels, I don’t know. Try checking some forums like avforums and avsforum.

  261. You_too.

    Thanks. Re sound buzzing I read that too and it does worry me slightly. I can stretch to the 40 but 37 is my preferred size. It seems that in 37s though they skimp a bit on costs and use inferior panels so often when you read a review – the c650 for example the 40 inch is very well recived but the 37 is not quite as good – ussually the black levels and viewing angles suffer

  262. @DAVE: If that’s how it is with the panels, it’s bad of course..
    Everyone should be able to choose their preferred size without having to think about such a thing. Anyway, there’s not a huge size difference between 37 and 40, but of course that’s up to you and where you place it.

  263. Hi David.

    So what if I only play racers, fifa and that kind of games on my ps3. how bad would the input lag then be for me?

    I’m buying my new tv soon, so it would be great with a quick answer ;-)

  264. Hi there,

    It seems the lag is an endless issue of discussion, but I was just wondering whether:

    1) Connecting the Xbox 360 thru VGA helps with the lag?
    2) Also, some people tell that renaming the HDMI to PC will help?
    3) How about firmware update & lag?

    Any experiences?

  265. I opted for the c650 40inbch in the end – bargain on amazon for 550 after one of their promotions.

    Re lag the new Sony EX503 for example is at 60ms so 45 doesn’t seem too bad.

    Bizarrely it seems that the better the tv the worse the lag. I have a LG lh2000 50 hz 720p 32 inch in our bedroom and it plays CODMW2 on the Xbox 360 fine depsite being an entry level tv!

  266. I got my LE46C650 yesterday. Until now I can say if you look at it only at a slight angle (i.e. at a 4m distance, a step left is enough), black turns grey. I’m rather disappointed by this. Cannot tell which panel it is, I’m not at home…

  267. Thanks Dave for the in-depth review and everyone for their following comments, very informative.
    We went to see this telly in a showroom and the picture quality & viewing angle were literally knock-out. Absolutely gorgeous.
    My LE40C652 is due in a couple of days – Hope it’s an Samsung(SQ) panel. If not, sorry but it’s going back. I’ve paid good money for Samsung hardware and I want a branded S-PVA panel for my money, same as the one we saw when we chose it.
    I see the new firmware 1015.1 has been released. Does anyone know what enhancements there are, if any?

  268. When I switch ‘Motiun plus’ off, will I still see some ‘soap opera’ effect?

  269. @Bert: No. Turning motion plus off turns that off completely.

  270. @You_Too: Thx! I was asking because on July 12th (see above in this forum) Paul Falkener wrote that he couldn’t get rid of this so called soap opera effect (video look) even with al the processing off.

  271. Anybody who knows if the same settings apply to LE40C659?
    I bought it yesterday and it does have a slightly different outside look to it, but is it the same panel inside?

  272. @Johan: I think all the ones named C65x are basically the same. But there are some different panels, so the settings here might not be the best for your particular TV. Best thing is to get a calibration DVD and set it up yourself. I did that, and I’m very happy with how my picture looks now.

  273. please help, i got one huge problem with my 6C650!

    got connected my htpc trough hdmi directly from mobo (ati 3200hd)

    my tv is conected with internal antenna and receiving only dvb-t mpeg4 channels

    when i open (boot) the htpc i lose the signal of tv channels!

    i hav try it in all hdmi connections from my htpc and my laptop (both ati chips) with same reults. during boot starts pixalations and 10-20 second after i lose signal in tv channels

    i have latest ccc drivers, and even tryed to disable audio trough hdmi with no resault.

    please help! any ideas?

  274. Can anybody enlighten me about [Game Mode] ?
    So much talk about it but I cant find it anywhere in the tv! Where is it?

    Please give me a step-by-step direction on how to minimize the lag, as well as for scart, component and hdmi connections.


  275. I’m trying to figure out why the color tone is set to Warm2 in the suggested settings. In my set with all the settings as suggested the white in Warm2 is offwhite.. is it supposed to be that way?

  276. Tom, Game Mode is found here :

    [Menu Button] on remote.
    3 sections down to ‘Plug & Play’
    Then 5 sections down to ‘General’
    & Bob’s your Aunty!

  277. @kuden: From my experience on this TV, in Warm2 the whites can look slightly “brownish” on normal tv broadcasts. But when using my DVD player or the built in media player, everything looks perfect on Warm2. So my guess is that it’s got a lot to do with the quality of the input you’re using. I bet the settings in the review are setup for a bluray player.

  278. I’m thinking of investing in the 46 inch version of this (LE46C650). I think I’ve found a good deal but the panel listed was ‘AA01’ which would appear to be the AUO panel, and not the S-PVA one I’m looking for, as per the 40 inch set. Does Samsung even produce or distribute a 46 inch S-PVA at all? It seems notoriously hard to find. Am I forced to step down in size to get that S-PVA panel?

    The other question is : how would HDTV Test say the C650 compares to the C580? My biggest dilemma is the C650 has a better spec, more beautiful design and the Ultra Clear Panel. But the C580 is a fair bit cheaper and stepping down to 50Hz seems to have significantly reduced the lag for gaming. The vast majority of my viewing will be for Blu-Ray films but I am worried even moderately intense games like ‘Quantum of Solace’, ‘GTA IV’ or ‘Burnout Paradise’ will be unplayable. (And I’m not worried about live sports that much.) So in your estimation, is the C580 or the C650 the better deal for lots of movies and a little gaming?

    Cheers for the incredibly in-depth review guys.

  279. I’ve had my 40C650 about two weeks now and have had only one problem – it won’t connect to my router via the Ethernet port & comes up with the error “unable to ping Gateway”. I have carried out extensive tests on my network which show everything is in order so I can only assume that the Ethernet port on the TV is faulty.

    A search on the Internet will show that many C650 owners are having this problem. When I contacted Samsung support they ducked, as expected, saying that the fault would be with my network or ISP.

    I’m reluctant to return the set as the picture is stunning, the panel is the SQ01, with no dead pixels and absolute uniformity. I’m going to have another go at getting Samsung to send someone out to repair the Lan port.

    Has anyone else had, or heard of, this problem?

  280. @Tony.
    I have similar problem with my LE46C750 which I bought a week ago. Its internet lasted for 24 hrs and then TV started displaying a message as if there is no ethernet line.
    I contacted samsung customer service and they have issued a service request. I am waiting the expert coming my residence to fix the problem in week coming. Only thing they want the proof of purchase, which should not be the problem.
    Let see if I get mine fixed:(

  281. Bought a LE40C654 today – very impressed!

    Question; – Plug in a DVD player with an HDMI cable, playing a 5.1 sound source. There is an optical output from the TV fed into a c.2005 surround sound amp – which then only detects 2 channels (not the 5.1). The HDMI cable version is not known.

    I thought the TV should just pass the 5.1 sound through HDMI to Optical – but this does not appear to be the case. Any ideas?

  282. Thanks for the review! Around here only the Optronics panel seems to be available, I hope it’s just as good.

    I tried a PS42C350 in a store with some HD movies from USB and it played them all. :)

    Because of copyright restrictions no TV is allowed to pass trough the audio via optical out(because it’s supposed to be end of the chain – that’s why they’re selling that audio return channel now), , and the only exception are internal DVB tuners – you only get a downmix.

    Because of this because I’ll have to buy yet another box with its remote and of course there are no small AVRs available – I only want 2.1.
    You can use something like these:

  283. @SGir

    Thanks for your reply, “Because of this because I’ll have to buy yet another box with its remote and of course there are no small AVRs available – I only want 2.1.”

    Could you just buy a surround sound amp with 4 hdmi’s in and 1 hdmi out to the TV. It appears the amp then splits out the 5.1 sound, passing the downmix only to the TV.

    I didn’t want to upgrade my surround amp, but the LE40C654 picture processing is so slow that the 5.1 optical outputs the sound before the lips move on the TV (just noticable). My current amp only has a 30mS delay – which is not enough to correct it, although the new Sony surround amp I’m looking at has 300mS which I’m not sure will be enough. It’s the only problem I’ve found with the TV. All these people are complaining about gaming lag – but it seems the issue of lip sync has been overlooked when passing the source material directly to the amp (to get 5.1 to work) allowing for the slow HDMI TV processing. Comments?

  284. Regarding Internet connection problems – I finally asked for a replacement from Amazon. It came today and connected to the Internet immediately. It’s also another SQ01 panel, so a satisfying conclusion.

  285. @You_Too

    There’s a Firmware file about 100mbits on Samsung Support,
    It was posted 26 July.
    Whats it for ? and is it worth downloading ?

    I’m not havin any problems or anything like that, the Tv is grand, im enjoying it alot since i stopped worrying, and reading too many reviews like ya said :)

    Let me know what ya think!


  286. @David: Very nice review! It’s really helpful. I do have a few question though. I hope you can answer them for me.

    I want to connect my PC, X360 and my HTPC to the 32″ C650 to be used as a hybrid monitor/TV.

    Could you please tell me if I’m correct in assuming that the D-Sub port is capable of using the entire RGB spectrum (and thus displaying the PC ‘signal’ correctly)? Contrary to what is stated in the review (which is concerning HDMI only I guess?).

    Or can I also choose to connect it though hdmi and set it to game mode to achieve the same result?

    So can I do this:
    PC -> hdmi + game mode = full RGB, no NR, 60Hz
    X360 -> VGA + game mode + VGA reference setting to expanded = minimize lag (have you tried using VGA for this?), full RGB, 60Hz
    HTPC -> hdmi + VDPAU Studio Colour Conversion to 16-235 = 24p, undefeatable NR, no loss in colour because I don’t have 4:4:4 BR’s, 48/72/96/120Hz?

    Or do I have to connect it like this:
    PC -> VGA + game mode(?) = full RGB, no NR, 60Hz
    X360 -> hdmi + game mode + VGA reference setting to expanded = a hit in input lag, full RGB, 60Hz
    HTPC -> hdmi + VDPAU Studio Colour Conversion to 16-235 (On) = 24p, undefeatable NR, no loss in colour because I don’t have 4:4:4 BR’s, 48/72/96/120Hz(?)

    Or could I try to defeat the NR for my HTPC by doing this:
    PC -> hdmi + game mode = full RGB, no NR, 60Hz
    X360 -> hdmi + game mode + VGA reference setting to expanded = a hit in input lag, full RGB, 60Hz
    HTPC -> vga + VDPAU Studio Colour Conversion to 0-255 (Off) = full RGB, 24p, NR defeated? (have you tried this?)

    What do you recommend? Or am I just screwed and do I need to buy the slightly inferior and more expensive Sony EX700 instead, which has 4:4:4 on hdmi inputs?

    I would really appreciate it if you could answer my questions. Thanks in advance!

    Appendix ;):

    The Xbox 360 “Reference Level” setting:
    The XBMC “VDPAU Studio Colour Conversion” setting:

  287. @Rich: I asked around in some forums about the new firmware. It seems it only adds some new internet apps to the TV or something, so it’s probably not worth downloading unless you use that stuff.
    And I read about one guy who got his picture quality seriously degraded from the firmware upgrade. He got it fixed later with some help from Samsung’s support, but this is enough to scare me away from trying new firmware myself!

    But if you should ever try new firmware, people on the forums say that after the upgrade, you should do a factory reset on the TV (Hold exit button for 15 secs I think) and then unplug the power cable from the TV for 30 minutes before starting it again. Of course then you’d have to setup your picture settings and everything again. Sounds a bit too complicated.

  288. @You_Too: It’s enough to scare me away from trying new firmware also!
    I dont use the Internet features on this tv, so it’s not gonna benefit me at all.
    And i’m certainly not gonna risk ruining my picture quality, it took me long enough to set it up!

    I just taught id ask before downloading anything that could possibly jeopardize the operation of my tv.

    Actually, most people i’ve shown the tv, only had good things to say about it.
    Like picture quality and sound, and thats standard def, i dont even have a Bluray player yet, one of those can wait, untill the ridiculous prices come down.

