Monthly Archives: March 2007


Hitachi-LG Data Storage plans to unveil this month the first PC drive that can read Blu-ray and HD DVD discs at CEBIT 2007. Read More »

Philips drops Aptura backlight

Philips has quietly dropped its advanced, blinking fluorescent backlights for flat televisions, and will instead focus on LED backlights which are smaller, the Dutch electronics group said on Monday. Read More »

Pioneer PDP427XD Vs PDP4270XD

Argggh, we ordered the Pioneer PDP-427XD plasma to review but have received the PDP-4270XD instead. Just got off the phone with the retailer… turns out that the PDP-427XD is out of stock at the moment. As such, we’ll base our review on the PDP-4270XD as the picture quality should remain the same, but here are some key differences between these ... Read More »