Monthly Archives: June 2010

Sky HD Channels Windfall For Virgin Media Subscribers

British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) have announced that they have signed a deal to buy access to several of Virgin Media’s Channels. This move will ultimately be beneficial to both Sky TV and Virgin Media subscribers. The deal, which will cost a total of £160 million, isn’t a simple outright purchase nor is it a merger. Rather, British Sky Broadcasting will ... Read More »

3D Games Need Next-Gen Consoles To Succeed

3D games will no doubt accelerate the adoption of 3DTVs, provided it’s financially viable for 3D TV manufacturers to incorporate the extra dimension on their mid-range sets. But for 3D gaming to become prevalent, Microsoft and Sony need to launch their respective next-generation game consoles as soon as possible, even though both the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Sony Playstation ... Read More »

Panasonic Enables Skype On HDTVs

For years, Skype has been the go-to application on the Internet for free video teleconferencing around the world. Both businesses and individual computer users have come to appreciate its elegance and simplicity. However, people still wanted more. Consumers grew tired of sitting in front of their computers for hours, and wanted to better utilise the comforts of their own home. ... Read More »

BBC 1 To Go HD In Autumn

When BBC HD was launched in 2007, there was a great deal of speculation about when BBC 1 would go HD. Now, it has finally been announced that BBC 1 HD will launch sometime this autumn — most likely sometime around September 2010. So what does this mean for UK viewers? Let’s take a look at some of the ramifications. ... Read More »

Sony To Release Google TV Sets

3 weeks ago, Google unveiled their new Google TV service, intending to combine the best of both television and the web into one integrated experience. Based on the Android operating system and powered by Intel’s Atom CE4100 processor chip, Google TV will find its way into Sony flat-screen HDTVs and certain Logitech devices come fall 2010 in North America initially. ... Read More »