    Thanks for your time man!

  289. @You_Too Re fimware upgrade who told you about holding exit(?) button and powering off for 30mins? I’ve upgraded 3 times without this palaver.Sound abit odd to me.If you needed to do this,samsung would tell you,and the upgrade would fail anyway.You have to reset your settings after upgrade anyway.

  290. @Paul Faulkner: Some people on a avforums talked about it. The reason I posted it here was in case anyone would upgrade and get problems.

  291. Hi there can someone tell me why is it that putting hdmi on low is incorrect ..

  292. @ David Mackenzie

    As always, great review! But i have one importent question before i buy this tv or the Samsung LE46B650… Which TV has the lowest input lag and the best picture in “game mode”!? I play a lot of first person shooters and figthing games…

  293. Thanks everyone for the review and the comments. Very helpful.

    I bought a LE37c650 and, although the picture quality is not bad, I have noticed same issues with loss of fine detail even when all filters are off. Is there any way to solve this issue? any firmware within next months maybe? Because, I’m still in time to return the product…

    Many thanks in advance.

  294. Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for another great review.

    I just wanted to ask a basic question to put some of this into perspective.

    How does the LE40c650 compare to the UE40c6530? Both for pure picture quality and when you concider the price difference (best price 580 v’s 840), is the premium worth it?

    Personally I am not bothered about electrictiy consumption (sorry green people) and not bothered about the asthtics of the thin screen. Also I do not play games very often, mainly TV and movies.

    Thanks, your input is very much appreciated.

  295. Great review !!
    I bougth the 32C650 and it’s been fantastic , but i just can’t find the way to see that rose/red light in the botom of the lcd . Can anybody help me ???

  296. @Ben: The UE-series (LED) seems to have auto-dimming on all picture settings, which means if there’s much dark content on the screen, the screen will dim enough for you to not see brighter details in the same picture. That alone is a BIG reason for me to recommend the LCD over LED. The picture quality is not better on the UE-series, that’s just Samsung trying to fool people. Also, LED-lit TV’s have more clouding issues than LCD, and also more viewing angle falloff.

    @Paulo: It’s not a light, they’ve just made it look like a light in their promo pictures of the TV.

  297. High got 46 version from costco today 775 pound. I took back a badly backlit ue46c6530 and came home with 400 pound change and a far better tv in every way. Thanks for settings except what should I set. Xvycc colour to ? You forgot to add it. And my hdmi level is greyed out on normal. How do I change this to low ? Thanks in advance guys. X

  298. In the selector the C650 gets a ‘Highly recommended’. Strange.

  299. @Angela – you sure its the C650 and not the B650 (last years equivalent). I was in Costco last week and could only see the B650 for £720.

    I’d be interested in trying the C650 at 46″ given Cotco’s generous returns policy (my fear is its too big to be wife and real world friendly).


  300. Yes ihave the c650 it had feeview hd built in. I saw b650 there and it cost 900. Which is mad.

  301. Had this TV for 2 weeks now really good picture with very deep blacks. The AV delay caused by processing the picture causes very noticeable lip sync problems, the TV has optical out with variable audio delay (via an option in the sound menu) setting this to 110 resolves the lip sync problems but the TV optical does not pass through dolby 5.1 souround sound only left + right though Dolby Pro logic 2 works great and the TV reports it can pass through DTS with option for delay but I have not tried this (my blueray player has separate delay options built in so don’t use the TV to resolve sync issues).

    The motion plus does drop frames every 10 mins or so which is a real shame as this does resolve problems by the 24hz frame rate of Bluerays (judder while panning 24hz is not fast enough). Hope Samsung resolve the motion plus problems in a future firmware release.

  302. I got the 46c650 for £800 a month ago.

    Very pleased with it. so far – on the Free HD channels (on freeview and sky), having some of the motionplus settings on (there are 4 presets and custom) DOES give you that articfical, robottic movement of people. turn it down or off and you can;t notice it, but picture voerview very good. To be honest, with it off, i haven;t notice hardly any degraduation!

    I DID notice a lag with PS3 on FPS, but not on toerh stuff – game mode does help it out though.

    A little light leaks in the corners, Built in media player plays just about everything from film, music and photos (which looks awesome!) and really is a good feature.

    Like ALL LCD inbuilt speaker acceptable for watvhin tV, but I would get a surround systems (which I have a sony) – vwery pleased, also very steady on my £17 slimline, tilt wall mount – don;t get sucked in spending £100 for a bracket!.

    Just want to get a callobration DVD as the colours are very vibrant – want to make them a little more natural,

    overal for price and features and quaility I would easily give this 8/10.

    I was worried about the other poster saying the 40 had a better picture, but where I sit, I did not notice this at all (very impressed actually) – advice to newbies, don’t get too bogged down reading too many reviews – it will make your choice HARDER and you will wind yourself up with things you may never use or notice!!

    I like being able to configured mtion plus rather than having an on/off setting.

  303. @You_Too: You seem to know alot about movie files and that kinda stuff, so ya might be able to help me ?

    Every time i use (Format Factory) to rip a dvd to an AVI or MP4 file for my hard drive, hooked up to my lovely tv, I cant seem to get the left and right edges of the completed file picture to fit my screen ?

    Have you any idea what i’m doin wrong ?
    I’ve tried lots of different settings, but no joy ?

  304. Samsung LE 40C 652 review
    After having a Toshiba 32 in CRT Picture Frame TV for 6 yrs, I purchased the Samsung LE40C652 from Pixmania. It was the best price on the net mid Aug at £565. Ordering and delivery very professionally completed, well done Pixmania!
    The TV looks pretty much like any other LCD. Setup was very easy for scanning for channels. Compared to my Toshiba, I find the picture brighter, & better, and mind blowing using the Freeview HD.
    As you turn the TV on, a little tune is played. Note, there is no on/off button. It seems, you can only turn it to standby, using the remote. The user instructions tell you not to leave it in standby for long periods, but in my room it is easy to get to the mains plug. The remote has a button, to light up the buttons nice feature.
    One of the reasons for buying this was its support for playing photos and videos over a wireless network. I have lots of jpeg photos and avi movies with different codecs, & so far they can play all of them.
    The automatic network setup, worked well with the Wireless adapter from Samsung bought on Amazon for £40, playing a sample HD movie wirelessly produced great results. Please note I did not use the Samsung software to share media I just dragged jpeg picture files off PC into media player playlist selected play to TV…. and they ran on Samsung HDTV, but the uploading of each picture was rather slow.

    The internet, option, played, BBC iplayer, Picasa, Facebook, Lovefilm, Youtube, etc. I understand you can download new updates to a usb stick, extract it to the stick, then plug it into the TV.
    Overall, I am very happy with this TV for the price.

  305. @Rich: I haven’t tried that particular software myself, but I’ll try to help anyway.
    What exactly do you mean about the left and right edges not fitting the screen?
    The edges of the video goes too far out on the sides from the picture area? Or do you mean you want a cinematic wide (anamorphic) movie to size up to the whole screen without black borders? If you tell me a bit more about how you want it to look, and what settins you use when ripping the DVDs, I might be able to help.

    Anyway, if you haven’t already tried it, press Tools while playing the video and change picture size from Standard to Mode1 and Mode2 and see if one of them fixes it.

  306. Had mine professioally calibrated yesterday and the man who did it. Was surprised at how high hdtdtest set contrast. He showed me that in movie mode 79 was max without clipping. Ill write mine settings down when I get home from work and post them. My picture is vastly better now

  307. @You_Too:
    I’ve tried the tools thing, and it only works when i download a movie file.
    When i rip a dvd, i get these vertical fuzzy black lines on the sides of my picture, which aren’t on the dvd.

    The horizontal image is usually fine, just the sides of picture.
    Could it be some kinda copy right thing that FF cant get rid of ??

    I’m selling off all my old dvd’s and keeping the good ones, using FF and putting them on a HD.

    Let me know what ya think, cheers!

  308. For those who dislike the soap opera effect an interesting article:

    “Samsung recently offered a new firmware update they claim shuts off its the ME/MC circuit when its Auto Motion Plus feature is set to the “Off” position. An alternative (according to a Samsung spokesperson) is to set a Samsung 120 or 240 Hz LCD or LED TV to “Clear” mode or to move the “Judder” control to “0? using the “Custom” mode (post firmware update). You can update your Samsung LCD or LED TV by connecting it to your Internet router.”

  309. @Rich: Maybe you should try to find another software? Or maybe you need to decrypt your DVDs before ripping them? Or it could be your settings when ripping is wrong.

  310. I’ve had the set for a week or so and am generally pleased with it.
    I can’t find any way to adjust the picture setting when in the [email protected] mode.
    iPlayer videos are far too bright when the room is dim.
    Any one have the answer, thanks.

  311. Every time i use (Format Factory) to rip a dvd to an AVI file for my hard drive, hooked up to my lovely tv, I cant seem to get the left and right edges of the completed file picture to fit my screen ?
    I get fuzzy black viertical lines on the laeft and right of the picture.

    Has anyone got any idea what i’m doin wrong ?
    As i read, Format Factory is the best, or one the best dvd ripping tools out there.
    I’d love to know how people create the perfect avi file from dvd ??
    It’s doin my head in : (

    Some advice please!

  312. Everyone, I don’t know if this has been discussed before, but I’ve found out what the setting “shadow detail” in advanced picture settings does.
    It sets the level of auto-dimming when the screen is filled with dark content.
    Some people have noticed this when changing channels on the TV, for example.
    Set shadow detail to +2 (which is the max value) and the dimming will almost not be noticeable anymore.

  313. @You_Too: So what setting should one have it on for tv, and for movies ??

  314. @Rich: I’d say keep it at +2 for everything. It will totally prevent the TV from dimming down in dark scenes = you’ll see all details you’re meant to see.

  315. @You-Too: Cheers!

  316. @Bert: Thanks for that link man. I didn’t know that the “Soap Opera Effect” was the term used for the artificial smoothing so thanks for bringing that to my attention.

    It’s funny though because that’s the exact thought that ran through my mind the first time I noticed the smoothing… the movies looked very soap opera-ish.

    Has anyone had any success with the new firmware updates and changing the Auto Motion settings?

  317. @Rohit: I taught the new firmware update was only for internet stuff ??

  318. @Rich: According to some people at avforums, the firmware only changes the internet apps.

    @Rohit: I asked in a thread at avforums and one guy said the firmware hasn’t changed the motion plus at all. That was for this specific model though. I think “Auto motion plus” that you’re referring to, is what it’s called on the LED models. Maybe the firmware did improve something on those.

  319. After much experimentation I believe I have found the best settings for motion plus on the Le40C650. Judder should be set to 2, Blur to 4 the Film mode auto2 . I also found much less judder on my Blueray player with 24p mode turned off so bluerays play at 25 frames per second.

    With these settings coronation street, the bill and a number of Blue rays I have played looked great with no dropped frames and much reduced judder caused by the low frame rate of films (24 or 25 frames per second is not enough to give a smooth pan). Note I was originally using the Planet Earth Blueray to test the judder settings but this contains a large number of slow pans (most films and TV programs do not) and did cause the occasional frame drop even with these settings.

    With the above settings most films and normal tv will look great in HD and SD and Bluerays look fantastic in general usage did not notice any frame drops. There may be the occasional program where I will need to turn off the motion plus to avoid frame drops but now believe this to be rarity.

    This is a great TV with a superb picture just took me a while to get the optimum settings.

  320. @You_Too: It’s called Auto Motion Plus on the LCD models too…

    I posted that question because I read elsewhere that the new Samsung firmware updates allow you to turn off the smoothing effect just by switching off Auto Motion Plus. Here’s the link:

    Also, I’d like to know if the temporal smoothing that the author of this review refers to is the same as the Soap Opera Effect, or is he referring to another level of filtering beyond Auto Motion Plus itself?

