Monthly Archives: February 2007

Sony KDL40W2000 Clouding?

Have received a few emails from interested readers (including 2 from existing owners) asking if our KDL40W2000 suffered from clouding. Short answer… yes. For those who don’t know what “clouding” is, it is a type of mura (Japanese term for blemish) defect which plagues the current generation of Sony Bravia LCD TVs. It manifests as blotches/ patches of uneven backlight ... Read More »

Sony Bravia KDL40W2000 LCD TV

We’ve received so many questions asking when our review of this award-winning HDTV is going to be ready, so here’s a quick update on what’s happening. We received it late yesterday afternoon, moved it to our test environment, and basically spent the whole night tinkering with the settings (there are just so many of them!). Colin’s gonna run the LCD ... Read More »

Minor Website Update

Colin, my “partner in crime”, thought that we should inject some dynamic content into our website to keep people coming back in between our reviews. So we’ve added a news section (we’ll try to post something interesting every day), and partially revamped our home page – the review list has been moved to the right column; the middle column will ... Read More »