Panasonic Convention 2013 Viera TV Launch

The 2013 annual Panasonic Convention for the British and European markets will be held at the Acropolis Convention Center in Nice, France on the 11th and 12th of February 2013. We will be providing live minute-by-minute text commentary to cover the opening plenary session on the first day.

Find out the improved specifications, release dates and recommended retail prices (RRPs) of Panasonic's 2013 Viera plasma (including the ZT60 and VT60) plus LED LCD TV ranges as soon as they're announced.

If you'd like us to put forward any question to Panasonic, please email it to with "Panasonic Convention 2013" as the subject. We won't make any promises, but we'll try our best to get answers for the most relevant questions.

Once the live text commentary has started, feel free to join in the banter, and submit your opinion or questions using the comment box below.

Opening Plenary, Monday 11 February 2013, 13:15 CET