  321. @Angela – I will try another Costco tomorrow for the C650 then. I went back to Chester (Ellesemere) today and still only selling the B650 which as you say is £900.

    Also – would love your calib settings if you care to share.

    I can imagine the 46″ is fab with a BD but how does it do every day when just watching Corrie? Thats my worry – how it copes with everyday programmes. For me its the C580 or C650 either in 40″ or 46″ if the PQ can be good enough for daily non-BD use.


  322. @Johnny A: It is a great TV.

    I’m only startin to relax with it now that i’ve become more familiar with settings.
    But even movies on standard def look lovely.
    I havent bought a bluray player yet, to see full potential of the tv, but i’m not in any hurry to buy one either ??

    I’ve got nothing but compliments about this tv.
    I was just a little to hard on myself when i bought it first, with all the tech talk ???
    It would drive ya batty, i tell ya.

    I just hope reliability issues dont become a problem ??
    I wanna get a good few years out this tv :)

  323. @You_Too: Yeah, i got that info off ya before about internet stuff.
    But i dont use any of that at the moment, so i’m cool.

    Just out of interest, what motion settings do you use for dvd and video file movies??

  324. @Rohit/You_too:
    The firmware update is not visible in the settings of ‘Auto Motion’ but only visible on the screen when watching something (esp. movies), with ‘Auto Motion’ OFF. I refer to the review of the C750 on this site where also something is mentioned about the effects of the latest (July 2010) firmware update on the picture when al the noisefilters and ‘Auto Motion’ are switched off. The picture should be better (more as the director of a movie has intented it) although not everybody will notice the difference very clearly.

    I have to add that I can’t check this myself since I don’t own a C6xx Samsung LCD but appearantly this improvement would be applicable to al Samsung C6xx and C750 LCD’s.

  325. Hi, does anyone know if the c630 has freeview HD, i have conflicting information. Not sure wether to go for the c650 or the c630 as i won’t be using the @internet functionality, but would like freeview hd. Is the picture quality the same on both models? any advice and help would be appreciated.

  326. @Majid: the C630 has a matte screen and the C650 (40 inch and higher) a more semi-glossy screen. Viewing angle of the glossy screen is appearantly (according to a Consumertest) a little better but not very much.

    Freeview HD: I can’t tell since this seems a UK feature. Maybe provides the answer in the technical sheets?

  327. @Majid: here a test of specific the C630:

    Maybe there is the answer about Freeview HD.

  328. Thanks for the replies guys, really appreciate it. I have another question, ive been looking at the samsung ue40c6000. I want a tv to go on a tv cabinet so the depth of the set isn’t too much of an issue for me. Im just concerned with a quality picture. Is the picture quality on the ue406000 a lot better than the le40650 or are they the same?

  329. @You_Too

    What motion settings do you use for dvd and video file movies ?

  330. @Rich: I mostly leave motion plus off. If I watch a concert DVD I use Clear setting. But to me, movies kinda look best without motion plus. It’s all about what looks best to your eyes. Some people are very sensitive to judder but for me, with the judder, it still looks a lot better than my old CRT TV, so I’m happy anyway. I guess it also depends a lot on your distance from the screen.

  331. As follow up on my previous posts about the recent firmware-update I see after the firmware update still some unwanted effect when watching HD movies/mkv files. The picture still looks a little too artifical. I will try to make a comparison with a Sony LCD shortly.

  332. High sorry for not posting my settings. It great for everyday use. Ill post them after as I have different ones for sky freeview hd and blu ray.

  333. Hey.

    Im going to buy the 37 inch version of this, but i don’t know if i should get the 32 ” or the 37 “.

    My concern is that, im only sitting 8,5 – 9 feet away from my tv, i play Ps3 with Hdmi, and whatch SD content, so which one should i go with?

    I hope someone can help with this.

  334. 37 and you ll be watching hd straight away. Buy some blu rays for ps3

  335. @You_Too
    Yeah, i know what ya mean.
    I usually watch all my movies on the( Clear setting)
    I find that it still keeps the grainy look, without havin to use that not very nice Videocam (Standard setting) It’s too Perfect or something ??

    I do notice the Judder is worse on some films, and better on others, so i have to adjust it sometimes?
    There’s so many settings on this tv, the manual is not very clear on some things.
    Can be tricky for most people to get their head round all the settings.
    But like ya said, it’s miles better than my old 21” CRT …Miles indeed !

  336. I have the same question as Majid:
    Is the picture quality on the ue406000 a lot better than the le40650 or are they the same?

  337. I recently bought a LE40C659 in Sweden and I am so incredibly happy with how great the picture with the default settings is.

    The tech freak in me wanted even better so I laborated a little bit with David Mackenzies settings hoping for even better. Suprisingly every little setting i started changing(according to his settings printed further up in this thread) made the picture uglier and uglier. When done the picture looked worse then on my 4 year old LE40M86 and that made me wonder what kind of tv-set i had bought? I am now back to the default settings and am totally happy with them but I am still confused about how his settings in any way can be good? are the TVs so totally different?

    I know he has a disclaimer that says that a calibration is specific to each AV system but shouldnt his settings be a little bit better then the default?

  338. @Eric: Each TV has a unique panel = David’s settings will most likely not be perfect at all for your particular TV. It also depends on the input you’re using. Digital TV, DVD player, Bluray player, VHS etc. Each one can sometimes need different settings. And the very first setting – backlight – depends on how bright your room is. David’s room was probably very dark.

    My advice is to get a calibration DVD like Digital video essentials, and setup the main settings yourself, then you’ll get the best basic calibration for your TV. If you want more, pay a pro for a real calibration or get a colorimeter and software.

  339. @You_too: I use now the gamemode and it seems that this is better however I have to test it a litte more. The picture seems in the Filmmode (when watching bluray from a blurayplayer)) indeed too perfect and especially with walking persons. Watching content from a usb stick or HDD seems ok (MKV files).

    Another thing: shadow details (black objects next to other black objects/persons look like one object) seems sometimes not very well. Depends on input and kind of movie. I am wondering if the Sony EX500 does this better.

  340. I’m thinking about buying 37in version of the same family, some question about the TV – the USB port dedicated to HDD, does it read all HDD both 2.5′ and 3.5′ or not? Is there a limit in size for them? – how internet connection works? Is it possible to connect the TV to a Wifi network (with a Wifi key I suppose)? – how DLNA/All Share works? Does it require an additional key? Thanks

  341. @Teo: a HDD 2,5 or 3,5 will work as long as it is formatted as FAT32 or NTFS (the last is easer because it will allow storage of files more than 4GB). There seems to be no size limit.

    The tv can be connected to a wifi network with a Samsung USB stick (only the Samsung stick will work) or connect the tv wired through an ethernetcable to a wall outlet. Other solution is to buy an Apple Airport Express,connect it to power near the tv en an ethernetcable between Airport and tv will do the job. Advantage of this solution: the Airport can be used with al kind of tv’s or other appliances. The USB stick of Samsung will only work with a Samsung tv or blu-ray player. DLNA share works with the Samsung software or for Mac OS with EyeConnect.

  342. A different twist here: I bought this tv yesterday for the bedroom. I have no issues with input lag, I’m not a gamer, however I have a PC in my study with a disk drive full of movies. Using the separate Wi-Fi dongle I have the tv paired with my PC using Samsung’s proprietary software (very, very slow) so that I can now play all of these films on the bedroom tv.

    For my 2 year old I go to Youtube search for “Peppa Pig” and presto she has VOD baby cartoons :). I’m watching my holiday albums on Picasa and am amazed how great the pictures actually look.

    And now the killer – there’s a free app – “Samsung Remote” for the IPhone that lets you use the IPhone as a remote (as long as it’s connected to the same network) and gives you the Iphone’s touch QWERTY keyboard for entering search text in the internet applications. I am totally tech unsavvy and still amazed that I got these things to actually work. Only gripe so far is that the IPhone app seems to crash from time to time. Please fix this Samsung. Otherwise… this is so much more than a tv.

  343. So is the 37″ version of this TV pretty much off limits then due to the buzzing?

    If so, it’s either the 32″ or 40″ and I don’t know which to go for.

  344. Hi,

    I just ordered today this model trough Pixmania (670€). For the price and for the reviews i read, its a very good price/quality/features set. My main goals with this are watching Movies (BRay and DVD with a Samsung DVD upscalling Player); and some Sport in HD. Im kinda curious to see those black levels… :)

    Rgds All.

  345. @Ben: It seems most people who buy the 37 version says it’s buzzing whenever they set the backlight to lower than max (20) which is VERY bright and energy consuming. For example, I mostly have the backlight at 13 myself.
    I’d say go for 40 since it’s more screensize for the money :)

  346. @Ben: never go too small. Most people say their tv could be bigger instead of smaller. So I would say, go for the 40 inch unless there is physically no space for a 40 inch.

  347. Hi,

    I pick up my LE40C650 yesterday. Just powered it on with no tweak on factory configuration. One word… WOW. This baby as some image. Its amazing. Watched a short Bray movie on it (, and the image is very, very impressive.
    I hope to discover more about it in the next few days, but the first impression is great.

  348. I’m struggling to find the answer to my question, hoping someone here can help.

    I have the Samsung C650 32″. Great TV, really pleased with it.

    I’ve been playing around with the [email protected] stuff, especially BBC iPlayer, and LoveFilm. THese are great services, but the problem is that there is no way I can see of changing the visual settings when in the [email protected] ‘channel’.

    Does any body know if there is a way of making any changes? Currently, LoveFilm is frankly unwatchable, because the default video settings seem to be applied.

  349. Well, hope your TV will work fine even after warranty as the Samsung doesn’t have a spare parts after 1/4 year. There is quite a lot of cases when users had to buy a new TV after 2.5 years

  350. Is the 32 inch version of this inferior at any point, apart from the size? And does Trumotion 100 Hz work fine playing MKV 720p and 1080p files when connceted to a Pc by HDMI-DVI cable? thanks in advance

  351. @Diogo: the 32 inch does not difference much from the 40 inch, however it will be another panel and sometimes different sizes show different testresults. Especially sizes of 50 inch and above (especially EDGE LED) and typically the 37 inch models will show differences.

    Motionplus will work with MKV files through usb/DVI-HDMI however when you watch movies you should turn off Motionplus because it destroys the original filmlook. For sport, soaps and regular tv broadcasts it will be ok.

  352. I just orderes this TV after reading a lot of reviews. About input lag: There has been a firmware upgrade that is supposed to decrease the amount of input lag big time. My TV is not here yet, so I couldn’t test it yet.

    I think it’s a likeable move of Samsung improving their firmware, as the input lag issue has been the only downside of this TV. For 650 Euros it’s a real bargain it seems.

  353. @Diogo: I can’t speak about the MKV part of your question, but I have the 32″ C650, and I think it is awesome – picture quality is very good.

  354. Sorry to be a pain, but anybody got any ideas on my previous question?

    Does any body know if there is a way of making any changes to the image settings for the [email protected] mode?

    Currently, LoveFilm is frankly unwatchable, because the default video settings seem to be applied.


  355. Quick question re the Samsung C650 40 inch. The picture is fantastic and motion control ultra smooth. I have noticed that occasionally though it judders or drops a frame – almost like a glitch. For example today I notcied that every so often the ticker that runs on the bottom of the screen on sky news juddered or stuttered very briefly. It coincided with some very heavy flash and lighting effects on screen.

    Does this sound likle the tv trying to overcompromise the motion control and should I switch it off?

    Many Thanks

  356. @Chris M: have you tried pressing the TOOLS button and selecting the Movie mode that way?

    @DAVE: yes, see the review.

  357. @You_Too Regarding your post about shadow detail which reduces the auto-dimming when viewing TV works but for movies (at least in TVs media player) I think it doesnt because media player has its own picture and sound settings and this auto-dimming thing is annoying.
    Any ideas?

