Monthly Archives: July 2010

3D TV Sales To Hit 3.4 Million This Year: DisplaySearch

Another week, another forecast on how 3D TVs are going to do. This time it’s from DisplaySearch, a display market analysis and consulting firm based in California, and the future painted by the company will surely be music to the ears of TV/ hardware manufacturers and content providers who have invested sizable amount of resources into the fledgling 3D TV ... Read More »

Samsung Posts Record Profits, But TV-Making Arm Slumps

Samsung Electronics, the largest technology company in the world as far as sales are concerned, reported record-breaking second-quarter profits as a result of strong demand for its memory chips and flat-screen LCDs, though the numbers posted by its TV-manufacturing arm were a letdown. In the period between April and June this year, operating profit at Samsung jumped 88% from last ... Read More »

Sky+HD Boosts BSkyB’s Profits; 3D Channel To Launch 1 Oct

British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB), the leading satellite subscription TV broadcasting company in the United Kingdom, announced today that it has more than tripled its annual profits on the strength of healthy subscription numbers especially for its high-definition (HD) packages. BSkyB reported a jump in net profits to £878 million for the financial year ending 30 June 2010, up from £259 ... Read More »

Internet TV To Outsell 3D TV: iSuppli

3D TV has been pushed hard by television manufacturers since the beginning of 2010 following the remarkable success of Avatar 3D at cinemas worldwide, but it should come as no surprise when a market research firm forecasts that sales of 3D TVs is to be far outstripped by sales of Internet-Enabled Televisions or IETVs (defined as television sets which boast ... Read More »

Samsung LE40C580 Review

The subject of today’s review is the beautifully crafted Samsung LE40C580. It is a semi-low-end Samsung TV model catered for the casual user and gamer with performance in mind. So without further ado, let’s move on to the Samsung LE40C580 Freeview HD TV review. Note: The specific model we reviewed was the Samsung LE40C580J1KXXU, which may be marketed by retailers ... Read More »