Monthly Archives: March 2007

Sony KDL40W2000 Review

Check out our latest review for this model. Coming soon…our shootout between the Sony KDL40W2000, Sharp 42XD1E and Samsung LE40F71BX. By popular demand. (I can’t resist…sorry :) ) I’ll get around to posting some review settings later. Read More »

HD DVD vs Blu-Ray: The Score

vs While the HD DVD and Blu-ray camps were busy trading punches, Colin has been keeping score. Check out his latest HD DVD vs Blu-ray article where he assigns arbitrary points on the positives and negatives of each party to determine who’s leading at the moment. Read More »

Toshiba WLT66 LCD Discontinued

You may remember that the Toshiba 42WLT66 was one of the HDTVs we planned to review after the Sony 40W2000. Well, while trying to source one online today, we found out that the word on the street is that it’s being discontinued to be replaced by a new range in the 3rd week of March. As such, we’ve ordered a ... Read More »