  358. All many thanks – I should have read the review !

  359. @Kenshi: I really don’t know why Samsung was stupid enough to not include complete settings for media player. I’d like to change shadow detail and gamma on the media player. I think I’m gonna get myself a bluray player soon and use that one as a mediaplayer too, instead of the TV’s built in one.

  360. Hi everybody,
    My old CRT decided to stop working and I’m now wandering around to find a new TV. Readings lot of reviews, such as this excellent one, I realized that some modern TVs suffer from this infamous “input lag” and I have this doubt:
    I can understand that the transformation of old analog SD signals (PAL, SECAM etc.) to a digital one (i.e. a stream of data) suitable to feed the 1920×1080 panel with good quality, requires a lot of processing: basically it is a matter of elaborate and add missing information (upscaling, add frames etc.).

    On the contrary I thought that a digital “signal” supplied by BD players or game boxex should be already quite optimized for HD panels (i.e. full of information). I wonder why there is such delay to display these “rich” signals, even in “game mode”. Why not just “by-passing” it to the display (I mean with less elaborations) ?

    I’m not an hardcore gamer, but I’m a bit worried about the video/audio displacement when using external audio equipments, any hints?

    BTW, I’m going to buy the C650…

  361. >Dani on 8 September 2010 8:57 am
    >I’m not an hardcore gamer, but I’m a bit worried about the video/audio displacement when using external audio equipments, any hints?

    I have a LE40C650 connected to a Sony surround sound system and the TV has an optical out connection with variable delay so you can connect your surround sound system to this and delay the audio to match the picture. The TV can pass through Dolby pro logic 2 (stereo passed through with encoded information for the surround sound speakers) and DTS but not Dolby Digital 5.1.

    Many Blueray players such as the Sony BDP-S360 have an option to delay audio and this can be connected directly to your surround sound system assuming you have enough optical or coex inputs.

  362. @Jon
    Thank you!

  363. @You_Too Yeah that was my thought also.Use Blu ray player… Thanks.

  364. @You_Too Yeah that was my thought also.Use Blu ray player… Thanks.

    Make sure your Blue ray player has an option to delay audio :-)

  365. @Jon Anderson: I at least won’t be using any external audio system, so I won’t need to delay it. Though I know very well that this TV has a high input lag so if I’d get an audio reciever I’d make sure to get one with a delay option of course!

  366. I read something about a firmware update that would reduce the input lag…is that true? If it is, works on the 32 inch version? If it’s not, does the input lag make PS3 game experience unaceptable? Is it unplayable and too annoying? Thanks

  367. >Though I know very well that this TV has a high input lag so if I’d get an audio receiver I’d make sure to get one with a delay option of course!

    My Sony AV receiver has an audio delay option but can only delay the audio by 66ms the TV video seems to lag audio by 110ms (this is why I set the delay to on the Tv to re-sync the audio and video) which is enough of a difference to give lip sync issues even with audio delay on the amp!!

    This issue can be resolved using the delay option on the TV. I have my V+ box connected to the TV and an optical connection from the TV to my amp and use the audio delay option on the TV to re-sync the audio. For My Blueray player I connect the audio directly to the surround sound system and use the variable audio delay option on the Sony BDP-S360 to re-sync the audio.

    This works great and resolves the lip sync issues.

  368. @ David Mackenzie:

    Re picture settings on [email protected] I’ll give that a try (pressing the TOOLS button). I’m pretty sure I did that, but I’ll give it another go.

    I wonder if any one can confirm my understanding of how BDWise works (and something that seems to be a common misconception, and poorly documented)?

    I have a Samsung DVD-C550 DVD player to with my C650 TV. I can manually set the picture to 1080p, which forces the DVD player to upscale the picture from DVD resolution to 1080p.

    Now, if I set the TV/video to use BDWise, the picture is set to 576p (native for the DVD I think). A lot of people seem to mistakenly think this means BD-Wise isn’t working, and I did as well, until I realised that the reason the DVD player is set to output 576p is that it then allows the TV to do the upscaling instead of the DVD.

    I assume that this is because the TV does better upscaling than the DVD. Do I have this correct?

    What is slightly annoying about BDWise though is that it sets a bunch of pictures settings I don’t like (I prefer to use Movie, with my own settings).

    One thing I am wondering is if having the TV do the upscaling (instead of the DVD playter) would improve the lipsync issues. I can’t test this at the moment as I’m away from home (annoyingly the DVD player doesn’t have the option to adjust lipsync).


  369. BD Wise appears to be a marketing gimmick – the last time I enabled it with a Samsung BD player, it made the picture look terrible as you say.

    Samsung has spent a lot of time on developing high quality scaling, so it makes sense that they’d want their TVs to handle that.

    I doubt it would improve lip-sync issues; if anything they’d be worse.

  370. @ David M.

    Thanks for the response. I agree, BDWise does seem very gimmicky. I shall experiment with both DVD and TV doing the upscaling,

  371. Which should I go for, Samsung C650, Sony EX503 or Panasonic S20?

    I’m mainly interested in picture quality and motion processing, input lag would not be an issue for me.

    Reading the reviews, it seems you think the Samsung offers the best overall PQ, David?

  372. anyone on how annoying is the input lag when playing pc or ps3?

  373. @David M:

    Unfortunately, pressing TOOLS button while in [email protected] has no effect.
    It seems that when you start [email protected], it adopts your current pictures settings, but the problem starts when you launch one of the apps, such as iPlayer or LoveFilm. The settings then change to default factory, and you can’t change them.

    I REALLY hope that this is fixed in an app or firmware update. iPlayer is barely tolerable, and LoveFilm is completely unwatchable at the moment.

  374. I’m wondering if anyone here will be able to answer a question about the information being stored within this TV.

    I pretty confident that the TV is retaining some information about all the video files that I’m watching (filenames and preview thumbnails, at least). I think the TV’s software had a bit of a glitch this week and at one point, when I re-inserted a USB memory stick that I had previously used, and looked at the files on the stick, it not only listed and showed thumbnails for the video files on the stick, but it also included some video files that had been previously deleted. In other words, it was including video file information that it had retained internally, rather than what was actually on the USB stick. It didn’t matter on this occassion, but it could have been potentially embarassing.

    So, anyway, my question is this : Is it possible to clear the internal memory of these files, much like you can clear the temporary cache and browsing history for a web browser?


  375. Hi there

    I also got this TV. If play a lot of games that need a lot of accurate input, like sports games or shooters, do not buy this TV! Even with game mode on FIFA 10 is almost unplayable. the tv just reacts too slowly.

  376. I do a lot of gaming online (World at War, Bad Company 2, Kill Zone) on game mode.
    World at war is great to play and looks good once you play around with settings.

    Killzone was a nightmare to play but it could be to do with the PS3 controller and i have only played it once with the new TV.

    Bad Company 2 is ok (looks great though), but there is lag which will take time for the gamer to get use to. I’m going to try this again today as i am hoping it was just internet lag and not from the TV. Playing this offline and with game mode on it is a great game, but with game mode off it is a little tricky in firefights.

    Ive also just played White Knight Chronicles offline and that game rocked.
    In the end i have to agree with what rafael said above is you are into shooter games online.

    As to DVD, Blue Ray (some judder) and USB media, this tv rocks and blacks are awesome. Anime MKV is perfect (wish Sony would get the hint and add MKV to PS3)

  377. oops was meant to say most of my gaming online at the moment is world at war.
    I have just tried the only two in the last week.

    On my old sony D3000 the other two games were fun online and i never noticed TV Lag.

    Hoping that it is just internet lag for Bad Company 2 as stated and i maybe need to switch off that annoying Kill Zone controller movement feature (if it is possible).
    Im going to try Fallout 3 and Batman offline soon.

  378. Hello There,
    Thanks for a great review. I was just wondering regarding the input lag issue; can you comment on how it compares to the Panasonic G20 ? I’m trying to decide between the two sets and the lag numbers look comparable unless I’m missing something … What sort of number would be considered a good input lag ?

  379. Well, the G20 is a plasma, and it’s considered to be one of the best for gaming, at least thats what I read when looking for a tv.
    I’m a lcd fanboy though, so I’m going for the C650 :)

  380. Great news
    Just tried Bad Company 2 over last two days and it seems to be more of a internet lag issue. Been ranking in 1-2 place and more kills to deaths :-) on game mode almost every game. (BD Wise off)

    This LCD rocks

  381. After having read this and other positive reviews about the LE40C650, i am probably going for it. There’s one question i’d like to ask to existing owners… since the tv has no analogue audio output, i am thinking of using the headphone jack and an appropriate cable to connect it to my hi-fi amplifier. However, does anyone know, if when i insert the cable into the headphone jack, the tv’s own speakers would be switched off? I’d like them to stay on of course as these would still provide my central sound source.

  382. Thinking of buying this tv and would like to know is the v+ box the way to go
    to get the best out of this tv.

  383. >Thinking of buying this tv and would like to know is the v+ box the way to go
    to get the best out of this tv.

    V+ works great with this TV. You can connect it via HDMI and get 1080i and watch all the HD channels such as BBC HD, film 4 HD, ITV HD etc. Fantastic picture quality.

    List of channels here:->


  384. Thanks for prompt reply

  385. @Stan: I haven’t tried it myself, but I know there’s a setting that can turn off the TV speakers, and if it’s not set to off, I guess they’ll still be on even if you use that jack. Not sure though, but otherwise some people have said it’s possible to use scarts for audio output. There’s one important thing to think about though: The TV’s lag. = Your amplifier needs to have an audio delay setting, for you to be able to compensate for the lag which people say is about 110ms.

  386. Yes, there is lag coming out of the SCART. I used an old Minidisc player which has an optical input, come out that and into the amp. That way gives no lag.

    On the settings suggested here: The colour tone recommended is Warm 2. This gives a very yellow tint to whites – very noticeable on black and white content. I find it much more accurate set to Normal. Great TV, HD is stunning.

  387. I have two questions:
    1) What is the difference between the “LE-40C650” and “LE-40C650 L1WXZG” model?
    2) Years ago, I remember, it was not possible to use TV sets (tubes) from Germany in the UK/Ireland and the other way around. Does this also apply to the newer flatscreen TV sets like the LE-40C650?

  388. I’m totally confused! I seriously need help here!
    I bought this tv and still can’t get a good quality out of the normal channels. The picture is pixelated, blured, horrible!! watching F1 was just a disgrace, very very bad quality.
    BUT when I watch the content from BBC Iplayer or from the usb (mkv, .avi videos), the quality Is awsome!!!
    I seriously cannot understand, I would thing that something being streamed from the internet would have lower quality but is the opposite.
    Am I missing something here???
    I am thinking is something to do with the settings that I cannot get it right?
    Is there something like a special settings that i should do? If so, would anyone post it in here, pleasee…
    I wanna clarify that if I can achieve the quality on the normal channels (even on the HD) like I have from the usb of Iplayer, I would rate this TV as 5star, but still didnt manage to get the best out of it when it comes to normal or HD channels.
    Please someone help :)

  389. TO DAMON
    Hi, any new experience with playing BBC2 on PS3 online? Is that possible to have good score on this TV? Thanks for your answer.

  390. Hi, i just recently bought the samsung le40c652 and am having problems with ghosting when watching blu-rays and playing the xbox 360 (offline). Does anyone know how to eliminate this?
    Help very much appreciated!

  391. @ ED Sounds like the signal going into the TV is compromised.You don’t say what type of signal you are looking at,eg Sky,Cable or Freeview via external or loft aerial.Check the cables for damage to the crimp connectors.Does the audio break up or vanish?

  392. @You_Too: I’m thinking of buying a BluRay player in a couple a weeks.
    Can ya give me any tips on makes and models?
    Stuff to look out for, or, that i don’t really need ?


  393. Also, i’ve heard that you can pair up some samsung players with samsung tv’s?
    What exactly does that mean ?

  394. @You_Too: Also, i’ve heard that you can pair up some samsung players with samsung tv’s.

    What exactly does that mean ?

