Monthly Archives: July 2010

86% Of Plasma TVs To Be 3D By 2013

Market share of plasma HDTVs have slowly but surely been eroded by LCD TVs over the past few years, as consumers are tempted by LCD displays’ thinner and lighter form factor, versatility (LCD televisions are more suitable for use in bright rooms and with PCs than plasma TVs) and lower power consumption. But if the forecasts of a Korean market ... Read More »

Will 3D Glasses Harm 3D TV Uptake? Mixed Views From Experts

Not long after a recent survey which cites 3D glasses as the main reason why the Japanese are wary to buy 3D TVs, compulsory eyewear has again come under attack from another market research analyst for potentially hindering 3D technology adoption. DFI Intelligence, which specialises in historical analysis and trend forecasting in the gaming and multimedia industries, has openly published ... Read More »

Sony, Samsung & LG To Oust HDMI With All-In-One HDBaseT Cable

Have you ever been annoyed by the clutter of unsightly cables running from the back of your flat-screen HDTV? If a coalition boasting some of the biggest names in consumer electronics has its way, your frustrations could soon be over. LG Electronics, Electronics, Sony Picture Entertainment and Valen Semiconductors have this week announced the formal incorporation of HDBaseT Alliance, which ... Read More »

Samsung Revises 2010 TV Sales Target Upwards

Due to high demand for its smart TVs, Samsung Electronics is increasing its sales target for flat-screen televisions from 39 million to 50 million units this year. The world’s number one manufacturer of flat-screen televisions by volume is having a hard time meeting the demand for smart televisions. A small part of that demand is coming from customers looking for ... Read More »

3D Glasses Deter Japanese From Buying 3D TVs

As 3D televisions slowly make their way into consumers’ homes in the year 2010, there have been mixed reports — some positive and some negative — about how well 3D TVs are doing all over the world. The latest piece of data comes from Japan, traditionally a technologically-advanced nation with lots of early adopters, and unfortunately it’s not good news. ... Read More »