Monthly Archives: November 2007

Sony KDL-40X3500 Review

Apologies for the delay, but the Sony KDL40X3500 review is now complete. I haven’t received this much grief over a single review since I started this website. Some suggested that I was enjoying the TV so much that I forgot totally about writing the review. Some insinuated that I betrayed the trust of those who donated (my heartfelt thanks again) ... Read More »

Panasonic TH 42PZ70B Review

The Panasonic TH42PZ70B review is now complete. Under the “Benchmark” section you will find an additional item labelled “Motion Resolution”, the value of which I shall explain below. I’ve recently received a new test disc called “FPD Benchmark Software For Professional” (many thanks to Gary Merson from HDGuru for the heads up), which contains a few test patterns that will ... Read More »