  395. @Rich
    Thanks Rich. The signal is freeview aerial. The thing is that the HD channels are fine. But the normal ones is really bad. Quality very low. I was reading about and the general idea is that the HDTV will have bad quality with those channels, cos It will only display the low quality of them, is that true? If so, do I have a nice TV but will only watch good quality if the channel is HD or if Im watching a BLueray?
    Thanks again

  396. @Ed: The quality of my SD picture wasn’t great when i got my TV first.
    And i couldnt figure out why??
    It turns out that it was my antenna cable, for some reason the old antenna made the signal worse ??
    So i dropped to Harvey Norman and picked up a new one for a fiver, and the signal was alot better after plugging in the new one.
    I find now the SD singnal on my tv is fine more than satisfactory.

    Ed, i’m not an Expert on these TV’s, and done many a months research before i bought mine.
    All i can say is ask around, read the manual, and most of all have patience…
    There’s a fix for everything!

    I hope i could be of some help : )

  397. Thanks Rich
    Is there any way for you to share your settings in here? I ve been trying to set, but with no sucess :(
    Do I need a HD tuner to get good quality on the tv>? at the moment im just plugging the air cable to it.
    Thanks for the help

  398. @Ed

    Ed, if your HD reception is unaffected, it’s unlikely that your aerial is the cause of the problem. Are all the Freeview SD channels poor, or just some of them. Are any of the channels ghosting? If they are you may be watching analogue instead of digital.

    Which transmitter are you receiving from? Emley Moor has been carrying out engineering work for the past month and some of the channels have been unwatchable in some areas covered by this transmitter.

    For transmitter information see this site:


  399. Hi
    Ive been having great fun with BBC2 over the last week, to the point that im spending to much time trying to get my pins and other stuff :-). As to game experience, ive had some great runs and some bloody bad ones, but i think my bad ones are due to Internet lag, better gamers, bad choices of what i was fighting with for the map, tired and being drunk :-). My best scores have been 3000-4000 and lots of better kills to deaths. Ive always sucked at being a sniper, and so use the medic, assault and engineer kits.

    Most common problem has been when i sometimes try and get up stairs or moving around a large tree/rock. It seems like im in slooow (shuffle) motion.
    But this seems to only happen after i spent most of the day using the internet for large amounts of download traffic (so i put it down to this and my broadband provider stucks durning peak traffic)

    Still haven’t gone back to Killzone 2 yet, but on World at War ive got better kills to death as a whole thanks to this TV ( 30 kills / 5-10 deaths heaps of times). This TV is great.
    Hope this helped a little.

  400. Hi
    At first thank you very much for answer one more time. It seems like C650 isn´t so bad to play games. What about offline for example fifa. Did you play it?
    I have this internet connection could work bbc2 without any problems online?

  401. I’m all very new to the features of the modern day TV, and wanted to upgrade my CRT to a new flatscreen panel. After a painstaking process, I bought this TV about 3 weeks ago after umm and arring between this one and the C530 for what seemed like an eternity, and I can’t say I’m dissapointed!
    The Samsung LE40C650 looks stylish, is really easy to set up and has a great picture (I used the settings from the top of this discussion…more of less, Thank you David Mackenzie! – These settings are needed in my humble opinion, or else everything looks a little too processed and perfect. It’s like the tv has brought everything on screen into focus, and can get a little distracting.)

    I have standard Sky+ (no HD). The TV seems to produce a good image from *most* SD inputs (occasionally on certain broadcasts it’s a little pixelated). but the fact that you can plug an Ariel into it and get the Freeview HD channels is excellent(make sure you have the latest firmware From Samsung, or the Freeview TV Guide will not work). Add to that [email protected] (which has SO much Potential, it’s pretty scary, just google “YouView”) and then streaming movies,pictures + music direct from your PC (through a router, so no direct link between PC and TV is required) and you have a very good amount of hardware for your 600 squids.

    I can’t really comment on the Input Lag, as I rarely play online games, but the games I play all appear unaffected.

    The ONLY issue I have found has been touched upon already. When using [email protected] or streaming from PC or USB, it reverts back to the default settings – which aren’t ideal for watching the TV and is a little dissappointing. I’m hoping for another Firmware update to sort that!

    Overall a stunning TV for the money. It has surpassed my expectations in every area. Highly recommended

    Good SD upscaling
    Sheer Amount of Features for the money
    Excellent picture (once set up!)
    Each feature is easy to setup – one of the simplest bits of kit to install I’ve ever had.

    [email protected]/streaming features use default picture settings(which aren’t to my taste).
    Samsung fired their artistic team when designing the Remote control – it’s functional, but ugly.

  402. Guys!

    I`ve just ordered a Samsung c650 from!!! I saw their advertisment in the banner on this page. I`ve checked them out everything looked fine – at least for me – and never got the TV. I`ve found a spanish forum on and couple of guys had the same issue. They`ve already reported to their police. So anybody from HOMETECHWORLD.NET find this comment offensive can take a favour to me…!!! Guys don`t buy from this company and please help me to stop them robbing others. Be careful the site is still running and don`t be a victim.

  403. Hi
    Never can figure out how to read those things :-(.
    If you have a download speed of say 1.5mb using U-T*****T you should be ok for BBC2, but you have to use gamemode as even offline without it, shooting feels as if you are using a brick and online gaming is impossible.
    I dont play fifa and car racing games sorry, but just started playing Deadrising 2 and Dragon Age, all are great with gamemode on.
    Using my old Sony D3000 might have helped me get use to this TV, but with gamemode on im having a blast.

  404. I have the LE40c654 connected via HDMI for blu ray and digital from DVD player to my surround system. I am getting terrible lip sync proplems that I just can’t iron out. I read on here that it can be cured in service mode but does anyone know how to put it in service mode. Also The Dolby Digital setting on my optical out from the tv is greyed out but i want to enable it to. Does anyone know how to do that aswell?
    Am grateful for all and any help..

  405. Thanks for your detailed review, I was looking to upgrade from my SAMSUNG LE40M87BDX and was certain I had found my new TV until I came to the gaming section. As I am a HC gamer and with PC also hooked up to my screen this was a deal breaker.

  406. Hi!
    I’m from Italy and I love your reviews… So, I have a question: what are the differences between LE32C650 and LE32C630? Are they very similar? I ask you this because now in Italy there is a good offer for LE32C630 (380 €)…

  407. Hi Everyone,

    1st of all, thank you David for this review, it was great help to decide for this Samsung LCD. It is almost perfect. Some SD channels looks HD, no complaints.
    I am using the above mentioned setting by David.

    I would have one question only. I found it quite weird as I was watching full HD movies via the built-in media player that the picture was too sharp. It looked a bit unnatural.
    How can I reduce this weird sharpness a bit? /it looks like those latam soap operas made 100% in cheap studios…/

    Thanks for the help in advance!

  408. can i record programs from tv to an external hdd through the usb,if so is it any type.cant even get a reply from curry’s expert,thanks

  409. Like many others, I have been undecided concerning whether to purchase the Sony 40EX503, or the Samsung 40C650. Both have had good reviews and I was leaning towards the Samsung.

    This morning, however, I read another review (DigitalVersus) on the Samsung, which has cast doubts in my mind. In this review, the author advises that it is a lottery on whether you get the 40C650 with a MVA panel, or a PVA panel. The 40C650 with the MVA panel apparently does not preform as well at that with the PVA panel.

    For more info, follow the links:


    Given this, I think the Sony may be my best option, unless someone advises that Sony also use MVA panels

    Best wishes and happy viewing.

  410. I have decided to get this tv instead of the sony EX503 and hope im not dissapointed. Could someone tell me the viewing distance for this tv for sd/hd, usng v+ box.

  411. Viewing Distance

    Sony give you a guide to this; click on the following link:

  412. I have taken the plug and ordered the Sony; the 40EX503U from John Lewis.

    The have a very good deal; the 40EX503U + a Sony BDP S370 Blu-Ray player, for £663.40 – with 5 year warranty on the TV

    Hope I have made the correct choice!

  413. There are so sad fuckers on here just buy tv. Decent hdmi. Mains leads and good blu ray and enjoy the tv and stop trying to get pioneer kuro picture quality it simply won’t happen this tv is as good as anythink out there for the price.

  414. Hi

    Anyone who knows how I go from text tv view > tv view without having to go through the two steps with split screen and transparent background?

  415. Good TV but…

    The network and Internet access is unreliable because…
    The wired network port (Ethernet) only works in full duplex 100/100 mode. BT Home Hub 2.0 (type B) only works on auto negotiate that the TVs Ethernet port has a problem with.

    This is a fundamental problem for a product that is marketed as an “Internet TV”

    The only solution is to connect it to a device that supports 100/100 full duplex or buy the Samsung wireless adapter (WIS09ABGN) at ~80gbp.

    The Ethernet port does not comply with the IEEE 802.3u standard and Samsung must fix this.

  416. I bought this TV to watch TV and am very pleased with its performance on SD and HD so thank you for a most informative review which had a lot to do with my choice.
    I found the original set-up a bit garish so I went back to the old-fashioned way.Turn the colour down to zero ,balance brightness and contrast to give a good black and white picture .now add colour to taste.
    The sound from normal broadcasts such as news or nature programmes and films made in late 1960s stereo are as clear as a bell through the sets’ speakers but more modern American films I find difficult to follow.I put this down to the modulation system used in making modern films to produce surround sound
    A previous correspondent wrote that the set is entirely dependent on the remote for controls . This is incorrect . There are touch-control areas adjacent to the pilot light–not readily obvious

  417. Hi guys

    I am considering buying this tv, but high input lag and no correct 4:4:4 chroma reproduction is what stops me. Most of the time I plan to use it as a pc monitor.
    I’ve tested last years b650 model and found 50 ms (f96 30ms + 17 to 30 ms) input lag unacceptable.
    With the a650 model you could just connect it via vga port and get almost 0 ms input lag.

    I’ve spent few days browsing through different forums and found posts saying that connecting this tv via hdmi1 port and renaming it to “PC” enables special “PC MODE” which enables CORRECT 4:4:4 COLOR REPRODUCTION. I think this is the same what you get if connect it via VGA.
    More than that, over here:

    ManeKast says that he has got 30 – 36 ms lag in PC MODE which is at least 10 ms faster than in game mode:

    ” For reference the Panasonic Plasmas have about 0-16ms, this compared to my Samsung LCD 40C650 which had around 80 – 96ms of lag on normal, 40 – 56ms on game mode and 30 – 36ms on VGA/PC Mode. Shoddy, and your constantly messing with settings to go from movie -> game.

    ManeKast is the only guy who posted PC MODE input lag results over the net. Everyone else only say about GAME MODE lag which is bad.

    I think 30ms lag is something that i could live with, 30ms vs 45 ms makes great difference, but i need confirmation. Because in my country one can’t return a TV to a store once he bought it.

    hdtvtest reviews are very high quality compared to some other site’s, thank you for your work.

    Could you please comment the situation with input lag and 4:4:4 chroma reproduction in PC MODE or over VGA, is it any different to GAME MODE?
    I also think this info would be a great addition to your review.

    I also want to ask, what settings in PC MODE are available and what are grayed out? Is it possible to get satisfying picture quality in this mode?

  418. Now I’m in no way a techie person but I’m disabled and it is essential that I find out how to connect a set of wireless Sony MDR-IF140K Headphones to the Samsung LE40C654M1K without using the headphone socket. I used to have the Samsung LE40R8 and connected via an audio out port which the new TV does not seem to have. Help !!!

  419. Hiya,

    quick Q – does anyone know if the 46″ telly has the same sort of panel?


  420. Bought the samsung LE40C650 and am a little disappointed. Despite all the settings available i can’t get get as good a picture as my two year old panasonic tx-32lxd700.
    I also don’t understand why when i press the info button i get 1920bx1080i @50hz, shouldn’t it be @100hz or am i missing something.
    Finally i have read quite a few posts and on some there is reference to ‘banding’, now i get some faint dark vertical bands just off center of the screen, i only seem to notice them when watching football or cricket and then when the screen pans quickly from side to side, is this the banding refered to in the other posts, and if it is can the set be returned if it is a fault.

