Best TV Selector

You've asked the question, here is the answer. Every day we at HDTVTest are bombarded with questions like "which television should I buy?"and "Is plasma A better than LED LCD B?", so we decided to spare our mailbox the agony and present you with our Best TV Selector Tool.

Enter your requirements in the following form (Javascript needs to be enabled), click the button, and we'll tell you the top 3 HDTVs (ranked in ascending order) that's most suitable for your needs based on our special algorithm. Put another way, these are the current flat-screen TVs available on the market that we would buy ourselves if we planned to use the HDTV in a similar manner to yours.

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Disclaimer: This "Best TV Selector Tool" generates results based on the HDTVs we have in our database. Your ultimate buying decision should not rest solely on the outcome of this test... it's simply meant to be a guide in helping you find the right HDTV for your needs.

What TV To Buy?

We've reviewed hundreds of flat-screen HD televisions since the launch of this website, and if there's one thing we've learnt, it's that all TVs have different strengths and weaknesses: one may be excellent for watching movies, but not so good for playing video games. Based on first-hand experience and reader feedback, we've come up with 3 types of activities that demand separate skillsets from a television set.

Movie Viewing

For most readers, this is probably the main reason for buying an HDTV – to watch Blu-ray films in all their high-definition glory. Ingredients which are important for a first-rate movie viewing experience include deep blacks, accurate colours, pin-sharp detail, and most importantly 1080p/24 playback without judder. We take into account all these factors (with objective measurements of the first two) when grading a TV's suitability for watching movies.

Watching Sports

Video content like sport programmes are fundamentally different from 24p film material: with the former we're concerned with the TV's ability to adequately remove jagged edges from diagonal lines. Another desirable attribute for enjoyment of fast-action sports on your television is high motion resolution, which helps minimise motion blur during quick camera pans.

Console Gaming

When playing video games on a flat-panel TV, the most crucial element is low input lag to facilitate lightning-fast gaming response (particularly important in genres that demand quick reflexes like first-person shooter or arcade games). We also assess the display's rendering of 30p or 60p motion; greyscale and colour accuracy are not as important here.