  421. just ordered the samsung LE40C650 and would like to know if the firmware
    downloads have made much difference. I beleive with the iplayer it reverts back to the default settings?

  422. I am disappointed with the zoom function on the C650. One can zoom 21:9 (letterbox) up to 16:9 in the TV mode, but it is absolutely not possible from the HDMI mode (i.e. DVD player connection) or Mediaplay mode (USB or network). The choices here to zoom up always results in the distorted, stretched picture (eggheads!). I have googled everywhere, and this is obviously a deficite with Samsung TVs, one can’t zoom up movies!

    A pity because other manufacturers have this feature (e.g. with my LG there is a cinemazoom feature and I can choose the exact degree of zooming). A BIG weakness as far as I am concerned with an otherwise great TV.

  423. I updated to firmware 3003 from 2004 and the now with the default settings of motion plus (smooth, standard, clear) image looks different. For custom setings now I use blur 10 and judder 8 the get the same image I had before the update with blur 5 and judder 5. Anybody else has this problem after updating to firmware 3003?

  424. Just had my 40″ c650 delivered first big tv… and amazed at the quality
    of the set and the picture. I do not have hd or blueray player yet so I have a lot to look forward to. It took me by suprise how close I could sit while watching v box
    sd broadcast. It has a sticker on the side that reads version SQ01. I have looked for clouding, backlight bleeding and anything else that I could think of and cannot find anything, so maybe I will not look anymore, in case I find something.

  425. i have the same problems afte upgrading the firmwar tot 3003.. i regret it very much..even my BluRay content looks blurry and i connot solved it with the settings..
    its terrible.. get pain in my head after looking for one hour.. i do not know what tot do now.. is this a technical problem? should i contact samsung for a technician?
    any one els got this problem.. before the upgrade there was some errors but at least the pictures where very sharpe..

  426. How to check what panel is?

  427. When using the usb port to watch a film, there is no zoom, so very restricted.
    Is there anyway to change this? firmware etc.

  428. @joao Rossa….on the side of the panel you might see a sticker on which there’re several codes…if u find “SQ1″or “SQ2″or “SQ3”, it will be a Samsung panel…

  429. Been reading through the review and comments. Sounds like this is an excellent TV. I’m still wondering though to what extent the one issue:

    “some mild undefeatable video processing alters the aesthetic of grainier film material rather than faithfully reproducing it ”

    has been improved/fixed in more recent firmwares.

    My current tv is a KDL32D3000, which I bought a few years back after reading the “Highly Recommended” review on this site, and although I want to move to 40″ and full HD I’d still hate to loose the quality that set gives me.

  430. Just bought a le46c650 from pixmania but ended up with a AA01 panel…..:S still i dont find anything particular wrong but i wonder if could get better…

  431. João I’ve read both SQ0x and AA0x have their up and downs. SQ0x better in colors and blacks but worse in movements and input lag. AA0x worse in colors and balcks but better in movements and input lag. At least that’s what people say.

    Also… does anyone know if you can’t control Color saturation in PC Mode (HDMI1 renamed to PC)? What about VGA?! Can you?

    Also can you set Game Mode in VGA or it isn’t necessary?


  432. My tv also has the problem of TDT not being compatible with the Portuguese one.

  433. Kusuri
    There is no need in game mode over VGA. Most picture processing is already torned off over VGA.
    You can control saturation for PC MODE from service menu, I don’t understand why they have hidden it if it is possible.

  434. Thank you for a great test and unusual support. It helped me make a good choice and start with customising my new Samsung.

    Special thanks to David Mackenzie who on 6 May 2010 shared the basal settings which I could build on to find my favourite outcomes.

    However I’ve got a problem. Every time when I set Picture Mode different than Dynamic, or when I try to set Energy Saving: any option, Eco Sensor: on – all are being after some time reset automatically to Dynamic/Energy Saving: off, Eco Sensor: off.
    What I can do to keep above settings for longer, preferably until I will change them back manually. Let me add I tried to “save” my settings in many ways by switching off the TV, changing Antenna between Cable and Air, doing Auto Store to name a few. All in vain. Would you be kind to make any suggestions please?
    Thanks in advance for your help!

  435. @Artur:

    Your TV may have been inadvertently set to “Shop Mode”. Here’s Samsung’s guide on how to exit it:

    Warmest regards

  436. @Vincent Teoh

    It works Vincent! I’m so grateful the nightmare of Store Demo is over.
    Thank you for such a rapid response. Yet another proof this website and people involved are FANTASTIC!
    Bless you!
    All the best for you!

  437. It works Vincent! I’m so grateful the nightmare of Store Demo is over.
    Thank you for such a rapid response. Yet another proof this website and people involved are FANTASTIC!
    Bless you!
    All the best for you!

  438. Hi everyone,

    @David: great review! You got me convinced about getting one of these … well almost ! Still an important question for me remains unanswered:

    IS the undefeatable temporal smoothing problem ACTUALLY solved by new firmware ??

    If any one knows this for sure please let us know.

    This is a very important aspect for me as I will be mostly watching movies and I do value experiencing the original look and feel of the movie. I haven’t seen a definite answer in ANY forum.If it isn’t corrected I may consider the Sony KDL40EX500 instead.

    BTW: there are still some LE40b750 models around. Do they suffer from the same problem? How does PQ compare to the C650 (considering both have SQ01 panels)? Features appear to be similar, plus the 240hz and more appealing looks on the b750.

    @João Rossa: I am considering getting it from Pixmania as well but I fear not knowing which panel I’m getting (for such a nice price). I checked the panel codes in several other stores in Lisbon looking for any pattern. Most panels were indeed AAxx , except for the 40inch ones – all SQ01 except at MediaMarkt. I hope Pixmania also ships 40inch SQ01 panels. Do you have any info on this? How happy are you with your TV?

    Thanks in advance!

  439. Hi everyone,

    (sorry if this is a repost)

    @David: great review! You got me convinced about getting one of these … well almost ! Still an important question for me remains unanswered:

    IS the undefeatable temporal smoothing problem ACTUALLY solved by new firmware ??

    If any one knows this for sure please let us know.

    This is a very important aspect for me as I will be mostly watching movies and I do value experiencing the original look and feel of the movie. I haven’t seen a definite answer in ANY forum.If it isn’t corrected I may consider the Sony KDL40EX500 instead.

    BTW: there are still some LE40b750 models around. Do they suffer from the same problem? How does PQ compare to the C650 (considering both have SQ01 panels)? Features appear to be similar, plus the 240hz and more appealing looks on the b750.

    @João Rossa: I am considering getting it from Pixmania as well but I fear not knowing which panel I’m getting (for such a nice price). I checked the panel codes in several other stores in Lisbon looking for any pattern. Most panels were indeed AAxx , except for the 40inch ones – all SQ01 except at MediaMarkt. I hope Pixmania also ships 40inch SQ01 panels. Do you have any info on this? How happy are you with your TV?

    Thanks in advance!

  440. From what I can see, it is 90% fixed. It does still seem to alter the grain slightly. The Sonys do not do this.

  441. @David: thanks a lot for your quick answer. I’m happy to hear there were improvements. If the grain is not altered too much it’s ok, but it would bother me if everything looks too clean and over-processed (I’m moving from a CRT).

    Regarding the b750, it’s hard to compare reviews from different authors on models from different years, as you can’t tell if improvements in recent technology have raised the bar and rendered the older reviews outdated and overrated.

    Nielo’s review mentions excelent PQ, truthful color and not so much processing, but on your review the c650 seems to beat the old b750 in every aspect. Is this the right conclusion to be made, or is the b750 PQ overall still the best?


  442. Hi everybody i need some help with my samsung le40630
    1.I have problems with finding some videos via the DLNA connection and PC Share manager. I cannot find the iso, avi files through the DLNA connections. I can only find and play the VOB files. Am I doing something wrong?
    2. Files on an external USB disk can not be added and shared in Samsung PC Sharemanager. Only the files on the harddisk can be added to Samsung Pc sharemanager. Why is that so. This means i cannot play non of my movies and music which i have stored (for safty reasons) on my external usd disk.
    Can somebody tell me what is happening.

  443. @ João Rodrigues, i think you can still get a AA panel in the 40 size but its still lottery….i’ve read that most 46 size panels now are all AA…..the pixmania price is not exclusive you can go to the samsung pt site and check for stores there….

  444. hi. can you review a C650 with a painel AA? in foruns are saying that AA painel have worse quality than a SQ painel…is that right?

  445. @Dimitry

    Thanks for the info. Where exactly in the Service Menu can we control Saturation? Is it explicit?


  446. If I buy this tv and plug it into my hifi using the analog audio out will the tv compensate for the input lag like it does when listening through the tv speakers and keep the audio in sync?


  447. @Ruben

    If you added a directory to the ShareManager you must actualize the Database (Actual DB). Try it :)

  448. Considering the shiny screen is all that is puting off my partner, has anyone ever seen a C630, anywhere, EVER?
    It seems a couple of online retailers have them, but not retailers we’ve heard of…

  449. @david
    first off, awesome review. This review made my step to buy the television.

    second, i see the TV uses less energy in calibrated movie mode.
    So, is there a tutorial on how to get the perfect contrast?
    and yes, im a newbie.

  450. Thanks Alain!
    If you’re concerned about power consumption, the only control that will really lower (or raise) it is “Backlight”. Turning it down will drop power consumption.

    For perfect contrast you’ll need test patterns… Google for the AVSHD test disc. It’s a great free disc that you can use to set some of the controls on the TV.

  451. Ive narrowed my choice down to the sony 40ex503 or the samsung 40le650 because of its stunning good looks but on reading the excellent comments to make sure the panel is a sq /spva branded panel.How do i find out this information on buying the tv.Thanks for anyhelp.

  452. That should of read how do i find out the sq/spva info on the samsung le650 as i think im gonna go for that that as realy not keen on the sonys looks.Thanks again

  453. David Mackenzie, can I use the settings you wrote on LE32C650 for the best picture ? I’m watching TV form analog signal

  454. As I have just read through these posts and forgot where I read it. Can someone tell me if on the box (before purchase) the panel codes are visible. What is the one that I would ideally be taking home. Although RS is perhaps the only place that may allow you to do it.

  455. ^^ it’s on a sticker, on the side of the TV, you can’t tell without opening the box.

    Many thanks for the excellent review as always. I have recently purchased this TV and I am experiencing audio lag as discussed previously. I am thinking of getting a new amp, the Sony STRDH810, which you can delay audio up to 300ms in 10ms increments. Will this be enough to fix it ? Does anyone have this amp with this TV and can confirm that it works ? Thanks.

  456. Had one delivered today and I have to personally reccommend people not to bother with this TV. I’ll put my full comments up later, but I can’t believe it receives such a good review with such basic errors in picture reproduction. Pixelation, blur you name it…

  457. David Mackenzie, can I use the settings you wrote on LE32C650 for the best picture? My TV is UE40C6500 LED.
    Have you any recomendations?

  458. To David,
    Hallo, sorry for my english, but i wnna know how remove history list in media player samsung c650

  459. See my Samsung LE40C650 star in a video competition for Crunch chocolate and if you like it, click “Like it” in youtube to support me! Thanks! :)

    and this is me unboxing my Samsung LE40C650!

  460. Watch my Samsung LE40C650 star in a video competition for Crunch chocolate:
    If you like it, please click “Like it” in youtube to support me! thanks! :)

  461. Close to ordering this Samsung LE40C650, but have looked at the Panasonic G20 plasma (and V20, mostly for better design as I don’t care for the G20 look) as well.

    I notice motion resolution is significantly better on the plasma screens.

    Samsung LE40C650:
    [Motion Plus] “On“: 800; “Off“: 300

    Panasonic TX-P42G20:
    [Intelligent Frame Creation] “On“: 1080; “Off“: 900

    I’m a little worried about the critical observations on Samsungs Motion Plus (frame skipping/stutter and smoothing). If I need to turn it off, will the effective motion resolution of only 300 be an issue and therefore “require” a plasma screen with a higher native motion resolution?

    With latest firmware (3003?), can users of the Samsung today get good results with both SD and HD over DVB-C/T and with Blu-Ray films by tweaking settings? Is that by disabling Motion Plus altogether or with it on with a setting of 10/0?

  462. @Henrik: Plasma motion is not perfect, but it is certainly crisper.
    300 lines of resolution is not very much. It’s fine for movies and most video games, but for fast sporting material you will definitely notice motion blur.

    I’m not sure what tweaks Samsung have made to the firmware since our review.

  463. How bad is the input now? As bad as in May or fixed by firmware updates?

  464. I want to purchase this model, but I am am excited with a question – whether it is possible to look through any sites on this TV, or probably to use only the services specified by the manufacturer?

  465. “One other small issue we noticed with the Motion Plus system is that it would sometimes introduce some small frame-skipping into the image, causing motion stutter where none existed in the source. The most obvious manifestation of this was on news channels featuring high-motion headline tickers at the bottom of the screen: during rapid scene cuts, the entire screen would occasionally drop to a lower frame rate for a few seconds. (Note that sometimes, unreliable Film Mode detection can cause a similar effect; at first, we thought that this was the issue we were witnessing. Rest assured though, the culprit is the Motion Plus system and the issue resolved itself with the system turned off).”

    lol small issue ??? ???

    ffdshow framerate doubler works better than this samsung motion crap.

    100 hz isn active on scene changes too.

    SAMSUNG FIX THIS SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  466. 100hz must process frame by frame without interuption or stutter.

    why can ffdshows 50hz do this but a samsung tv not ?

    and turning off motion… lol i bought this cause i want a 100% judderfree picture.

    100hz motion plugins for professional video software also doesnt have theese problems. they do it frame by frame and the only bad are the artefacts but no stutter or judder or 12fps like video shit

    SAMSUNG FIX THIS SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  467. i agree with you, Motion Plus is terrible regarding Judder reduction, my 6year old CRT Philips handled motion far far better than this one (40C630 firmware 1016).

    why buy 6series and turn off amp?! buy 5series instead, it’s got no amp and is cheaper.

    shame on samsung 2010! simply lame!

  468. Guys, I need help..

    This TV was a dead cert! I was so keen on buying it and this whole input lag thing has made me step back!

    Can someone, anyone comment who has this TV, connected up with a Xbox 360 via HDMI, and the results on lag? How bad is 45ms input lag? I have no idea. I game, I play COD, Fifa, F1, Ghost recon, those kind of games… I just have no idea what TV to go for now.

    I wanted this TV as it suits all my needs regarding features and PQ. But the gaming side is making me not want to buy…

    HELP PLEASE! lol

  469. Having setup an le40c650 (SQ01) for someone else, I was quite happy with the picture, but the viewing angles are really narrow, black very quickly fades at even small angels. But sitting right in front of it, blacks are good.

    Can anyone recommend better LCD panels (especially regarding the viewing angles) at approx same price point?

    It’s possible I could do with the viewing angle limitations, if someone could convince me that the Motion Plus stuttering is solved. I have had too little time to watch the one I setup to judge it for myself. If it both stutters and have viewing angles I think I need to look somewhere else (despite the very attractive price of the c650).

    Looking at Panasonic G20 instead (but black level has not impressed me in a side-by-side look in shops where c650 viewed right on actually looked better for the blacks, but colors were off, but can be calibrated to perfection this review shows – G20 also looked less sharp for SD DVD-T). Price is comparable. Reading that V20 has better blacks than G20 and better daylight viewing, that could be my favourite, but the price is hurting me somewhat (73% more expensive). Hard time deciding, especially when CES 2011 is only a week ahead. But I guess it will take several months until announced products are ready to buy.

    Anyone with experience of the mentioned models, please let me get your feedback – what what you choose between G20 and C650? I guess V20 if price could be accepted and it’s considerable better than a C650(?).

  470. @Henrik
    The G20 will look considerably worse in shops, because of the intense lighting. In a home environment, blacks will be slightly greyer during the day but darker at night.
    And as you say, the viewing angle is much better.

    I would buy the G20 (actually, I own one that I bought myself!) due to the decent daytime blacks, excellent night-time blacks, and crucially for me as a gamer, low input lag.
    If you’re going with LCD and want a better viewing angle, you will need to buy an IPS panel like one of the LG or Panasonic models. But, the penalty for that is poorer blacks.

  471. Looking for a 37″ or 42″ HD TV and narrowed it down the the Panasonic G20, Samsung LE37C650 or the LG 37LE5900. Now the 3 are all different formats, Plasma, LCD and LED but gaming lag is the decider for mne as i need it for my xbox360 and PS3.

    I watch sport and movies but dont have SKY HD so thats isnt a major issue.

    G20 seems to have everything but the panel looks ugly, the other 2 have the looks but not the performance, im well confussed.

    was hell bent on getting the panasonic today but seeing it in the store it didnt impress me in that the LED colours looked very good. even LCD looked impressive.

    what i want to know can i or cant i play my xbox 360 on the Samsung without being annoyed with the input lag, or should i settle for the panasonic dull looking panel for the best gaming performance?

    wish i could take my xbox into store and test the panels myself.

  472. The Plasmas will look bad in store because of the excessive lighting, but not in a normal home.

  473. The BBC HD signal with 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound does not seem to be decoded for suitable transfer via its optical outlet to my amp. On reading other forums I see there is an issue with many sets but Samsung have not commented on this issue on the two occassions I’ve questioned them. I get 5.1 okay via the optical outlet from my Freesat box so I think it must be a problem with the TV. Is there anyone in the UK getting 5.1 from Freeview to their amplifier on this set?

  474. I recently bought the Samsung LE40C650.

    The HD performance is super, but i cannot get the performance for SD look better.
    I have a digital decoder (not HD) but out of the box, the Samsung displays poor images.

    I already updated the firmware, but it seems to make the SD performance worse, then with the previous firmware…

    Maybe i should try the settings mentioned before, but i don’t know if these settings are related to the poor SD performance i am experiencing now.

    Also i have a second problem.

    Now the backlight settings are set on 8.
    But when i try to lower this setting, a problem occurs with my remote for my digital decoder.
    At setting 8 or higher, the remote works perfect, but when i set the setting lower then 8, the remote does not work, it seems that the remotesignal is beeing blocked when i set the backlight setting lower then 8.

    First i was thinking that the problem was beeing caused by the ECO sensor, but turning this option off, did not solve the problem.
    The only setting that has effect, is to set the backlight 8 or higher…

    Wonder why that is…….

    2 questions:
    – How to improve the SD performance? Try the settings mentioned in this blog?
    – Why has the backlight effect on my digital decoder remote?

    Tnx in advance.

    PS: sorry for the terrible English. (not my native language)

  475. Hello guys, I recently bought the Samsung LE40C650 and I don’t know why my lcd
    doesn’t have the red color for the frame’s curve just in front of the stand. This remains
    transparent whether the lcd is on, or it is off. I don’t know if this is a real problem or
    there is a setting which solves the problem, but I saw a lot of pictures with this lcd
    and in every picture the lcd has a red nice curve but not transparent.

    The question : is there a setting who sets the color for the curve or my lcd has a problem?

  476. @ddjbryan:

    There is no setting for this.
    The red frame color is “painted” on the glass frame.
    There is no light installed that causes the red glow.

    I don’t know if there are also versions of the LE40C650 that do not have the red frame color.

  477. I got this TV a few days ago, and when I enable motion plus, I see some stutter in the video every 10-15 seconds. Disabling motion plus removes the problem, is there any way to have motion plus enabled without stuttering?

    And I also have the same problem/question as ddjbryan

  478. I have tried my LE46C650 with Bad company 2 on X360. I’m a gamer, and when you put game mode on, I would say that there is no noticeable input lag (if you notice, it could just as easily be your imagination). I used 5.1 headphones connected to the optical out at the same time and audio doesnt seem to be out of sync either.

    With game mode off, you definately notice the lag, so when gaming be sure to turn on game mode. Also, when I tried connecting my PC to it, the lag is more noticeable while using a mouse than a thumbstick, so I wouldn’t recommend anyone playing PC games on this TV.

  479. >I got this TV a few days ago, and when I enable motion plus, I see some stutter in the video every 10-15 seconds. Disabling motion plus removes the problem, is there any way to have motion plus enabled without stuttering?

    You should not see stutter every 10-15 seconds.

    I have spent a long time looking at this and with the 3003 firmware from the samsung support webpage setting Motion plus to 4 and Judder to 2 gives the least stuttering.

    For TV I disable motion plus but for blueray use the above settings. I find the even with these settings the odd stutter will occur every 30 mins or so.

  480. some people have brought this tv from amazon saying its a 50 htz model ?

    when i hooked up my blue ray it only gave 50 htz 720 etc

  481. hello everybody,can someone tell me where can I download the latest firmware for Samsung le40 c 650,is type of panel maters for chosing firmware or is it one firmware for all type of panels and what is the procedure for instaling firmware?

  482. Hello there. I’m planning on buying a Samsung le40c550. Does anyone know what the input lag on that model is? (i want to use it for gaming)


  483. Alistair Crichton

    @?ddjbryan on 7 January 2011 10:56 pm
    Hello guys, I recently bought the Samsung LE40C650 and I don’t know why my lcd
    doesn’t have the red color for the frame’s curve just in front of the stand. This remains
    transparent whether the lcd is on, or it is off. I don’t know if this is a real problem or
    there is a setting which solves the problem, but I saw a lot of pictures with this lcd
    and in every picture the lcd has a red nice curve but not transparent.

    The question : is there a setting who sets the color for the curve or my lcd has a problem?

    see the start of the review for different versions of this tv, sounds as though you have the c654 which has a all black surround.

  484. @Alistair Crichton
    The red tinge can only be seen under strong light. It is there, but the effect is exaggerated in promotional photos.

  485. As someone who knows very little about LCD’s/LED’s I am seeking some advice on buying a TV. I am looking to purchase a 40″ TV. I have seen the Samsung LE40C654 and think the picture is amazing. Could someone rececommend any other TV’s around the £550 mark that has equally an amazing picture?

    Thank you for any advice.

  486. @David (or other expert for that matter): with the newest firmware to date: what about the unwanted digital noise reduction. Can it be shut off completely now?

  487. Hello David,

    I was searching for an overall good LCD tv, and found this website during my quest..
    Id like the most a 37″ which has good picture quality, deep blacks, with many other options and a good panel.

    I read that you said there isn’t a S-PVA panel in this size of tv (at any 37″ lcd (?)).
    When I use the HDTV Selectoor tool and I put my preferences on:

    – 37″
    – LCD
    – Lowest prices
    – other settings at Very Important

    the Samsung LE37C650 is “Highly recmmended”.
    Great news.. but,

    When I do this for 40-42″ + same preferences the 40C650 is also HIGHLY recommended, while in this review this tv is ‘just’ recommended.

    Can you give an explanation for this :)?!

    And will the 37″ have the same or even less input lag as the 40″.

    Its just that I might pick the 40″ with its S-PVA over the 37″ because that one might not have this panel too and therefor ‘worse’..

    Kind regards,


  488. Superb tv. I have only a minor gripe. Using USB stick on Media Play, my cover art for mp3 music looks poor, compared to viewing photos. I have used different sizes and still poor. Anyone got any ideas how to improve the cover art for me?…Please.

  489. HI,

    I’ve searched a lot through the internet because I want to buy a LCD and I ahd until now a CRT TV (81”). Am I right that the Samsung LE32C650 should have the same good picture (and hopefully not too bad sound) than the bigger model?



  490. Ok, I have read through this entire thread because I will be receiving my Samsung LN40C650 tomorrow later today. I’m thinking that this is the same as the Samsung LE40C650, but the North American version (NTSC). I live in the USA and I know that there might be some slight differences. Can someone tell me if all this lag issues are also found in the LN40C650 version? If the Firmware can be used with my version? and do all of the concerns I’ve read for the LE40C650 are present in the LN version? Thanks I loved the review, it was very detailed and informative. Can someone be so kind as to post what their calibrations settings look like to get an idea of what I should be look for when I get my TV. Thank you very much everyone.

  491. I forgot to mention that I’m also a gamer and I own a PS3, so I hope that the lag is not as bad as some people have said it is.

  492. Iam plannning 2 buy the same,, should i
    Plz help me ?

  493. i bought a samsung le40c650l from john lewis but i’m not happy with blue tint on programmes, whites have blue tinge to them, and grey, i have tried changing modes e.g. standard , movie. contrast… brightness…i even took all cables out just hdmi lead from virgin box to tv but still the same. i also own 19 & 26 inch samsung tv’s but they are ok, any ideas would be appreciated before i ask a engineer out to my home thanks

  494. I’ve made a website about the annoying and unwanted smoothing of the video on Samsung’s tv’s:

    There is a petition as well that you can sign. The purpose is to get a firmware fix from Samsung and an official reaction on the matter. So please help by signing the petition and spreak the word / site using sociale media etc. Thanks in advance.

  495. I have just purchased a Samsung LE40c658

    Besides a new frame (more square, no red tint) I believe it is identical to this model in review.

    I just wanna say thank you for your calibration numbers, David Mackenzie
    It it a different TV now.

    Thank you for providing the data for us that haven’t got a real sense of how to do a proper calibration.

  496. Not any open standart support in these tv sets

    you pay for : hd = FAT/NTFS
    you pay for mp3, aac

    You pay microsoft, sony, dolby, fraunhoffer, …. instead of your samsung device !

    Want ogg or flac musik ? Go away !
    Want video other than dead h264? Go away !

    With such support for open standart, this kind of TV is definitly a no go.


  497. I want to connect my PC to this TV. I’ve connected via HDMI (using a DVI to HDMI Converter) and I also have connected to the PC Audio in yet….I don’t get any audio coming out. I’ve also tried connecting using a stereo – phono (the red/white audio cables) but again, that produces no sound.

    How can I connect my PC to the TV so that I get video and audio? It’s a massive bummer if I can’t because the only blu ray player I have is in my PC!


  498. I am planning to buy my first tv and in dilemma on whether to buy LE40C650 or LE40C580. LE40C580 costs £180 lesser than LE40C650 and i believe the only noticeable difference between the two is the internet support. So i am just wondering of buying LE40C580 and a good blu-ray player with wi-fi support and with that i can get a all the features from LE40C650 + a blu-ray player. Any suggestions/thoughts?

  499. Hello,
    is there still the problem of a high input-lag and what does the other negative aspect mean:
    “some mild undefeatable video processing alters the aesthetic of grainier film material rather than faithfully reproducing it — something which will likely infuriate film purists in principle alone”

    Thanks in advance

  500. I second that question about going for the Le40c580 instead of the 650. It does look a better option. The 580 is a great tv!

  501. I bought two televisions – and 32c630 (for me) 32c530 (for my parents). I plugged them into my house – and shocked!. LE32C530 has a much better picture quality (MSX5DEUC) at TV SD. Edge Enhancer function do great job when it is on everybody see the difference. On LE32C630 (VAL6DEUC) SD picture quality is only average (from 3 meters) and poor from 2 meters and closer :(. Edge Enhancer feature seems not to work – picture is exacly the same when it is on or off.
    100/200Hz function is also seems not to work properly. For the test I created a movie (avi)- white cube witch is rapidly moving along a dark background. When [Judder Reduction] is 0 and [Blur Reduction] is 0 too, animation looks the same on C530 and C630 (like 50Hz) – cube is quickly jumping. When [Blur Reduction] is 10 and [Judder Reduction] is 0 animation looks the same as above, If [Blur Reduction] is 0 and [Judder Reduction] is 10 cube is moving smoothly but edges has artifacts. When [Blur Reduction] is 10 artifacts did not disappear at all.

    and finally – why I can see the pixels in the C630 on a slightly diagonal lines, and C530 not?

    Sorry for my english…
    Regards from Poland.

  502. I just updated to firmware 3008 and the judder problem is almost gone but SOP is back :)

    Here is a short history of my firmware upgrade experience related to motion plus:

    – firmware 2004: good motion image but with SOP effect and with flicker when judder reduction set to 10
    – firmware 3003: not so good motion image (judder and some new issue, when people are runnig fast parts of them remain behind) but SOP is almost gone and also flicker is gone when judder is set to 10. Also firmware 3003 brought me a new strange problem: when playing mkv video files the last line at the bottom of the screen sometimes flickers ?!?
    – firmware 3008: good motion image but SOP is back. Still there is no flicker anymore with judder reduction set to 10 and also no flicker with the bottom line of the screen
    I set blur and judder reduction to 7-8 because I don’t mind the SOP effect or lets say I hate judder more thank SOP effect.

    ?mesedn on 17 November 2010 2:59 pm
    I updated to firmware 3003 from 2004 and the now with the default settings of motion plus (smooth, standard, clear) image looks different. For custom setings now I use blur 10 and judder 8 the get the same image I had before the update with blur 5 and judder 5. Anybody else has this problem after updating to firmware 3003?

  503. @bart

    What panel do you have? SQ02? (see sticker on the side of the tv)

    I have an C650 and also SQ02. SD picture is not sharp here. Is that also your problem?

  504. Hi all :)

    If you had the choice between the 32 inch C6000 (at 576 euro in my country)
    or the 37 inch C650 (at 536 euro in my country) which one would you pick?
    Of course Im heading towards the 37 inch but what are the losses ? Are there
    any at all? Besides the power consumption and thickness how is the picture quality of these two compared to each other?

    Thanks in advance :D

  505. @Alexander
    I haven’t got any sticker. I saw stickers only in 37″ and larger but I have 32″.
    Yes that is the problem – SD picture is too smooth.
    I have one observation – in my country is called “theatrical effect” when motion plus is on. Movies look like the performance in the theater.


    Carefully with LED – the edges can have a glow. Black colour in my 32C630 is perfect when you are looking from 90 degrees

  506. The problem with Samsung TV’s is that they have a very bad sharpening algorithm. They cannot make the picture as tight, crisp and detailed like Sony. It just looks overprocessed with Samsung. Look at this post for the comparsion:

  507. @ Adam on 1 April 2011 7:44 am:

    The tv is expecting the sound via HDMI now, the other ports won’t function. So you can do two things now:
    1. Put your PC with VGA and audio to the Samsung
    2. Keep using the DVI to HDMI for the picture and use a seperatie audio system for the audio

  508. Hello,

    I watch a lot of movies from my laptop on the LE40c630. When connected with VGA + audio cable, all goes well. But when I use HDMI, the movie quality is poor. The only way to get a sharp image from the laptop with HDMI, is plugging it it with a HDMI cable to HDMI/DVI port 1 of the Samsung and edit the name for HDMI1/DVI to ‘PC’. But while the sharpness is perfect then, the colors are flattened out. The colors with VGA are much brighter and vivid. That’s too bad. I prefer to use the HDMI which should have better quality than VGA, but compaired to VGA, the colors over HDMI are almost dead… Any help on this issue?

  509. After upgrading the firmware on my LE40 C650 from T-VALDEUC_3003.0 to T-VALDEUC-3009.2 via the upgrade file from the Samsung customer support webpage motion plus seems much better now I have not noticed any dropped frames with Blur set to 7 and judder control set to 2, 3 and 4 (final settings are Blur 7, judder 2 to reduce the judder effect but not give the soap opera effect). Highly recommend doing this to anybody who was having problems with dropped frames when using motion plus.

  510. Hi Guys,

    I’ve just purchased the LE40C650 and very happy…

    Just getting used to the settings – but cannot seem to find out how to switch the subtle red tinge on around the plastic outer edge. I’m generally capable with these sort of things, but there seems to be a lot of the menu options in grey ( cannot select ), so wondering if the setting is in one of those.

    For now, I have the LCD linked up to a standard def SKY box/dish via scart ( scart is in the RGB slot at back of LCD – should it be AV2 ? )… going to upgrade to SKY+ soon so will use HDMI.

    When I originally switched the tv on, I went through all of the startup settings but didn’t bother with the auto tuning, as just switched on SKY.

    Any help would be great !!

  511. @ Jim There is no setting for the ‘ red tinge ‘ on the surround,this is just an effect used in the photographs on the website,it does not exist in the real world!!!

  512. Anyone else who has dared to try the new firmware update T-VALDEUC-3009.2 and could say something about improvements and vice versa?

  513. Several days ago I’ve updated my TV firmware with 3009.2.And guess what.Now TV’s picture is not what it used to be .I don’t know why and how but mine 40c650 does not have the same sharpness anymore.I don’t know what to do now.I would like to turn back the 2004 firmware because it was much much better.The resolution on the TV seems that it was away ahead than this one.Now this TV looks like the lowest class TV that has been made.If anyone knows how i can get the previous firmware i would be great full.Please I need help I want my TV back again.

  514. Carsten Wangnick

    I bought the UK-model LE40C652 L2KXXU I wonder whether it is possible to extend the list of countries to choose from as only UK and Ireland is available. What if you move to France or other EU countries for some time? Samsung support could not help me yet. Any idea (may be configuration using the “hotel mode options” ?)

  515. @Chris / @John / @Humps

    You all mentioned the problem regarding not being able to change the picture settings while in [email protected] mode.
    Given that there doesn’t seem to be any info on this topic, I was wondering if you’d ever managed to find a solution to this?


  516. @ vlado on 8 June 2011 1:12 am

    i was wondering if you had some inprovements allready, i have had the samehing with an older release of firmware.. after updating the sharpness is so much less than it was before, so i totally recognize your story :-(

  517. I’ve had this tv for a year or so now and am generally satisfied with it, albeit it’s one failing,the film look problem.( see my other posts ) .I reached a compromise by turning off all motion and processing and this just about sorts the soap opera effect. However, now a new bugbear. The internet capability of this tv has been greatly overstated by Samsung and it’s driving me mad. The reliance on Samsung apps cripples this tv,the lack of a browser is a big disappointment.There is no way that I can find,to go to external web pages and access sites.I have a digital subscription to Chelsea TV and this gives me access to some Chelsea games via my PC.This is via a web browser.I thought I would be able to log in via my Samsung and watch on a big screen,but there is no way to access the web site.Without a browser this is NOT an internet tv,unlike some Sony’s which,I believe,have a Google browser built in.If I could find a way to stream the site from my PC,that would do,but I can’t even manage that so far.having searched the web,there are many users of this panel in similar situations,and they have had no response from Samsung on this matter,which is a bit short sighted.One tech on a US site actually suggested “buy a Sony and return the Samsung”!!.If anyone has any suggestions for a solution (other than a Sony! ) I would be grateful.

  518. Heres a suggestion, do your research next time as to what services you will be getting instead of assuming that [email protected] on a 2009 model is the same as a 2010 model.

  519. Well that’s helpful Darryl. This is a 2010 model actually.

  520. Hello everyone!
    Has anyone installed the new firmware from 17 September? If yes, does it bring any updates to the image quality?

  521. I found the new update has decreased image quality, but the motion plus is better.

  522. Hi,

    I have a question to the above post from (David Mackenzie on 6 May 2010 7:42 pm) I have seen you gave some recommended settings on calibration for the T.V I have a UE55C6000 and a LE55C650 from Samsung both HD. I have been searching the web for ages now to try and find some suggested settings in daylight and darkness viewing. Would you or anyone here be able to provide me some calibration settings as Dave did for both Daytime and Night time viewing? I would like to tweak it a bit to get the best picture out of it.

    Thanks very much!


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